Friday, March 5, 2010

FDA possibly banning menthols

Here's a new page on the idea of the FDA possibly banning menthols. I dunno why dis topic is even being resurrected. But me did forget the company related with Johnson and Johnson probably has their own say so on banning menthols.

http://www.tobacco. org/news/ 297736.html

I'm sure most people who have read my thoughts for years online know my thoughts on the idea of banning menthols. Growing my own tobacco and using menthol spray on the leaves is a "food for thought" topic. I'm sure Lorillard is one BT company who will fight over dis idea...since dey make Newports of course.

Cuz while I don't mind trying reg cigs, taking away menthols would still be like taking away cigs altogetha to me (in my eyes). There used to be a time when I actually enjoyed occassional regular packs like once per week. And making my own regs/menthols for dat matta But dat was before the FSC days when a reg cig actually tasted like a cig.

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