Thursday, July 30, 2009

Study: Stopping smoking is bad for your health

Dat's actually true. Not smoking can increase your chances of getting asthma, Alzheimers, Parkinsons. and lung cancer.

Sure is rare finding a page online dat's actually right about how NOT smoking can change your health.

BTW, if there was any truth to dat anti claim on smoking can make me die sooner, then I dunno why I've seen old bros/sistas smoking ports over the years. Most of the black people who die at young ages do so from being victims of violence. And who said if you don't smoke, you'll live for a long time? There are several urban folks who will be lucky to live for 25 years in modern times...and lots of these folks probably neva smoked a single port or joint in their whole lives.

The danger of cigarettes is mostly not in smoking them, argues a study by three doctors at the KS Hegde Medical Academy in Mangalore, India. Or, put another way: the danger comes from not smoking. Figuratively blowing smoke in the face of conventional wisdom, the study asks: "Are lung cancers triggered by stopping smoking?"

Arunachalam Kumar, Kasaragod Mallya and Jairaj Kumar take little for granted. They begin: "The clinically high correlation between smoking and carcinoma of the lungs has been the focal point in societal campaigns against the habit and the tobacco lobby." But their experience with patients suggests to them a different, seldom-told story. "We are struck by the more than casual relationship between the appearance of lung cancer and an abrupt and recent cessation of the smoking habit in many, if not most, cases."

Experience is their guide, numerically speaking. Of the 312 lung cancer patients they treated during a four-year period, 182 had recently quit smoking. The report goes into detail. "Each had been addicted to the habit no less than 25 years, smoking in excess of 20 sticks a day. The striking direct statistical correlation between cessation of smoking to the development of lung malignancies, more than 60% plus, is too glaring to be dismissed as coincidental. "

One might quibble about this statistic - 182 cases out of 312 is 58%. In technical terms, one could accurately describe that as less than 60% minus. But it's still a startling number.

Kumar, Mallya and Kumar sketch out a possible explanation of what happens. There is, they surmise, a biological mechanism that protects smokers against cancer, that gets exercised and strengthened by years of diligent, heavy smoking. As in habitual marathon running, the body becomes accustomed to suffering grievous damage, and develops habitual ways to fix up whatever breaks down. The smoker's body becomes a sort of lean, puffing, self-damaging- yet-self- repairing machine.

But when a smoker gives up that regular regimen, the body cannot adjust. "It is our premise," say the doctors, "that a surge and spurt in re-activation of bodily healing and repair mechanisms of chronic smoke-damaged respiratory epithelia is induced and spurred by an abrupt discontinuation of habit, goes awry, triggering uncontrolled cell division and tumor genesis."

Things go downhill from there, in theory. The study appears in the journal Medical Hypotheses. In two pages, Kumar, Mallya and Kumar bleaken the already dire picture that research has painted about smoking cessation. The medically documented risks incurred by anyone who gives up cigarettes are well known. Depression, weight gain, irritability - these cruel fates have been written about time and again. Now add to them the risk of cancer, and the case against the case against smoking becomes even more persuasive.

At the very end of their paper, Kumar, Mallya and Kumar sum up their new view of things. "No doubt," they write, "tobacco kills too many. Or does it?"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smoking ban thoughts and poll

http://theamericann /?p=852#comment- 3026

I like one of the Q's in this cited article with poll. (One of the otha Qs deal with "Do you support a smoking ban?" which deserves a NO of course)

"Do you approve of the President's job performance?"

I voted NO on this one. But I'd add "He!!" next to the No word if I made the poll. This President has a higha educational level than me, he sold himself as a very intelligent black person (and dat technique worked for him).

But if Obama actually thinks he's intelligent, then he needs to stop smoking too much weed. Most smokers know by now he's a big phat liar on raising taxes, his stimulus plans haven't made the economy betta, people are still losing jobs...and yet, this guy sold himself as the smartest black politician in America?

F Obama. With all due respect to him, even Bill Cosby is more intelligent for a bro than him. I'm sure even Bill reads thangs before signing papers himself. *wink*

It's funny I got a lower educational level than the President, I'm younga than him, but I still got more sense than him when it comes to tobacco issues. And I guess I'm more of a REAL black smoker than him anyway. Since he considers himself 99 percent smoke free. I consider myself someone who's darn proud to be black and a smoker.

If he loses the 2012 election, I really hope riots won't break out in black communities. Cause in all honesty, even I would make a betta black President than him. People wanna compare him to MLK. And if MLK was still around, I'd cuss Obama out on national TV if I was ML King.

MLK's spirit is probably saying "Barack has to do a darn good job as President before anyone compares him to me. I helped put the black community on the US map 4 decades ago. What the he!! has he done for the US in 2009?"

I guess these were kinda OT comments. But dat poll's Q on the President caught my attention more. Most of the voters disapprove of Obama's job so far.

I left my own comment on dat page as well.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obesity costs more than smoking

Me sees the bad light on obesity is starting to increase more and more by the year,

http://www.cbsnews. com/stories/ 2009/07/27/ health/main51909 09.shtml

"Obesity is not just dangerous, but expensive?" Maybe we oughta ban fast foods then!

>>>>"Overall obesity-related health spending reaches $147 billion,<<<

Me ain't no stat person. But dat amount (on how much obesity costs society) sounds a he!!uva lot higha than the costs of smoking to society.

I wouldn't be shocked if obesity costs more to society than people who choose to "Fire it up" as modern Newport ads say. (Newport is the only brand I see ads for at all in modern times)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Property (Smokers) Rights Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter

July 24, 2009 - Issue #532

"Smokers are now the only minority whose minority
status is quoted as justification for abuse."
- Joe Jackson
Obama Lied! By Michael J. McFadden. Obama said, and I quote exactly as you can see in the original clip, "The only tax change I've made in the 6 months I've been here is to cut people's taxes." He said that - despite the clear and recorded fact that he raised cigarette pack taxes by 150% and raised the tax on one of the poorest well-defined minority groups in the country, smokers so poor they roll their own from shreds of tobacco and scraps of paper by OVER TWO THOUSAND PERCENT (from $1/lb to $24/lb).

Taxation without Representation Unfair to Internet Retailers. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Thus, as Shughart concludes, "The Internet is one critical constraint on that power."

Electronic Cigarettes and the FDA: FDA Lunacy: Product We Know Will Kill 400,000 People This Year - APPROVED; Product that May Well Help Prevent Many of Those People from Dying: BANNED. By Michael Siegel. In fact, the factor that makes the electronic cigarette so apparently effective is the precise factor which makes it so distasteful to anti-smoking groups. These groups just cannot tolerate the idea that a smoker would continue to go through the act of smoking. The issue of whether or not the behavior is orders of magnitude safer is not relevant in the anti-smoking mindset (or in the FDA's mindset, apparently). All that matters is that the smoker achieve abstinence. And it is not abstinence from nicotine they are talking about. It is abstinence from the act of smoking.
From The Mailbag
HI: Smokers uniting to fight taxes, bans. By Kawika Crowley and Jolynn Tenn. Smokers and bar owners are angry. We have had enough and we will vote in unity.
MO: Ban May Be Up For Vote Tuesday July 28 in St. Louis County.
USA: Recommendations from the RWJF to Build a Healthier America. #6. Become a smoke-free nation.
Germany: Schoppmann's Smintair airline to offer smoking flights.
UK: Save Our Pubs
UK: WHY ARE ALL THE PUBS CLOSING? ASK PEOPLE WHO NEVER GO TO THE PUB. As it was revealed that 2000 pubs have closed in the last year, non-pub goers said their community would not be the same without the local pub they never went to.
Save Our Pubs and Clubs: 52 pubs are closing EVERY WEEK.
Inez Ward: Unite and Justice for Licensees hold talks with Kevin Brennan MP.
Watch the new Phil Williams video: The Green Party.
Freedom2Choose: NRT: Studies Destroy “Four Times More Likely To Quit With NHS” Claim.
Freedom2Choose: Read the blog. Dead Certainties - Second Hand Shite.
Forest: 30th anniversary reception and photos.
Ban Damage: Boy, 14, collapses after chewing nicotine gum equivalent to 180 cigarettes in just 25 minutes... handed out at school.
Property Rights are Smokers Rights
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