Friday, December 24, 2010

Smokers pay for kids' health insurance, and for new schools/parks

I am soooo sorry I forgot about CHIP, a program related with health insurance for kids. Although I thought it was S-CHIP. Where does the money from dis program come from? I know the A! Smokers in the US are the only ones funding CHIP so kids can have health insurance. And HOW do smokers fund CHIP? Thru the fed tobacco taxes Obama raised in '09. When will fast food lovers start helping fund SCHIP?
Since smokers par for kids' health insurance, and since smokers are paying for construction of new parks and new schools, dey should have every right to smoke outdoors in parks. Dat moolah from the MSA comes out of cig sales and the increased taxes on cigs. The $$$ is supposed to go to antismoking programs to help ppl curb smoking. But do you think states are really interested in making ppl stop smoking?

NO! States are more interested in ABUSING smokers' money by building new schools and new parks instead! If a state is gonna use my money to build a new park, then I'm smoking in it with no exceptions. Since I paid for it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Smokers Rights Links updated

I updated my psmokers rights links on here by adding two smokers rights sites based in WI. I definitely rememba em having a state smoking ban in WI. But I hear cigs in WI are just about as hi as cigs around here in the Windy City.

Comments approved on here

In response to one comment on here about Kick, good luck in finding dose cigs offline. You could have bought em online if it wasn't for Prez Obama signing the PACT Act into law.

Ignoring a no smoking sign is NOT rude. It's called exercising my right to use a legal product online. If nonsmokers don't like being around cig smoke, then stay away from all smokers. It's common sense. And I dunno how my smoke can affect anyone when nobody's around me in the first place.

And if you honestly believe SHS can affect any nonsmoker, then please answer dis Q: If inhaling SHS is "sooo deadly" how come ppl weren't dropping dead on the spot from SHS inhalation from the days when smoking WAS allowed inside of places?

Don't tell me it's impossible to die from inhaling SHS smoke. Cause if you believe dat, then thanks for confirming how the thangs you heard on SHS are lies and myths. And BTW, there are otha thangs dat can trigger someone's asthma. Such as inhaling fumes from vehicles, ovens, and cleaning out cat litter boxes.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Newport Reds

Lorillard recently re-introduced Newport Reds, a non-menthol version of Newports. Newport Reds first came out in the early 80s.

I tried only 2 Newport Red 100s for myself, and I sure am sorry I had to throw dat pack in the garbage. They smell a lil bit like cinammon, dey missing the rich/smooth taste you get from smoking otha regular cig brands. But hey, at least Newport Reds taste a lil betta than Marlboro Reds. But not dat much betta.

Newport Reds are like mediums strength-wise. Dey definitely ain't as strong as the Newports I've been smoking for 12 years! The normal Newports actually taste like a cig compared to the ones in the red pack.

Would I recommend Newport Reds to otha smokers? Only if you a new smoker. I wouldn't recommend smoking dis crap if you used to smoking Marlboros or Camels. I might smoke a Marlboro Blend #27 over a Newport Red if I want a real version of a full-flavored regular.

I actually think even a Camel tastes betta than a Newport Red.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New comments on the topic of banning menthols

I guess if a menthol ban does happen, I would have to break up with Newports for good. When smokers online said before how Newports is a tough brand to break up with in terms of switching brands, they weren't playing.

I guess when I smoked em a month ago, I was probably a lil sick as to why they gave me headaches. Newports ain't giving me headaches anymore. But at least it's good to know I can have MLs as my backup brand if menthols DO get banned.

There already IS a black market for cigs. But I guess if menthols got banned, I can see a new version of a black market opening up. Where cig dealers get cases and cartons of menthols from other countries and bring em into the USA.

If the NAACP thinks banning menthols will save more lives in the Black community, one of their reps needs to visit Chicago and get guns banned. THAT would save lives. Not banning Black smokers' #1 brand Newport (and other menthols).

(From my Facebook wall)

According to the NAACP, banning menthol cigarettes will save more lives in the Black community. If you wanna save more lives in the Black community, banning guns would help. DAT would save lives. How is banning menthols gonna stop me from hearing about lots of murders in my town per year?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reds under investigation for cigar smoking in their locker room.

It's a sick joke people in Ohio have nothang betta to do than report the Cincinnati Reds for investigation. Simply cause dey were smoking cigars in their locker room on the night afta dey wom the NL Central divisional title.

(I would share the page in relation to dis topic. But even dat editorial page in itself made me laugh)

I got news for the sick antismokers in Ohio who actually reported the Reds to the Ohio Health Dept for their cigar smoking. I bet dere are MUCH WORSE thangs going on in ANY team's locker room than cigar smoking. And I wouldn't even call a locker room a public place.

Cause if it WAS a public place, Red fans would be allowed to enter the room and celebrate with the playas. LOL I don't rememba people making it a big deal in regards to the Bulls smoking cigars when dey won 6 NBA titles in the 90s. It probably WOULD be a big deal if the current Bulls win a NBA title now. And dey decided to light up victory cigars. Don't forget to call the Health Dept. if you do see the playas smoke cigars! lol

Dis week was the first time I saw sport playas smoking cigars on TV period (afta winning somethang big) since the 90s actually.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's a smoke shop with its own private mail carrier

I found one online smoke shop dat delivers cartons through a private carrier. But the bad news is dey only sell Native cig brands.

Since I neva bought cigs from dis shop before even before the PACT Act went into effect, I can't confirm if dis shop is a scam smoke shop. As the saying goes: Proceed with caution.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some thoughts

I see the online smoke shops I used to buy my cartons from are closed. When I type in their addy in the browser, their sites are no longa in existence. Oh well....

I got caught smoking in the restroom on my job a few weeks ago. But I didn't get fired. It's still Fked up smoking on the job is in the same class as stealing moolah on the job. But I guess I need to remind myself "If I think getting fired for smoking on the job is BS, what about workers who smoke away from their OWN jobs and dey still get fired?

I may not have lived in the 60s. But I did live in a time where smoking was a lot more normal in public. Now it seems like when I'm holding a cig, dat's like the same thang as me smoking a joint or coke.

I predict Obama will lose in the 2012 election. It ain't juz smokers who hate the President. Americans who are still waiting for the new jobs he promised hate him too.

Hey! A rare time where I have a comment not directly related with smoking! lol

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mich. legion post challenges smoking ban


BARAGA, Mich., Aug. 15 (UPI) -- A Michigan American Legion post says its court fight to allow smoking in its post tavern is about the freedom and liberty they fought to defend.

American Legion Post 444 in Baraga, Mich., sued the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department to strike down as unconstitutional the department's order to end indoor smoking, the Detroit Free Press reported Sunday.

Foucault-Funke Post 444 finds itself at the center of a possible decisive showdown for the new state law, the newspaper said.

"It's not about the smoking," post spokesman Joseph O'Leary says. "It's about the right to choose to allow the use of a legal substance on our property."

The post owns and runs the tavern in Baraga at the base of the Keweenaw Bay in the Upper Peninsula.

The post wasn't seeking a confrontation with the state or local health authorities, its leaders say.

But after the new law went into effect, they say, it was time to take a stand.

"These are guys who put their lives on the line for their country," O'Leary says.

"They said, 'Wait a minute. This is our property. This is not heroin. Nobody in the world who doesn't like smoke has to walk through that door,'" he says.

"They just decided enough is enough."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PACT ACT snuffs out cig shipping to troops


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Family and friends have suddenly found themselves blocked from shipping cigarettes and other tobacco products to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a new law meant to hamper smuggling and underage sales through the mail.

The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009 quietly took effect June 29. It cut off those care packages by effectively requiring that tobacco be sent with one particular kind of U.S. Postal Service shipping that requires a signature for delivery but does not deliver to most overseas military addresses.

April Woods, the 26-year-old wife of a Fort Campbell soldier in Afghanistan, used to regularly send him packages of snacks, drink mixes, pictures and cartons of his favorite variety of Marlboros.

"I would hope that they would change it. It's just ridiculous that they take so much away from our soldiers," Woods said.

Woods said her husband, Sgt. Randall Woods, doesn't have easy access to the stores on some Afghanistan bases that sell cigarettes and he also doesn't keep a lot of cash on him while deployed.

"So the only way he has to get cigarettes is through family members," she said.

Woods said every friend of hers with a spouse who smokes is very upset over the restrictions.

The law was created to prevent minors from ordering cigarettes through the mail and to prevent trafficking by requiring tracking and confirmation that the recipient is old enough. It allows small shipments of tobacco products, but only via Express Mail because that's the only postal service product that meets the identification requirements under the law.

"The issue is that Express Mail is not available to some overseas military destinations, primarily Iraq or Afghanistan," said Beth Barnett, spokeswoman for the postal service in Tennessee.

Families don't have any other options for shipping cigarettes. The law only affects the U.S. Postal Service because UPS and FedEx do not allow consumer-to-consumer shipping of tobacco.

Lynn Becker, a spokeswoman for the bill's sponsor, Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that the law did not intend to restrict mailing tobacco to soldiers.

"Sen. Kohl's counsel is working with the legal office at USPS to determine whether there is an alternative to Express Mail that could be used to reach troops overseas," Becker said. "He's also working on a legislative fix to ensure that service members overseas can receive care packages that include tobacco products."

Kohl sent a letter to the Postmaster General asking him to change the regulations, because the bill also expressly permits the shipping of tobacco from adult to adult, including to military addresses.

The military has been trying to reduce smoking among soldiers and vets, including banning indoor smoking and ending smoking on submarines by the end of the year. The Pentagon laid out a plan in 1999 to reduce smoking rates by 5 percent a year and reduce chewing tobacco use to 15 percent by 2001, but wasn't able to achieve the goals. And the Defense Department received a study last year recommending the military move toward becoming tobacco-free perhaps in about 20 years.

But the sudden shift on mailing rules has sown confusion among family and charity groups who now wonder how else to get cigarettes to troops.

Susan Baldwin, of Fairview, Tenn., is the mother of two sailors in the Navy. One of her sons is deployed and asked her to send him a certain type of coffee and his favorite brand of menthol cigarettes.

Baldwin went to the post office to ship the items, but was repeatedly told she couldn't include the cigarettes in the package.

"My kids are my life," she said. "It breaks my heart that the two things he's asking for, I can't give him one of them."

Tracy Della Vecchia, executive director and founder of, said she thinks a quick fix would be to just exempt packages to military addresses from having to ship by Express Mail because soldiers serving overseas are old enough to buy tobacco.

"It's discriminating against people who are serving in combat zones," she said.

In the past, the group has sent care packages to Marines that include smokeless tobacco or cigarettes if they request it.

"For now, I will absolutely not send any tobacco, because we are a huge organization and I don't want the much needed supplies like baby wipes and toothpaste to go unreceived," she said.

But for parents looking to make their son or daughter a little happier while in a war zone, that's not always an easy decision.

Woods said her husband and the soldiers he's serving with are doing the best they can among themselves.

"Basically everyone tries to share what they can share," she said.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm still enjoying my Newports

The new poll Q on here should be working. I haven't quit smoking as to why my blog is "dead" to some antis. I may not be posting on here as much as I did in the past. But based on how much I posted on here over the past 3 years, dis blog is far from being "dead" to me.

It gets more and more difficult to smoke in public as the years progress. And yes, I still ignore smoking signs and I will light up when I feel like it and dere ain't no people walking around the prohibited area.

I certainly ain't the only smoker out here who ignores no smoking signs. Dat in itself makes me smile.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cig ads on the internet?

Cig ads are essentially a thing of the past just like the cig commercials on TV and radio.

But let's go back to the 80s where cig commercials were banned in the US. But they were still common in mags, outdoor billboards, and at sport stadiums. I miss the days of when every mag used to have cig ads on their back covers. I think National Geographic was the only mag in the 80s that had no cig ads (and no tobacco ads in general).

But let's pretend the internet existed in the 80's. And you know how you see all of these ads while surfing the net.

My Q: If the internet existed in the 80s, do you think we would see cig ads on the worldwide web?

And BTW, is it illegal to have alcohol ads on the net?

Smoking causes hair loss in men

I can only laugh at the idea of smoking causing me to lose my hair I dunno where antis get these idiotic claims at. But I can think of several men who smoke and dey have PLENTY of hair. lol

And if anyone actually believes dis sh!t, I wonder what his/her IQ is.

http://tinyurl. com/2v2y4t

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Judge Delays Ruling on PACT ACT and USPS Delivery

Judge Delays Ruling on PACT Act & USPS Delivery

Publish Date:
July 8, 2010

Judge Richard Arcara of the US District Court for the Western District of New York has issued a series of rulings, the effect of which is that his temporary restraining order may be extended as far out as July 30. That TRO prevents enforcement of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act as it relates to the Seneca Free Trade Association and the Seneca Smokeshop. It is expected, though, that Judge Arcara will issue a preliminary injunction ruling prior to July 30.

Last week Judge Arcara issued the initial temporary restraining order in response to a suit brought by Seneca Tobacco business owner Aaron Pierce. The judge initially said he would rule on the matter this week. Instead, the Seneca Free Trade Association was allowed to intervene and Judge Arcara extended the TRO.

In his July 2 order, Judge Arcara, in his extension decision, delayed his preliminary injunction decision and extended the temporary restraining order. Of note, Judge Arcara ruled that mailed packages must state the name and address of the sender, the sender must be a member of the Seneca Free Trade Association, and that mailings can occur only through one of three approved post offices in the Western New York Federal Judicial District.

The temporary restraining order on enforcement of the PACT Act pertains only to the Seneca plaintiffs in the case. However, it is unclear whether the government will begin enforcing the PACT Act generally or wait for the judge’s final ruling.

AWMA believes that businesses not party to the suit should still continue to consider the PACT Act ban on USPS deliveries to be effective. AWMA will advise members immediately if the Judge enters a final decision to nullify the pertinent PACT Act provisions or if the government advises it will delay enforcement.

The PACT Act officially became effective on June 29th and the provision banning the delivery of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco through the U.S. Postal Service became effective on that date as well. The intent of the PACT Act – including the USPS delivery ban – is to crack down on the illegal Internet sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco which costs states millions in lost revenue and allows these products to more easily end up in the hands of minors. AWMA supported enactment of the PACT Act for these reasons and because these sales were also undercutting legitimate, law-abiding distributor sales.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I got busted for selling 2 cigs

Oh I'm still around. I'm still smoking, and I can't wait to see the long-term effects of the new PACT Act. It still makes me laugh when I hear nonsmolkers advising me to quit smoking if I hate the price of cigs. There are more than 20% smokers out here to me.

I got arrested for selling 2 cigs to 2 women back in May. But dat case was thrown away in late June. I still think it's funny it's a felony to sell even individual cigs in IL. Somethang is seriously wrong with dis pic. Especially since giving a cig to anyone shouldn't be a biggie.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

July 9, 2010 - Issue #575

"Liberty cannot be caged into a charter
or handed on ready-made to the next generation.
Each generation must recreate liberty for its own times.
Whether or not we establish freedom rests with ourselves."
- Florence Ellinwood Allen
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! The Economic Losers From Smoking Bans. This is an OBVIOUS attack against liquor permit holders in the State of Ohio. An entire industry has been targeted for extinction. Read the full Report.
More: OH Ban Damage
More: Smoking ban leader reports death threats
More: Site search for more Ban Damage in the Newsletter.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Ten reasons why the smoking ban stinks. By Joe Jackson. What’s needed is not just the repeal of the smoking ban and other petty, oppressive laws, but a return to healthy scepticism, fairness, and common sense. Thousands of products, from household cleaners to cosmetics, contain higher levels of toxic chemicals than tobacco – and are still harmless.
The American people deserve better... the truth!
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! False Information from Center for Tobacco Products is Concerning; FDA Actions Should Be Guided by Science, Not Politics. By Michael Siegel. While it is one thing for the advocacy groups like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to make the false assertion to the public that flavored cigarettes are a major gateway for youth addiction to cigarettes, it is truly worrisome to see the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products making the same false claim. The only existing brands of cigarettes in those flavors that I am aware of were marketed by R.J. Reynolds for a brief period from 2004 to 2006, but were voluntarily removed from the market in 2006. Thus, mint, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, and strawberry cigarettes play no role in youth smoking initiation and the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act's prohibition of these flavors will remove zero cigarette brands from the market and have no effect whatsoever on youth cigarette smoking. I think the public deserves better.
Why the Center for Tobacco Products and the anti-smoking groups have to hide the truth and deceive the public, rather than simply telling the truth, is beyond my comprehension. Clearly, politics - and not science - is at work.
FDA Commissioner Falsely Asserts that Flavored Cigarettes are a Gateway for Teen Smoking. We deserve the truth and unfortunately, we're getting political speak, not the truth. That's perhaps to be expected when it comes from politicians, but it's unacceptable when it comes from federal health officials.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
Watch a clip from:
The Onion Movie - Smoking Ban.
Smoking in the USA has been restricted to a single room in Iowa.
More Onion Videos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The new version of Newports

I've been smoking the newer version of Newport 100's. They still taste generally the same to me. The new Newports actually have more of the minty flavor than the older ones.

But I gotta get used to em being a lil weaker in strength. Seems like Newports have less tar/less nic in em now because of the obvious FDA regulation on cigs. Newport 100's feel more like a light cig to me since I'm so used to smoking very strong cigs (that being the old Newports).

People say Newports now have vent holes on the filters. But I honestly see no holes on the filters. And yes, I look at the filter very closely.

Overall, I give the "new" Newports a B. They would get an A if Lorillard ever makes em just about as strong as the old Newports.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

June 4, 2010 - Issue #571

“There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”
- Mark Twain
Property  Rights for all include Smokers Rights! They have created a fear that is based on nothing. They don’t base it on any solid scientific evidence. World-renowned pulmonologist, president of the prestigious Research Institute Necker for the last decade, Professor Philippe Even, now retired, tells us that he’s convinced of the absence of harm from passive smoking. A shocking interview. Why not speak up earlier? As a civil servant, dean of the largest medical faculty in France, I was held to confidentiality. If I had deviated from official positions, I would have had to pay the consequences. Today, I am a free man. They don’t base it on any solid scientific evidence. Take the case of cardiovascular diseases: the four main causes are obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. To determine whether passive smoking is an aggravating factor, there should be a study on people who have none of these four symptoms. But this was never done.
Scotland: Freedom to Choose: June 14-15 sees the 2010 UK Smoking Cessation Conference. Shortly before this event we will produce a press release.
UK: The Battle Against Big Government: Join The Debate. Join The Free Society and other groups for a series of cutting edge debates. June 3, 10, 15, 24, 29.
USA - DC: June 17. CEI is thrilled to announce that Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, will be our keynote speaker at this years's Annual Dinner!
USA - NJ: June 21. The Metropolitan Society BBQ, with cigars.
USA - NY: June 18. Come and get lit with Uptown Cigar Company and Marvin Samel from Drew Estate.
USA - SC: June 8. South Carolina State Elections Information.
Check: Smoker Friendly Calendars in your area.
Property  Rights for all include Smokers Rights!

Simon Cowell
faces smoking ban fine.
Join FREE - Home - Events - Forum - Videos - Please Help - ©

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A thought

If anyone has a problem with the way I write, nobody's forcing you to read my blog. The reason why I sound "ghetto" is cause I'm an urban smoker. And I've seen a lotta fellow blacks write like dis online.

Antis would take smokers a LOT more seriously if more smokers actually fought back through their actions. Owners ignoring smoking bans is a start. More smokers challenging antis' lies on SHS would be betta. It would be nice to see more smokers refuse to pay fines/tickets for enjoying a legal product outdoors let alone indoors.

Too many smokers accept control from the antis. You should be more concerned about too many smokers accepting smoking bans. Heck, you should be more concerned about more people losing their jobs once it becomes illegal to ship cigs in the mail.

I wish I COULD represent all smokers nationwide. I'd make smoking bans illegal and make it legal to buy cigs online as long as otha shops (dat sell non-tobacco products) add taxes to all of their customers' orders. Why should smoke shops be forced to add taxes while otha online shops don't have to? I wonder if Amazon was forced to add taxes ot their customers' orders as I heard once a year ago.

I'd even make it illegal for states to raise tobacco taxes more than once every 10 years. You got more time than me on your hands if you think my blog represents how all smokers think.

(Pay close attention to dis part below for anyone who's gonna waste their time writing a comment when ALL comments are moderated on here.)

oh and btw.i've seen antis write like this online over the years as well.if you think i "write poorly,"you haven't seen a true version of poor writing online.and thats putting it nicely.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Why do you smoke?"

A co-worker on my job asked me "Why do you smoke?" It didn't take long for me to learn she's an antismoker. And dis B had the nerve to say "I don't care if you smoke."

If she doesn't care, why would she ask a dumb-A question like dat? As I told her, dat's like me asking a Cub fan "Why do you drink beer?" A fan might punch me and tell me "It's none of your business."

If she asked me dat Q in the streets, I would've done more than tell her "What I do in my life is none of your Fkin business."

Why do I smoke? LMAO!!! A smoker would understand why I smoke. But a nonsmoker like her is totally brainwashed by antismoking propaganda.

(BTW to the antismoker reading my blog: How I write is none of your OWN f'kin business. If you don't like how I write, don't read it. If you're wondering why your comment isn't on here, did you forget to read the top of dis blog?)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What does dis sign mean to you?

What dat sign means to me (right below) is Maine is lying about breathing easy. Not when you have vehicles letting out fumes on the road. And what about BBQ smoke?

"Breathe easy." Maine can kiss my butt. And I don't mean my cig butt.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My smoking-related comments on Facebook

(Anyone who's on my Facebook friend list can see dis on my wall. But trying to add me as a friend on FB might work if you send the friend request yourself.)

Obama signed the PACT Act into law in late March, and it goes into effect at the end of June. Dis act prohibits the USPS from delivering cigs from online shops (but delivering cigars are exempted....gotta make sure the politicians can still order their fat stogies online!).

So dat means as of July, ppl who work at these online smoke shops are gonna lose their jobs and join the unemployment club. And not to mention the USPS will no longa make money from delivering a product online to likely 10s of 1000s of people.

Since dey won't be able to sell and deliver cigs anymore, what's the point of keeping the online smoke shops in business? I do know if every nonsmoker got their wish of a smoke-free USA where nobody in America smoked, you would see higha taxes for fast food and alcohol.

I already know taxes on candy went up last fall. Cause "Eating candy is dangerous and might contribute to obesity." When politicians can't get their tax money from nobody smoking cigs, dey gotta tax somethang else instead.

Land of the free? Yeah right. It's more like the land of the nannies. I notice obese folks are starting to get the same negative attention as smokers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New poll added

New poll has been added to my blog. It ain't a surprise to me most readers of my blog are males and of course most of the readers (based on their smoking status) are smokers.]

If you an antismoker reading dis blog, you got too much time on your hands. But I hope you got educated on (for instance) the truth behind smoking bans if you spent lots of time reading my blog.

A site for keeping up with tobacco-related news

Dis was originally posted as a comment on here. But dis apppears to be a site related with news on smoking/tobacco topics.

Raising cig taxes increases state revenue? OOOO-Kay

>>"...if you care about the fiscal health of the state, why don’t you smoke?"

Dat's a good Q. And why don't antis pay EVERY utility bill for the smokers? I'm not surprised the smoking rate hasn't gone down as much as antis think. A pack could cost as much as $15. But in dis new version of prohibition, smokers will find a way to get cigs. Even if it means driving to states with lower-taxed cigs. But it seems like buying cigs outta state especially like 20-40 cartons is a crime to some authorities. I dunno if NYS does it. But I know TN is one state dat will confiscate your cartons if you cross their border line with more than two cartons.

http://riverdalepre php?sid=12417&current_edition= 2010-05-13

Proponents of raising (yet again) the cigarette tax in New York resort to the argument that higher cigarette taxes lead to a decrease in smoking. Yet even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that nationally, the number of smokers has remained virtually unchanged since 2004. Taxes on cigarettes have been raised substantially in New York and across the country in that time. Unless they want to argue that the smokers in lower-taxed states are taking up that much of the slack from quitters in higher-taxed states, it puts the tax argument into serious question.

Proponents also argue that the increased tax will provide the state with needed revenue that will benefit everyone. In that case, one might ask, if you care about the fiscal health of the state, why don’t you smoke?

The truth is most of the enhanced revenue will not go to healthcare that’s alleged to save money by reducing smoking. In fact, smokers pay more than their fair share already and they actually subsidize nonsmokers, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Additionally, the state receives (in perpetuity) the proceeds of the 1998 agreement between the tobacco companies and 45 states that was intended to cover the cost of treating smokers. To cover that cost of the settlement, the companies increased the price of cigarettes and passed costs on to the smoker. If the state mismanages that money why is it the responsibility of the smoker to have to pay it again … and again … and again?

Finally, it should be offensive to everyone to single-out one segment of society to bear the brunt of taxation on the contention that a strong majority of residents support this tax. That is mob rule, in light of the fact that 70 percent of the population does not smoke. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to conclude that smokers will always lose in such a poll. It’s “tax them, not me.”

It’s unconscionable to me that this passes for justification in a country where the minority is guaranteed equal protection and is not supposed to be subject to the whims of the majority.

If our elected officials want to act like true representatives of the people — not just the people who don’t smoke — they’ll agree that enough is enough and reject another cigarette tax increase.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Proposed IL state cig tax increase

I'm sure the black market for cigs is one reason why IL's tobacco revenue dropped in recent years. Increases in otha thangs (like Crook County's property taxes) are anotha factor. When everythang is expensive for the poor, then a pack of cigs becomes more valuable to the bootleggas. Actually, a pack of cigs becomes more valuable for everyone.

If the proposed IL state cig tax increase doesn't make people lose jobs, the increase in tobacco-related heists certainly will.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A way to work around the PACT Act

I sure would like to know how the USPS would know there are cig cartons in the box in relation to the PACT. I got confirmation post office workers ain't allowed to open up boxes before delivering em.

Unless dat's gonna be new when July comes where the USPS will inspect ALL boxes before delivering em.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Smoking is good for you. Smoking cigs dat is

If an ex-smoker gets stress I have the perfect solution. Have a cig! At least a menthol can help you "chill" and make your throat feel fresh.

Smoking is actually GOOD for you. I heard of one person who quit smoking Newports and he actually started smoking really bad sh!t (and I don't mean weed). I don't need to say how his life changed negatively.

Antis might call dat an isolated incident,. But I heard a few years ago instead of smoking cigs, some people are smoking the illegal shit dat goes beyond weed. And I wouldn't be surprised if some ex- cig smokers are now druggies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Article on Mich smoking ban with comments included

My comment left on dis page making refrence to the new Michigan smoking ban:



And I guess people's lives aren't controlled by alcohol out here, since accidents/deaths caused by drunk driving is still common? If I apply your "logic" intoxicated alcoholics are poor themselves. But the alcohol is controlling their body a lot more than smoking. Alcohol is a depressant while nicotine is a stimulant.

You don't even have to smoke to get nicotine. Whenever you eat potatoes, you're eating nicotine. My point is simple. Don't make it sound like smoking is the only thing that controls lives. Alcohol and drugs both do a better job of doing that since they make those addicts more violent by altering their minds.

And nonsmokers consume nicotine too. Except they eat it in everyday foods like potatoes and tomatoes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

April 23, 2010 - Issue #565

"Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can."
- Samuel Adams
Property  Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Eminent Domain: NY. Hotel Conference Center May Trump Private Property in Eminent Domain Case. But Smith-Ward blasts the offers as a "very insulting price for our property," and said she was stunned to learn that the city was considering seizing the business she and her husband Doug had sunk their life savings into only to hand their land over to someone else. She told Fox News she always thought eminent domain was "for power lines, roads, schools, hospitals and not for a private developer." Five years ago the United States Supreme Court ruled that communities could use the power of eminent domain to help private interests, if the result was for the public good.

Eminent Domain: Utah's Bid to Take Back Its Land. Gov. Gary Herbert signed two bills authorizing efforts to invoke eminent domain as a way to reclaim land from the U.S. government, which owns more than 60% of Utah. Lawmakers say the gambit could lead to a court ruling that permits Utah to take back valuable parcels, including a coal-rich plateau, from the feds.
From The USA Mailbag
AL: Proposed Smoking Ban for Restaurants Deemed "Ludicrous."
CO: Proposed Lakewood Smoking Ban Update. Smoking in Tobacco Stores, Hookah Bars will be illegal?
GA: Christian Coalition slams tobacco tax idea. The GCC believes that the only justification for sales or use taxes is the exclusive need for government revenue, and is not a tool to control lifestyle, health, or the environment.
KS: Senate Bill 516, Proposed Tobacco Tax Increases Will Backfire, says Premium Cigar Association.
NC: Want Revenge - Here are the Guilty and the Heroes.
SC: Lexington council on verge of easing smoking rules. Initial approval given to snuffing out part of law.
SC: Spartanburg City Council split on smoking ban. Staff to research implications; issue might not resurface until fall.
From The International Mailbag
Canada: McCarthy T├ętrault, Jones Day on Giant Canadian Tobacco Smuggling Settlement. The Canadian government earlier claimed that billions of dollars in tax revenue were lost in the scheme.
Canada: Mike Kennedy v. Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit. Docket 33442. Supreme Court rejects appeal on smoking in private club.
Switzerland: New ban just hit and they've already had 40,000 Swiss sign up as club members at private clubs that will allow smoking.
UK: Children are being used as a smokescreen. Campaigners will not be happy until Britain is completely cigarette-free, says Alexander Chancellor.
UK: Freedom2Choose: Eddie Douthwaite's interview with Leith.
World Conference against Prohibition: Watch the Videos!
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Junk Food: Not Just at the Concession Stand, It's Also on the Movie Screen, Study Finds. The researchers say that: Candy/confections (26%) and salty snacks (21%) were the most prevalent food brands, and sugar-sweetened beverages (76%) were the most prevalent beverage brands. Most of the placements were for high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods or product lines.
Watch: The New War Against Classic Mixed Drinks.
Watch:'s Nanny of the Month: NY Salt-Banner Felix Ortiz.
Property  Rights for all include Smokers Rights!Paul Kearns
His haunting original music video about war, Aftermath.

Thanks for reminding us that good men died
for our freedom and property rights.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A comment on here dat deserves its own post

Hi Jay,
You and your readers may be interested in, particularly the "Godber Blueprint" which chronicles, from antismoking documents, that antismoking is based on social marketing (inflammatory propaganda). The current antismoking crusade, which formulated its agenda in 1975, is the same as previous ones in that it promotes irrational belief, fear and hatred/bigotry.

Michigan's Smoking ban starts May 1

My comment from the Amend Michigan Smoking Ban group on Facebook:

Someone should've told antismokers about not going to smoker-friendly businesses. Smoking bans are supposed to be for the kids as antismokers say. But that's a lie in itself. Kids can't enter taverns. Antis claim all they care about is making the whole planet smoke-free. But in reality, all they care about is closing down businesses that used to allow smoking. When a smoking ban starts, even I know they won't be patronizing businesses on a regular basis. Even smokers are better tippers than antismokers. Do you think they care about owners losing revenues and workers losing jobs? Apparently not.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A thought

I don't believe it. I went thru a whole work day without smoking.

No, I ain't trying to quit smoking. My lighta broke and I was forced to not smoke for 5 hours. I definitely wanted a smoke. But it's hard getting a light from othas. Especially when you can't tell who smokes in a restroom.

But afta work, I bought a new lighta immediately and I spent lots of time enjoying my cigs outside. A cig was the only thang on my mind for most of the work day.

When I was told if I want to go (back home) in the 8th inning or stay, I said "I'm going." Oh I left all right...left to get a new lighta, have some cigs, and feel like myself again . lol

If smoking bans didn't exist, it would be a lot more easier to meet more smokers in public at a ballpark. And of course when someone IS smoking, he/she is usually outta sight for understandable reasons.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd hand smoke toxicity in cars

Where do antis get dis crap from? I guess there's no "SHS toxicity" in commuter trains and buses? Planes can't have the fictional toxicity. You can't smoke on those. lol


Second-hand Smoke Toxicity In Cars: Myth Into Fact

Posted on: Monday, 12 April 2010, 13:57 CDT

There is no evidence to support the fact that smoking in cars is 23 times more toxic than in other indoor environments, states an analysis article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
The article, by Australian researchers, describes how a local media report of an unsourced statistic — that "second-hand smoke was "23 times more toxic in a vehicle than in a home"" — led to widespread reporting of the figure in international media and peer-reviewed literature.
However, there appears to be no scientific evidence to support this claim. "In a subsequent exhaustive search of the relevant literature, we failed to locate any scientific source for this comparison," write Mr. Ross MacKenzie, School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia and coauthor. "Given that the issue of banning smoking in cars is gaining traction internationally, use of this media-friendly tobacco control 'fact' presents potential problems of credibility. "
The 23 times estimate has evolved from being a brief quotation in a US newspaper to entering the academic mainstream in 1998 when a Tobacco Control editorial closely copied the previous quote. Both the newspaper report and the editorial were then cited in an issue of Nicotine and Tobacco Research.
"The biggest danger of inaccurately interpreting research on smoking in cars for the sake of a snappy media sound bite is to lose favor with an overwhelmingly supportive public and to provide ammunition for opponents of tobacco control," write the authors.
The authors conclude that researchers and organizations should stop using the 23 times more toxic "fact" because of the lack of evidence in scientific literature. "Instead, advocating of smoking bans in cars should simply state that exposure to second-hand smoke in cars poses a significant health risk and that vulnerable children who cannot remove themselves from this smoky environment must be protected."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Navy bans smoking on submarines

WASHINGTON — The Navy is banning smoking inside its submarines and will stock nicotine patches and gum on all boats to help sailors quit.

The new policy goes into effect no later than December 31 this year and was announced Thursday by Vice Adm. John J. Donnelly, Commander of the Navy's Submarine Forces. He says the decision follows a yearlong study last year on nine submarines that showed unacceptable levels of second-hand smoke are present when the subs are submerged.

The new policy leaves allows individual sub commanders to decide whether they crews are permitted to smoke on deck while their sub is above water. com/hostednews/ ap/article/ ALeqM5jTYV64kXlG JtHRarMT3RHGkMY6 KQD9EV2KK02

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama signs PACT Act

Juz like I thought, Obama signed the PACT Act under the radar.

I agree with everyone (including in the comments) who called Obama is a liar. I know if I turned my back on anotha grpup of minorities (Indians in dis case), dey would be very welcome to shoot me, cuz I'd deserve it.

I hope Obama loses in the 2012 election.

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

March 26, 2010 - Issue #563

"The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom."
- Justice William O. Douglas
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! By Phil Williams
United Kingdom Regional Director
Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc.

Video: Pubs are dying because of one thing, the smoking ban. Scrap the unjust and unwanted smoking ban, and the pubs will recover immediately. Had the majority of customers really wanted smoke free pubs, then pubs would've voluntarily gone smoke free to cater to that demand. The fact that they didn't is proof that such demand never existed. And remember, in a free society, landlords would still be free to CHOOSE to remain smoke free if they so desire. And the law could serve to protect their choice.

Video: Save the children. The smoking ban ushered in an increase in drink spiking. Women forced to go outside for a smoke were made all the more vulnerable to sex offenders who could easily spike their unattended drinks. Not content with aiding rapists, the anti smoking lobby are now trying to help peodophiles gain access to children.

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! By Theodore King,
Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc.

Listen: War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State. American Freedom Radio. "When people begin to accept dictates from governments of what they are not supposed to say and do, for their own and collective good, they begin to forget all the liberties that previous generations knew. The Nannies are out to remake our society, and smokers are their lab rats."

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Big Pharmaceutical: Three B.C.women file class action lawsuit over Pfizer quit-smoking drug. Champix causes depression and suicidal tendencies. "Champix was sold in Europe and the United States for about a year before it was put on sale in Canada, and in that year there were reports of psychiatric side effects and suicide, and yet the warnings are very mild on the Canadian product." Klein hopes to either see Champix withdrawn from the market, or to have the warnings significantly strengthened on the drug. Pfizer has not yet filed a statement of defence in the class action suit.
The Research of David Kuneman
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Monday, March 29, 2010

The menthol regulation topic: Article

>>>>The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which has new powers to regulate tobacco, wants the panel's help in determining how menthol cigarettes affect the public's health, and whether they induce people to smoke and make it harder for them to quit.

Menthols neva induced me to smoke. The first brand I bought for myself was Newports, cuz I'd ratha smoke mint-flava'd
tobacco. I duno if it's harder to quit. But I know I wouldn't be Jay if menthols disappeared. I'nm sure I ain't alone. Since everyone knows the Black smokers love tasting menthols.

http://online. SB10001424052702 3043703045751520 92649935952. html?mod= WSJ_latestheadli nes

WASHINGTON—A panel of health experts will begin studying the health effects of menthol cigarettes starting Tuesday as the government grapples with how to regulate the products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which has new powers to regulate tobacco, wants the panel's help in determining how menthol cigarettes affect the public's health, and whether they induce people to smoke and make it harder for them to quit.

The panel will be closely watched by tobacco companies such as Lorillard, Altria and Reynolds American, all of which make menthol cigarettes under brands such as Newport, Marlboro and Camel.

The panel's recommendations will go to the FDA and the FDA is expected to publish a report on the public health impact of menthol by the end of the year. The FDA could ban the products or take less drastic steps such as restricting sales and advertising.

The FDA last year got new powers to regulate the tobacco industry and heavily restrict how the products are advertised, particularly to children. Many health experts have, over the years, raised concerns that the minty flavor in menthol cigarettes induces people to smoke and makes it harder to quit.

A ban on cigarettes flavored with fruit or candy took effect this year.

Tobacco companies have challenged some of the FDA's powers to restrict their advertising and lost in key areas.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I can't wait to see how no smoking is enforced at Cub games dis year

I'm gonna see in a few weeks how the new Cub owners plan on making sure the ballpark is ALWAYS smoke-free.

In the late innings, it's common to see drunk dudes smoking in the corner of one restroom. It's so smokey in dat corner, it looks like I'm walking into fog. And in the past, I'd light up a cig behind the stall without saying a single word.

But I have a good feeling dis year will be different. I know the smoking rule hasn't changed. If you a fan caught smoking, your azz is kicked outta the ballpark. If you a worker, you can't get fired if nobody catches you.

But I ain't gonna imagine if I run into one of the Ricketts and he tells me "I don't want you working in my ballpark cause you smell like cigs." I was told the Ricketts have every right to say "I don't want him/her working here cuz I don't like the way he/he acts or looks."

Welcome to the ballpark you now own Ricketts. I ain't gonna imagine a bro/sis worker flipping over you guys using your right to fire him/her. I especially ain't gonna imagine you guys telling a bro or sis "You fired for smelling like cigs." I bet if dis was 3 decades ago and you guys owned the Cubs, you probably wouldn't care if Blacks work and smoked in your ballpark.

I didn't wanna make dat statement sound racial. But it's true most of the Cub workers in the concession dept are Blacks. And there are ALWAYS lots of workers who smoke there. I'd be lying if I said I can go through a whole game without seeing at least one bro worker smoking in the restroom. ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maine hospital tears out tobacco ads in magazines

Dis is wha I call taking a "smoke-free hospital" to the next level. Tearing out tobacco ads in every single magazine! If you gonna tear out the best part of mags, then wha's the point of me reading it? I look at cig ads more in mags. But cig ads are a thang of the past to me.

(Dis is more of a news clip vid than an online article)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raising cig taxes can make the poor and the recession worse

[[[Sadly, many of the proposed taxes target the pocketbooks of Georgia’s poorest families – many of whom are already struggling with the burden of unemployment. The potential cigarette tax, for example, would add a one dollar levy on every pack – a burden that would disproportionately affect lower-income individuals who have a higher portion of smokers than other demographic groups. For example, more than one-third (34 percent) of those earning less than $12,000 a year are smokers, according to a 2009 Gallup poll. Furthermore, this targeted population also faces an unemployment rate of 30.8 percent, according to data from February 2010.

As such, it is the poor and the unemployed being forced to surrender additional funding to the state government in order for the state government to keep on spending. This shell game seems counter-productive, and experts argue it is. Increasing taxes on the poor – or anyone else for that matter – during a recession is a tried and failed strategy that stifles growth and will perpetuate Georgia’s already high rates of unemployment]]]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

March 19, 2010 - Issue #562

"Write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
- Ben Franklin
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Report From The TICAP Conference: The Hague! By Michael J. McFadden, Citizens Freedom Alliance. The Conference was a great success! To the future... We have the truth and the facts on our side, while the power of the antismoking industry is based only on money and lies. We CAN beat them! Keep on fighting!

Another Published Study Finds No Evidence that Smoking Ban Resulted in Short-Term Decline in Heart Attacks. By Michael Siegel, MD, MPH. Negative Finding Doesn't Stop Researchers from Telling the Media that They Found an Effect. Why bother doing the research if you are going to tell the media the same thing no matter how the study results come out? In addition, the study itself uses misleading, inappropriate, and non-scientific language in describing its findings. How does this get past the peer review of the journal?

Columbia Study as Corrupt Misuse of Junk Science. “Nothing in the study justifies this erroneous conclusion. It is prejudicial and preconceived, thereby justifying the labeling of the survey as being a corrupt misuse of junk science,” said Chris McCalla, legislative director of the IPCPR.

Cigarettes might be infectious. And, presumably, people wouldn't need to light up to risk getting sick. The idea that tobacco might contain viable germs isn’t just idle conjecture.

Four Members of FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee Have Received Pharmaceutical Money; Influence of Industry on FDA Grows Pfizer and Nabi Pharmaceuticals Also Given a Seat at the Table. The tobacco and pharmaceutical industries must be laughing all the way to the bank. There's nothing like sitting on the panel of the Agency that regulates your products or makes decisions about the regulation of the products of your chief competitors.

A New Policy on Tobacco Papers. Simon Chapman and Ross MacKenzie critique the dominant messages about smoking cessation contained in most tobacco control campaigns, which emphasize that serious attempts at quitting smoking must be pharmacologically or professionally mediated.

Cooking with gas raises risk of lung cancer - study. The results showed more naphthalene - a banned substance contained in traditional mothballs - and mutagenic aldehydes were produced when cooking with gas.

Consumption Of Magnesium Rich Foods Can Cut Colon Cancer Risk In Men. Magnesium has been shown to defend against hypertension, cardiopathy, Type 2 diabetes, migraines and osteoporosis. Currently, the new research suggests that the health gains of magnesium expand even further.
From The Mailbag
GA: Tobacco taxes. They have led to massive smuggling in many places that have imposed them. Nanny Bloomberg's New York has witnessed this as organized crime organizations have brought cigarettes in by the truckloads from states like VA and NC.
IN: The Indiana General Assembly adjourned last week before acting on a proposed statewide smoking ban that would have cost the state untold jobs and tax revenues.
NC: The Juggling Gypsy said it will fight the penalties, taking to the courts if necessary.
NY: City Tries to Shut Club It Says Flouts Smoking Ban. The nightclub, the M2 UltraLounge on West 28th Street in Manhattan, went on trial last week at a special administrative court that the city uses when it seeks to take away property.
OH: Watch video. Department of Health figures show the state has spent $3.2 million to impose $1.2 million in fines on violators of Ohio's smoking ban. Also Maurice Thompson's Ohio series.
Canada: The Gestapo come in many forms. By George Jonas. When the smoking wars went into overdrive, anti-smoking activists couldn’t believe that anyone who quit smoking years earlier, as I did, could nevertheless object to the tyranny of the smoke Gestapo.
Property  Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
Comedy Week
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A thought on contacting Obama on the PACT Act

Last year, Obama signed a bill which increased the fed tobacco tax.

While I'd like to believe theoretically 1000s of smokers emailing, faxing, or calling him will get his attention, I still have a good feeling he will sign it. The Senators obviously paid sh!t attention to smokers contacting em about the PACT Act over the past few months. What makes Obama any different from em?

1000s of smokers (and online smoke shop owners) paying a visit to the White House would really get his attention. His azz can ignore emails, calls, and faxes (juz like the way Senators treat smokers as a minority). But he can't ignore a million smokers march in DC.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PACT Act approved by Congress

I don't think internet sales of cigs "keep smoking levels up." Pure BS!

I always see lots of kids smoking, and I bet most of em neva even knew dey could buy ports online. Unless dey friends with cig bootleggas.

If the PACT Act is gonna make smoking levels go down, then whoever thinks dat oughta visit areas in the nation where it's common to see smokers (not juz underage smokers).


http://www.prnewswi releases/ congress- approves- bill-curbing- internet- tobacco-sales- in-victory- for-kids- and-taxpayers- 88258567. html

WASHINGTON, March 17 /PRNewswire- USNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Matthew L. Myers President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids:

(Logo: http://www.newscom. com/cgi-bin/ prnh/20080918/ CFTFKLOGO )

Voting 387 to 25, the U.S. House of Representatives today gave final congressional approval to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, legislation to curtail the growing sales of tax-evading, low-cost cigarettes and other tobacco products over the Internet and through the mail. Passage of this legislation is a milestone in the fight to keep kids from smoking and prevent tax evasion that costs state and federal taxpayers billions each year.

We applaud Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), the chief House sponsor, and Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), the Senate sponsor, for their leadership and persistence in pursuing this legislation and winning its approval. The Senate unanimously approved the bill on March 11. We look forward to President Obama continuing his strong leadership on tobacco control by signing the PACT Act into law.

Internet sales of tobacco products are a serious and growing problem that keeps prices down and smoking levels up. Such sales make it easier and cheaper for kids to buy cigarettes, facilitate tax evasion and cost federal and state governments billions in revenue. Many vendors that sell cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products over the Internet or through other mail-order sales do not pay applicable tobacco taxes and do not have sufficient safeguards to prevent sales to children, such as effective policies to verify a purchaser's age.

The PACT Act will:

•Require Internet sellers to pay all federal, state, local or Tribal tobacco taxes and affix tax stamps before delivery to any customer;
•Mandate that the age and identification of purchasers be checked at purchase and at delivery;
•Require Internet vendors to comply with state and local laws as if they were located in the same state as their customers;
•Provide federal and state enforcement officials with new tools to block delivery of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products that evade federal or state laws; and
•Ban the delivery of tobacco products through the U.S. mail.

Summary of the PACT Act: http://www.tobaccof research/ factsheets/ pdf/0361. pdf.

More on Internet tobacco sales: http://www.tobaccof reports/internet /.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Senecas upset over PACT Act passage by Senate page/content. detail/id/ 537235.html? nav=5047

Although Seneca Nation of Indians' officials think action taken Thursday by the U.S. Senate could cost the area 1,000 jobs, others are praising the action, which will next go to the House of Representatives for a vote.

The measure, the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act, would prohibit tobacco products produced and sold by Native American businesses to be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Although the bill was previously passed by the House of Representatives, minor changes made by the Senate will result in the bill's return to the House for another vote.

"The PACT Act will deal a destructive blow to the private sector economy at the Seneca Nation and have negative repercussive effects on all of Western New York," said Richard Nephew, chairman of the nation's governing body, the Seneca Nation Tribal Council and co-chairman of their Foreign Relations Committee.

"Cigarettes should not be sold in the mail or anywhere else to children or minors," said U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer.

"We greatly appreciate and have supported the role of the Seneca in economic development in Western New York, and will continue to work with them," he said, adding, that work will include discussions for preventing cigarettes from "ending up in the hands of minors."

"The passage of the PACT Act should draw outrage and opposition from every corner of Indian Country. This is not so much about tobacco consumption as it is about who profits from it. Aside from tobacco, all Indian nations should be concerned about the federal government's attempt to confer further jurisdictional power to states over Indian Territories; this invites much trouble," he said.

J.C.Seneca, councilor and co-chairman of the Seneca Nation Foreign Relations Committee suggests the action is part of a broader effort to diminish Native economic gains.

"The ultimate effect of this legislation makes it clear that termination era policies to eradicate Indians and treaty rights in New York and across this country are alive and well," said Seneca. He said the act "turns the clock back" on Indians to lead them to dependency.

"We will take every measure to defend and protect our treaties; those that our ancestors secured and protected for us so that we will continue to enjoy those rights today and in the future," he said.

Seneca noted that the implications of the PACT Act extend beyond New York state and have the potential to thwart Native sovereignty and the Nation-to-Nation relationships that have long been established. Seneca further called upon the Obama administration to uphold its commitments to Indian Country and said the Nation is launching a new voter outreach campaign to raise awareness about voting records of incumbents and their votes' implications to the Western New York economy.

PACT Act passed the Senate

Unfortunately, on March 11, 2010 (juz 2 days ago), the PACT Act passed the Senate. Now it goes to a House Vote and then Obama signs it into law.

http://www.govtrack .us/congress/ bill.xpd? bill=s111- 1147

I know d@mn well Obama will sign it. Unless he actually reads the bill and thinks of the impact the PACT Act will cause....don' t expect him to read sh!t.

At least I'd try to read somethang if it had an effect on my lifestyle, Dis Act probably has no direct effect on Obama's lifestyle, since he likely neva bought cigs online.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PACT Act didn't pass in the Senate

The PACT Act died in the Senate. Dat's certainly good news for smokers who buy cigs online, including smokers who are disabled and online is the only way dey can buy cigs.

Article URL:

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

March 5, 2010 - Issue #560

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as
sacred as the law of God, and that there is not a force of law and
public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence."
- John Adams
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Nick Hogan Update... Nick Hogan was the first person to be prosecuted under the new smoking laws. He will spend six months in prison after refusing to pay a fine. REMINDER: Tobacco is a legal product, and he was on his own property!

Nicotine Patch: New Study Shows That Even Extended Nicotine Replacement Therapy is Extremely Ineffective; Unaided Quitting Rates are Far Better. By Michael Siegel. The senior author of the study has a severe financial conflict of interest as she has served as a consultant to GlaxoSmithKline, one company that manufactures the nicotine patch. She has also served as a consultant or has received research funding from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Novartis.
From The Mailbag
CA: Corona Del Mar private property rights. Man Fights Legal Battle to Keep His Own Backyard, freedom to use a picnic table.
GA: House Bill 39. Tobacco Tax Favors High-Income Counties.
GA: Savannah Mayor says "Sue Us" if you don't like it.
OH: State is hypocritical on smoking ban. By Pam Parker.
USA: Which Burger Chains Dominate the U.S. Landscape?
Canada: The International Olympic Committee will investigate the actions of Canadian women's hockey players who celebrated their gold medal victory Thursday night by swigging beer and smoking cigars on the ice in Vancouver.
Ireland: Tobacco price law ruled illegal. The European Court of Justice rejected Irish government claims that it needs to fix a high minimum price to discourage smoking.
Jakarta: City to issue individual healthcare cards to outcast smokers from burdening its budget. SKTM cards are held by residents that are recognized by the administration to be living in poverty.
UK: Woo-hoo!! Government unblocks Forest website.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
Treat Me Like a Dog:
What Human Health Care Can Learn from Pet Care.
Watch the video from Reason TV.
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