Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Poll Q added

New poll Q has been added. Since traffic at my blog has gone up since Nov. 19th, 2009, I thought I might as well get a betta idea of my blog's audience. I have a strong good feeling most of the readers on here smoke too. Or if some don't smoke, dey still support freedoms for smokers.

Poll Results

Which one of these thangs do you think will make people lose an interest in smoking?

The hi tobacco taxes
23 (11%)
The smoking bans
10 (5%)
The fire-safe cigs
19 (9%)
The possiblity of buying tobacco onlIne getting banned
8 (4%)
All of the above.
39 (19%)
None of the above-new people will always start smoking.
101 (50%)

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

January 1, 2010 - Issue #553

"In the New Year, may your right hand always be
stretched out in friendship, never in want."
- Irish toast
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Michael Siegel - Tobacco Policy Blog:
On the Similarities Between Health Care Reform Legislation and the FDA Tobacco Bill: Compromising with Special Interests and Selling Out Principles. Selling Health Protection for Votes in Both Cases Leads to Bill that Does More Harm than Good.
Error Disclosed in Meta-Analysis of Smoking Bans' Effect on Heart Attacks: Will Anti-Smoking Groups Report the Error?
No Change in Trend in Heart Disease Death Rates in Connecticut During First Three Years of Comprehensive Statewide Ban.
Heart Disease Death Rate Increased by 16% in First Year Following Indy Smoking Ban; By IOM Committee's Logic, Ban Caused Increase in Heart Attacks.
From The USA Mailbag
CA: LA Tobacconists Gear Up for Showdown on Outdoor Smoking.
CO: Colorado Update. By James L. VonFeldt, President, Coalition for Equal Rights. They are back. It began in Fort Collins and Arvada.
HI: The Smoke Vote. Home of the Army of Smoke.
KS: Bootleggers Saloon is CLOSED, no more charity events.
MI: Tobacconists Prepare to Battle Increased Taxes.
NV: Letter response from the American Cancer Society, regarding them suing the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.
NY: Blowing Smoke at a Ban. "Everyone looks the other way." Clearly, Mayor Bloomberg didn’t make the guest list.
VA: A list of where to eat, drink, and smoke in VA.
USA: Is ObamaCare Constitutional? Do You Really Have to Ask? By Chuck Muth. America’s founders intended the federal government to have limited powers and that the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government.
USA: Texting while driving, smoking target of '10 laws.
From The UK Mailbag
Smoking Bans, Harm And Violence. By Phil Johnson. Well, lady healthiest and denialist ‘extraordinaire’, one of our diligent researchers has unearthed all that you denied, all that you were unaware of – and worse still, all that your bosses do not want in the public domain.
The pubs that died after giving up smoking. By Vicki Woods. She'd said "It will ruin me", and it did. She saw her takings drop by 90 per cent, struggled through her last New Year and left the trade she'd worked in since she was 15.
Watch: A two party state. By Phil Williams... corrupt EU puppets.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
Happy New Year! Here's what to expect.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Illinois Smoking Ban!

The smoking ban in IL is now 2 years old. A nice way to celebrate is by having every single smoker in IL go into a private/hospitality business and smoke their cigs or cigars or hookahs and pipes in dere.

I am aware lots of businesses in IL are already ignoring the ban. Good for dose owners. Dey believe making money by letting their patrons smoke is more important than pleasing antismokers. Antis can be ho's themselves.

I predict the IL smoking ban WILL be history by the end of the 2010's decade.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

North Carolina's new smoking ban for private businesses

I wouldn't mind telling NC personally I hate communism. I'd tell em by blowing smoke in the face of the person/people who pushed for their new smoking ban in privately owned businesses.

At least blowing smoke in the face intentionally is a non-violent way of getting my point across. hee hee

Wha's the point of going out to hospitality businesses when I can't smoke i em? Dey don't mind taking my money by patronizing in the joint. Well if you gonna take my money, don't flip when I light up my cig. Don't get shocked like I walked in here and held up the place instead.

Dat "Dey" applies to ALL states with smoking bans. Not juz NC.

(Below is from Lynda Farley:The same smoking activist with her Liberty Van.)


Hi All, so sad, but starting January 2, I will begin boycotting North Carolina. On that day, they will secede from the United States of America, and join The People's Republic of America, when their unconstitutional ban of a legal activity in PRIVATELY OWNED business establishments takes effect.

I don't think it's FAIR for only the bars and restaurants to pay for the stoopid smoking bans, so I will also quit shopping at Food Lion, as they are based there. I will stop shopping ANYWHERE in North Carolina, as much as possible stop buying any products and produce FROM North Carolina, and stop buying gas there too.

If they don't like my smoke, they don't like ANY of my money. I hope lots of folks will join me in voting with their dollars, and everyone LET PEOPLE and ESPECIALLY BUSINESSES in N. Carolina know that you won't support COMMUNISM in the USA. I will update the BOYCOTT map on Jan. 2 SMOKERS-BOYCOTT/
You are welcome to forward and cross post this.
Lynda Farley

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flamboyant Bar Smoking Advocate Grabs Attention


Tony Rutherford Reporter

Huntington, WV (HNN) – Temperatures hovered under thirty, a misty snow batted through the air, a frigid wind stung faces. Yet, about 100 outspoken community members squeezed into a Cabell County Health Department conference room for a public hearing on banning smoking in bars, video lottery establishments, and virtually any public venue

The vocal, yet restrained, standing room only audience yelled support for speakers against the ban. Those who spoke in its favor endured some hostility. Audience members demanded statistics to which one physician referred. Another man telling that his son plays in a band with asthma was jeered with a ‘tell him not to go to a bar’ styled retort.

Among the speakers, a flamboyant man wearing a white fur coat and pink seemed to take command of the crowd.

Kerry Ellison, owner of the Blackhawk Saloon in Kanawha County, traveled from Charleston to speak at the hearing. Ellison has become the poster man for defiant Kanawha County smokers. He has refused to ban smoking at his business.


A “Smokers Welcome” sign hangs outside the saloon, but Ellison has apparently been the only bar owner who has been charged with violation of the ordinance. At a February 2009 Kanawha Magistrate hearing, he defended himself telling the court, “I’m not the smoking police.”

He has been fined $400 each for violation of the ordinance in August and October; smoke still rises at the Blackhawk.

“I started as a county wide opponent and I’ve become an unwitting statewide opponent,” Ellison proclaimed.

The businessman stated, “it’s okay to have an ordinance, but let it make sense. The legislature has mandated that you can smoke in bingo parlors. It’s legal for them to do that. There’s no reason second hand smoke can go faster to the lungs in a bar than a bingo parlor.”

He continued, “You can take your child into a bingo parlor and smoke. In a bar, you have to be 21 years old to be in there. It’s a choice. Somewhere along the line we have to let the choice go to the people.” Ellison then asked, “do you remember the [proposed] Barbie ban,” referring to a state legislator who wanted to forbid the possession of Barbie dolls as they allegedly promote an unhealthy image for young girls.

“Keep in mind that whatever ordinance you put in place, it will diminish your revenue. The health inspector is looking for second hand smoke. If I come inside I’ll see smoke, I’m not going to see the rat feces in the bread door in the back. Let him put his efforts in the bread room [and kitchen?] where the customers can’t go.”

Calling enforcement a “nightmare,” Ellison stressed “you don’t need a law or an ordinance disguised as a law” when the issue can be “solved by choice. Over here, there’s a bar where they smoke. Over there, there’s a bar where they do not smoke. Go to whichever one you want to. This ordinance takes away individual’s rights.”

Admitting “I’m a nonsmoker. I’ve never had a cigarette in my life and I hate the nasty things,” the flashy dressed owner revealed. “If there’s a demand for a smoke free bar, they will pop up, this is capitalism.”


“Bars are not where you go if you are health conscious ” Ellison declared to the delight of a majority of those in the room. “I keep hearing of employees, vendors, and inspectors that have to go in there. Same thing in the [coal] mines; they don’t shut the mines down.

Observantly, Ellison stated, “the way there county to county ordinances are written up, the smokers are not the violators. I come in here and smoke a cigarette; I did not violate anything. The bar owner gets busted.”

Instead of banning cigarette smoking for health reasons , he suggested “outlawing hand shaking. It’s unsanitary and unhealthy and it directly spreads germs,” Ellison said subtlety referring to the repeated H1N1 campaign to wash your hands to stop the spread of the flu. “If you see me after the meeting, salute me, but don’t shake my hand.”


Catching up with the defiant owner after the hearing, Ellison filled in HNN on his one year crusade against the Kanawha County Health Department’s ban.

“We haven’t backed down, we’re still doing the same thing we have been doing all along. They have written me up close to thirty times. I was convicted on one charge, and last week, I went down [to the court]. I pled guilty to one and they dropped the other four. I have two convictions at $400 apiece,” Ellison explained.

From the bar owner’s perspective, it’s a double insult for the Kanawha Health Department to “invoice me $25 every time [a] health department [inspector] comes in,” Ellison explained.

While health department officials in Charleston hope the convictions will encourage compliance, Ellison remains defiant and contends he has been selected out for enforcement. “I absolutely think I have been singled out. They are [still] smoking in all the bars. I’m the only one with a ‘smokers welcome’ sign up.”

Ellison who plans to appeal his conviction to Kanawha County Circuit Court does not know of the conviction of any other bar owner for violation of the ordinance. “I’m the only one they have convicted,” he said, adding that some owners have received “warnings” but no one has yet been cited except him.

Meanwhile, video game room owner and Chesapeake, Ohio, councilman Paul Hart made an inverse sign proposal for Cabell County.

Suggesting “we are signed to the max,” Hart first displayed warning signs for those under 21, for alcohol purchases, for identification warnings, warnings for pregnant women, and “gambling can be hazardous to your health” for lottery products. He complained that we can not advertise the lottery products to “get people to come through the door.”

“I had these made today,” Hart asked, displaying a sign that smoking is allowed inside along with a litany of health warnings regarding smoking. The crowd erupted with applause.

“There’s no ambiguity. Smoking is bad. Allow me freedom to make my own decisions, please, allow us freedom,” Hart concluded to another round of applause.

Note: The Cabell County Health Department will continue taking written submissions on the proposed ban. HNN will be printing a balanced article this week.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

December 25, 2009 - Issue #552

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! "Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.”
- Oren Arnold
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Watch: Merry Bloody Christmas.
By Phil Williams.

While normal people believe that in a free society, those that own property should be free to choose what legal activities to permit on their property, anti smokers believe that they should be free to dictate what property owners permit. Anti smokers have surrendered their freedom and are too stupid to realise it. If they bought their own pub, they could not CHOOSE to make it smoke free because they no longer have that choice. I campaign for everyone, freedom for all to own property (assuming they can afford it) and to choose for themselves how to run their own affairs. If they all CHOOSE to be smoke free, then tough s**t on me. But that's freedom.
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