Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smokers shouldn't have house parties outside

(Dis was originally meant to be a reply to a comment on here from "mary." But I prefer posting my comment replies as posts, so everyone can see em. She mentioned how smokers' parties at homes end up being outside cuz of the antismoking propaganda....POISON-anda as I call it.)


What's the Fkin point of having a party outside with smokers in the cold? If I ever host a crib party, only smokers would be allowed to visit. Nonsmokers are welcome as long as dey no whine about smelling SHS.

I still don't believe in forcing smokers outside cause dat reminds me of the days when I could get kicked out in the cold for being a Black person.

I know I don't like someone kicking me out for racial reasons. And I sure as heck hate someone telling me to take the cig outside as well. Juz cuz dey hate the smoke? Poor antismoking crybabies! Maybe antis can go outside instead!

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