Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dis is outrageous. Spending time in prison for basically smoking tobacco?

If I had any ounce of respect for antis left in me, it's gone afta I read dis BS on a smoker being forced to spend time behind bars for refusing to pay a fine for smoking on his own property.

When it comes to juz thinking of putting someone behind bars not for robbing a store with cigs, not for shooting and murdering someone, but for simply smoking on his/her own property, the only Q I have is: Where are our priorities at?

It's bad enuf dat one has to hide a cig behind a trash can while smoking outside of a hospital. But spending time in jail for essentially smoking a legal product is crossing the line to me.

I am a lil surprised a similar incident involving a smoker in the US hasn't happened yet (on spending time behind bars for refusing to pay a smoking fine).

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