Sunday, February 21, 2010

CIg thefts in stores increasing

http://www.roanoke. com/news/ nrv/wb/225411

Cigs are so high, people juz take em indeed. I rememba the days when it used to be easy to steal cig packs. I know at some stores near me, dey don't eitha sell Newports at all. Or the folks got the Newport packs/cartons WELL hidden outta won't even see em behind the counter.

Dere's a good reason why some stores near me will do everythang dey can to hide Newports in particular. Cuz I believe it on thugs "grabbing Newport packs since dey so high in price." hee hee

Cigs are a hot item for robbers. The black cig market has to blossom with stealing cigs from stores and reselling em underground. I know I ain't surprised at cigs being stolen more than booze. I wouldn't mind the idea of "juz grabbing" Newport packs myself. LOL

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