Saturday, January 23, 2010

You can't reduce tobacco use

The following is a citation from dis VA-based article, with my comments included from the citation.


>>>The ACS also wants local, state and federal authorities to take these steps:

Increase regulation of all tobacco products.

Dis ain't gonna reduce tobacco use. It will make tobacco the Prohibition of the 21st century.

Increase health warnings on tobacco packaging.

ROFL if anyone thinks dis idea will reduce tobacco use! I actually doubt even if you saw health warnings on fast food packaging people would pay sh!t attention to the warnings. Likewise, tobacco users have paid sh!t attention to health warnings for years. Bigga warnings on a cig pack still ain't gonna scare me.

Decrease exposure to secondhand smoke.

SHS was neva a bad thang to begin with. How about decreasing exposure to some REAL fumes?

Decrease illicit trade and smuggling.

Good luck with dis idea, antismoking mofos! As long as cigs are expensive as he!!. the cig black market will neva go away.

Decrease youth access to tobacco.

The cig black market plays a role in youths getting access to tobacco. If you lucky, you can stop youths from accessing tobacco in a normal store. But you can't stop em from buying packs from cig bootleggas.

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