Saturday, August 29, 2009

Property Rghts Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

August 28, 2009 - Issue #537

"The essential characteristic of socialism
is the denial of individual property rights."
- Ayn Rand
OH: Cigar Store Owners Support Appeal of Smoking Ban Enforcement Case. McCalla says the IPCPR, an association of some 2,000 small-business owners of retail smoke shops and premium cigar manufacturers and distributors, is not against an individual business owner’s right to ban smoking on their premises. “When government decides to run those businesses by telling the owners they can’t allow smoking there, it steps across the line of freedoms as established by the constitution. If you don’t want to be with smokers, don’t go into an establishment that allows smoking. Period,” he said.
Tea Party Commercial: Well worth the watch, don't miss it.
What you can do to protect your rights – or expect to loose them! By Robert Deitz. Maybe you have other ideas? Share them with people – but most importantly just do SOMETHING. Write a letter or e-mail right after reading this. Then do it again next week. Then get better at it by next month! Hand this out to people who are smoking at the curb at the Airport, not spending money inside!
The New Federal Tobacco Tax: Who Loses? By David Weeks, National Center for Policy Analysis. Using tobacco tax increases to fund health care for low-income children is a bad idea. As the taxes imposed on tobacco products increase, revenues are likely to fall - requiring increases in other taxes. In addition, small businesses and their employees are likely to suffer, and the impact on public health is likely to be negligible, or even negative.
From The Mailbag
KS: Sheila Martin's letter to the VFW Posts Statewide.
KS: Topeka Ban Alert, Editorial: Let market rule.
MI: Bill lets MI towns decide on restaurant smoking.
WA: State Tobacco Shipping Ban, for residents it's total insanity.
Africa: Nigeria, Tasks before the new CBN Deputy Governor.
Canada: Move over Mediterranean diet. The Canucks are coming.
Canada: Plainclothes officers eyeing downtown litter scoff laws.
UK: Uses the Norfolk VA, USA ban reversal as an example.
World: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Undermines International Tobacco Control and Displays Blinding Hypocrisy. By Michael Siegel. On the one hand they are telling other countries they must adhere to the FCTC treaty. On the other hand, they negotiated and supported legislation that puts the U.S. in violation of the treaty.
Grow Your Own Tobacco.

Fed up by expense, smokers grow own tobacco. Seed suppliers report a tenfold increase in sales as many seek cheaper fix.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wrigley ain't smoke free all the way

I guess now dat the Cubs have a new owner, the Ricketts group might think of a way to enforce no smoking at Wrigley when they start renovating dat old ballpark.

Oh, I dunno...maybe add cams in the new restrooms to catch people smoking AND violent mothas who are drunk? Maybe the new owners will pay to have off-duty smoke cops in those restrooms.

It's tough to enforce no smoking anywhere at Wrigley when you got fans and workers who use the stalls as their smoking area.

I ain't gonna imagine what the new owners have in mind for renovating Wrigley. I hope it includes adding more restrooms to cut down on long-@$$ lines in the late innings. But I don't like the idea of adding smoke security in the restrooms. Since it's evident people still smoke in those rooms.

I think a few of those chicks who go to the games smoke while waiting in those lines for the women's restrooms. If I gotta wait for 10 mins just to enter a restroom, I'd smoke in line myself.