Saturday, August 8, 2009

How about tobacco stamps?

Too bad there's no such thang as "TOBACCO Stamps" or a Tobacco Link card. Wanna buy a carton of Marlboros or Newports? Just use your tobacco link card where you get $150 per month where you can only buy cigs with it. LOL!!!

It's common to see folks around me selling $$$ on their link cards at supermarkets for actual cash. I bet if "we" were allowed to buy Newports or otha cigs with money on those link cards, then people wouldn't be selling money on those cards then!

(These link cards are used to buy food and non-alc. drinks....if say you have 100 bucks on your card,you can buy up to 100 bucks of food, non-alc drinks, and even non-food items like toothpaste, makeup, cigs, and booze.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

This week's newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

August 7, 2009 - Issue #534

"I have seen the future and it doesn't work."
- Robert Fulford

Duke University Sends Message that Philip Morris is Serious About Getting Smokers to Quit; Becomes Public Relations Arm for Big Tobacco. By Michael Siegel. Philip Morris has a new public relations arm and it has been brilliantly placed in as reputable an institution as the company could have dreamed about: a major research institution -- Duke University. The rest of the story is that Duke is undermining its own scientific integrity and that of academia as a whole by allowing itself to serve as a pawn in the tobacco industry's public relations and marketing strategy. A university - and especially a medical center - should not play a role in marketing the most deadly consumer product. But that is exactly what this Duke center is doing.

Karl Rove says OBAMA LIED about SCHIP TAX. 8/6/09 at 8:17 AM Central Time on Fox News. Obama lied to Meredith Viera- Karl Rove told the truth on Fox News. Readers ask: Obama lies or he doesn't consider the $6.10 tax added to smokes a tax?
From The Mailbag
OR: Attorney General moves to block 'E-cigarette' sales.
USA: Dear concerned citizen, If businesses want to ban smoking, that is their right, not the government's!
USA: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in Princeton, N.J., is offering buyouts to 40 percent of its employees as the organization grapples with a big decline in its assets.
Canada: Alberta is lowering taxes on alcohol. By M.J.McFadden.
UK: Public Health Concerns Raised Over 'Fire Safe' Cigarettes.
UK: Unhappy 2nd birthday for the smoking ban. By Pete Robinson.
UK: The CIU Club Journal, Working Men's Clubs Survey Disaster.
UK: WATCH FOREST: Amend the Smoking Ban.
UK: WATCH History of Antismoking book launch.
Big Pharmaceutical
Big Pharmaceutical: As for those guys in the white coats... way to go Bubba! Not since Hitler have we seen a bigger and more messed up attempt to change the human race.
Counterfeit Medicines still Prevalence but on Decline in Nigeria. It is well ahead of other African nations in combating the scourge of substandard drugs. Fake drugs kill over 700,000 people every year.
Nicotine Gum and Lozenges Pose Cancer Risk. Researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, found that the effects of a common gene mutation can be increased by nicotine in the levels found in nicotine gum and lozenges.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first day of not smoking afta waking up felt bad

I can say I didn't smoke a single cig before the liver ultraound. But afta I ate a lil in the hospital cafe, I found a place outside of the hospital to smoke 2 Newports where I couldn't be easily seen. All I can say is D@MN! Those 2 cigs make me feel a LOT betta!

If doctors think telling me to not smoke when I wake up is gonna make me think about quitting, they oughta think again. Daydreaming about classical Newport ads was one way to make me not think about smoking during those 3 hrs between the time I woke up, and when the ultrasound was done.

I definitely know afta I ate my first meal in 10 hrs afta the ultrasound, I told myself "I'm gonna smoke outside, and nobody's gonna stop me! These cigs are a MUST since I haven't smoked at all this morning!"

The ultrasound itself went well. Dat gel on my chest felt cold, and the sista working with me pinched me a lil bit. She apologized.

As far as the actual results go, I won't know those til my next doc appt lata this month.

I made up for all of dat smoke-free time this morining by having two chainsmoking sessions (with 8 cigs per session) when I got back to the crib.

I'd HATE to imagine myself being on a smoke-free plane for 12 Fkin hours. I'd have to smoke one cig just to avoid acting violently during all of dat time.

I am lucky I didn't reach dat level when I was looking for a place to smoke at. But I felt like a normal person all over again afta having my first meal and first 2 cigs of the day afta a long-A morning.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Newsletta for Smokers

The Property Rights Newsletter

July 31, 2009 - Issue #533

"Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous,
that there will be no cakes and ale."
- William Shakespeare
Ron Paul: Moving Towards Tobacco Prohibition. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act will give sweeping new powers over tobacco to the FDA. It will require everyone engaged in manufacturing, preparing, compounding, or processing tobacco to register with the FDA and be subjected to FDA inspections, which is yet another violation of the Fourth Amendment. It violates the First Amendment by allowing the FDA to restrict tobacco advertising in multiple ways, as well as an outright ban on advertising any cigarettes as light, mild or low-tar. The FDA will have the power of pre-market reviews of all new tobacco products, and will impose new user fees, meaning taxes, on manufacturers and importers of tobacco products. It will even regulate the amount of nicotine in cigarettes.

FDA wrong about e-cigarettes, says FDA study. So what justification is there for distorting the evidence and deceiving the public about a product that has the potential to save lives? There isn’t any. This is nothing more than scare mongering on the part of the opportunistic health nannies at the FDA and their shills in the media.

Government anti-smoking efforts not as effective as first thought. There is evidence, again ignored by the CDC, that little to no connection exists between state spending on tobacco control and the degree to which residents smoke.

Soda Tax: This soda tax scheme is the latest to surface as liberals scramble to try and figure out how to pay for their proposed government take-over of health care.

Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tax: State Budgets Get Boost from Alcohol Tax Increases... will lawmakers be willing to stand up to the powerful lobbying of Big Alcohol?

Kreepy Killer Kornflakes! By Michael J. McFadden. The news story below is factual. It is not a satire. It is not made up. It is about a real study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology which found that eating a bowl of cornflakes induces the same sort of "threat" to the heart as Otsuka et al found in their famous "30 Minute Heart Attack" studies.
From The Mailbag
IN: The city of Elkhart is considering extinguishing its smoking ban.
MN: How successful have ban laws been in the Twin Cities area?
MO: Premium Cigar Store Owners Unite to Fight Proposed St. Louis County Ban... minorities have rights and smokers are a minority.
NY: Aiming Wide in City War on Smoking, disgusting displays in stores. IN that case, how about taking this approach even further? Why stop with cigarettes?
SD: State says NO and smoking ban is back on hold.
Czech Republic: Clarify smoking legislation but total ban still long way off. As any visitor to Prague already knows, smokers are mostly free to light up anywhere and anytime they want in Czech bars, pubs and restaurants.
Denmark: Smokers: The war is in progress. Soren HĂžjbjerg may well understand that you can be bothered by the smell when you are not themselves smoke. But on the other hand, one can not expect that you will never feel anything from a neighbor.
Property Rights are Smokers Rights
Watch: Chris Ledoux
Five Dollar fine for Whining
This party is open to all. Yeah we like a good joke, and it's alright to smoke.
Property Rights are Smokers Rights
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