Saturday, October 17, 2009

AP declared Obama "Kenyan-Born"

Me heard of this news from Lynda. And me admits it caught my attention a lot!

http://www.infowars .com/ap-declared -obama-kenyan- born/

If this news is legit (and I'm sure it is if it's coming from the AP), this is news dat the folks in DC need to see in some kinda way! Cuz according to my understanding, you gotta be born in the USA to be a President here.

Sh!t, I wouldn't even say Obama acts like someone who was born in an African country. He had to "learn how to be Black so he can make Black friends" while being a college student. LMBAO!!! I guess even if it's true he was born in Kenya, he was neva raised to act like an African with his W mother. I don't even know how his own wife can call him one of "us." MY lady friend and I both think Obama is a FAKE person within "our" race. I wonder how good his street vocabulary is. LOL!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smoke cops invading truck drvers' homes

Oh, I ain't gonna laugh if I hear of smoke cops invading trucks cause the drivers are smoking in their homes. Although the truck is still considered to be a workplace.

I just hope the smoke cops don't laugh if they ever see a truck driver pull a gun out in his truck/rig!

Oh I know VERY well why tobacco ain't banned, although it ain't as deadly as most folks make it sound It ain't banned cuz (in street terms) cigs are like politicians and antismoking groups (like the ACS in the USA) asking smokers and clerks who sell the cigs "Where are the diamonds at?" Cept in this case, the "diamonds" are the money politicians and anti-groups are owed when legal tobacco sales are made.

When ILLEGAL tobacco sales are made, the "diamonds" go to the cig dealers underground. And politicians and anti-groups get mad when they hear of illegal cig sales in the streets, and smokers buying cigs online for dat matta. They get just about as mad as an assosciate getting peed off at a failed robbery attempt. Or if he doesn't get enuf money from the victim(s).

Would a politician or anti group get SO mad at illegal cig sales/online cig sales, they would go as far as killing the smokers/dealers in order to get the "diamonds" they want? I dunno if a politician would go as far as dat. Good luck in trying to track down every smoker/dealer with "illegal cigs!" Dat's different from going afta like a gang group in a hood. LOL!!!

But yeah, truck drivers pulling out guns when smoke cops invade their work areas and authorities cracking down on at least the illegal cig dealers so politicians and antis can get their share of the diamonds instead of banning tobacco? Me can see BOTH of those happening!

http://www.standard -freeholder. com/ArticleDispl ay.aspx?e= 2119725

The provincial government's spineless, hypocritical crusade against tobacco companies and smokers is now going after long distance truckers, the hardworking guys and gals who drive rigs with a sleeping compartment behind the front seat.

Under the blurry eyes of the beefed up smoking act, the sleeping compartment makes the cab a workplace ... and it is illegal to smoke in the workplace.

Several tickets have been written out by police officers with too much time on their hands but each was thrown out by a logical justice of the peace.

That changed last week when a southern Ontario justice of the peace, no doubt appointed by the McGuinty government, convicted a trucker of smoking in his home-away-from home (aka workplace) and fined him $300.

The next step could be going after people who work out of their homes.

Don't laugh.

Who ever thought the day would come when truckers would be treated like criminals for lighting up in their vehicles?

Meanwhile, McGuinty and Co. is suing the tobacco industry for billions, all the time willingly taking billions of dollars from the same tobacco companies.

The cruel fact is that if those billions of dollars in tobacco taxes stopped flowing into government coffers today, it would create a cash flow crisis.

Once again, why not ban a product that is bleeding the health care system of precious dollars and killing people?

Or is this a case of having your cake and eat it too.

Click here to find out more!

* Why would city council agree to put a new base for the city's ambulance fleet farther away from the bulk of the city population?

Council has agreed to build the new paramedic/ambulance station in the Industrial Park, almost at the city's easterly limits.

This makes little sense.

For routine calls it doesn't make a difference where the ambulance leaves from, but in emergencies where minutes can make the difference between life and death, it makes a big difference.

That would be akin to moving the only fire station to the edge of the city limits, farther away from where 95% of residents live.

Strange, or maybe it isn't, there was much more concern around the council table about putting the new sports centre in a central location.

* When I have to turn on my furnace on Oct. 9, I have a harder time believing in global warming.

* Two sets of statistics that don't jive: unemployment in the city has plunged from one of the highest in the country (21%) to one of the lowest (around 6%) but the number of citizens using the Agape food bank has soared to all-time highs.

* Might be able to take the soccer out of the boy but you can't take the boy out of soccer. British-born Coun. Denis Carr spends most Saturday mornings during the soccer season glued to the television set from 7:30 to noon watching live games from Great Britain.

* It's not correct to suggest that the non-bilingual jobs being offered by the new federal call centre will be for Englishspeaking persons only. Bilingual people (francophones and anglophones) who speak both English and French will be able to apply for both sets of jobs. If you are fortunate enough to be bilingual, you get a shot at both the bilingual and English-only positions.

* Good for the NDP for joining the Conservatives in fighting McFibber's harmonized sales tax.
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www.smokersclubinc. com

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Jordan fined for smoking a cigar in San Fran

My bad for the delay in seeing this (since it was posted in the Maine group). But I'd be outraged if I was in Jordan's shoes. Those antis in CA are so bad, they don't give a sh!t if you a celeb. As long as you smoking on a golf course (of all places), you going down with a fine.

Seems like it's getting tougha to enjoy a smoke even in the outdoor public. Just one good reason why I'll neva step foot in CA ever in my life. Enforing an outdoor smoking ban is a waste of time to put it nicely.

(If you think fining a celeb for smoking a cigar outdoors is bad, imagine an undercover cop approaching ME outside, thinking I was selling a single cig to someone. I told dat bro "I'm not selling packs or anythang else." If I was a drug or gun dealer, I would've seen him coming up to me then. Threatening to get me busted for selling ONE CIG to a sista is totally Fked up. There are more serious law-breakers out here to worry about.)
[mainerights] Michael Jordan threatened with fine
Friday, October 9, 2009 11:19:00 PM

http://www.examiner .com/x-14056- Milwaukee- Golf-Examiner~ y2009m10d9- Michael-Jordan- threatened- with-fine- at-Presidents- Cup-Team- US-takes- early-lead

Michael Jordan got a new nickname from a certain city of San Francisco official on Thursday. "Spare the Air Jordan" was coined as the city of San Francisco sent a formal complaint to the PGA and threatened to levy a fine against the US Team's captain's assistant Michael Jordan. Why? Jordan was smoking a cigar. The monumental fine was only a $100 total, which Jordan could pay nearly a million times over, and the spectacle was used more as a political statement, that the hippies in San Francisco will enforce their anti-tobacco smoking rules to anyone, even a celebrity. Interestingly enough, the city of San Francisco threw a fit over Jordan's cigar on a golf course (not a totally unheard of concept), yet they play home to more "medical" marijuana shops than nearly any other city in the world. Apparently, smoking tobacco is a disgusting violation of rights, but smoking pot and getting stoned are well within the rights of a San Francisco resident. The entire scenario has further enhanced the perception that certain parties in San Francisco and California are becoming more and more controlling by legislating their own liberal opinions and becoming further out of touch with reality.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Property Rights Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

October 9, 2009 - Issue #543

"There are times when silence has the loudest voice."
- Leroy Brownlow
Total silence from the antismoking mass media droids. By Thomas Laprade. If the intention of "public health" is to inform the public about the consequences of smoking on health as it proclaims, why don’t we see "warnings" such as: "Smoking Protects against Parkinson’s Disease," or "Smoking protects against Alzheimer’s Disease," or "Smoking protects against Ulcerative Colitis" and so on, alongside with the other speculations on "tobacco-related" disease? Isn’t the function of public health to tell the citizens about ALL the effects on health of a substance? Obviously not. "Public health," today, is nothing more than a deceiving propaganda machine paid by pharmaceutical and public money to promote frauds, fears, and puritanical rhetoric dressed up in white coats.

Why Do Schizophrenics Smoke Cigarettes? By Dirk Hanson. Of particular interest is the interaction between nicotine and dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex. Several of the symptoms of schizophrenia appear to be associated with dopamine release in these brain areas. A 2005 German study concluded that nicotine improved cognitive functions related to attention and memory. “There is substantial evidence that nicotine could be used by patients with schizophrenia as a ‘self-medication’ to improve deficits in attention, cognition, and information processing and to reduce side effects of antipsychotic medication.”

Michael Siegel: Yet Another Supposed Public Health Victory from the FDA Tobacco Law Goes Down the Tubes: Ban on "Light" Cigarettes Will Have No Effect. Either way, the rest of the story is that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' and other anti-smoking groups' promises about the FDA tobacco legislation were false promises. They were pure propaganda, rather than science-based or evidence-based claims. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.
From The Mailbag
IN: Second hand medical intervention. Court: Employer must pay for weight-loss surgery. The Indiana Court of Appeals decision, coupled with a recent Oregon court ruling, could make employers think twice before hiring workers with health conditions that might cost their companies thousands of dollars at a shot down the road.
NV: From the right, a new source of news. Activist says service will be objective in how it writes, not in what it writes about. Chuck Muth, "If I write, it will be news reporting - no adjectives, adverbs or bias."
PA: Proposed Cigar Tax Burns Pennsylvania Tobacconists.
TN: Silo Cigars Celebrates First Anniversary in Farragut, TN Oct. 15.
WA: This could be the only good thing to come out of this recession, raiding the MSA funds and all the anti programs go bankrupt.
USA: The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association.
Canada: Ontario trucker fined for smoking in rig. Police fined a driver $305 for smoking in his rig, which the law considers his workplace. “I mean, where are they going to stop? It’s ridiculous. That’s his environment, that’s his home, he’s by himself . . . This has just crossed the line. There’s got to be limits.”
UK: 21st October, licensees meeting in Oxfordshire.
UK: Inez Ward to advise BII on tied pub tenant training.
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