Friday, July 17, 2009

The Newsletta has a new name

Here's the's the same thang. But with a new name. It still focuses on tobacco issues (and otha freedom issues).

I love dat pic of the exhale. I wish my exhales looked like dat. But since I inhale deep, my body likes eating up the precious (and tasty) smoke.

The Property Rights Newsletter

July 17, 2009 - Issue #531

"If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with
the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life."
- Henry David Thoreau
Public letter to The Smoker's Club and you the readers... By Brett Mauser. You are our last hope. Not just for smokers, but for every citizen in this country. Something must be done. And you are in the position to do that something. Our freedoms, our liberties have long been under attack. But for the last several months, there has been a direct assault on everything this country's founding fathers believed and held sacred.

A Challenge to ND's Antismokers: By Michael J. McFadden. Is Deede telling the truth? There’s a very simple test: Deede should push to have Fargo’s smoking ban rescinded and thereby prove the truth of her statement to the rest of North Dakota, as the state would watch Fargo’s restaurants, bars and everyone else continue to ban smoking on their own without the law. On the other hand, if she’s NOT telling the truth, then she’ll resist any efforts to rescind smoking bans because she knows full well just how unpopular they actually are. So how about it, Ms. Deede? Care to stand behind your words? Or were you just blowing smoke?

Dennis Leary's music video, I'm An A**hole
Dennis Leary's music video, I'm An A**hole

Do NOT watch this if you are easily offended.
This is only for those readers who are politically incorrect and proud of it!
From The Mailbag
From Michael Siegel: IN MY VIEW: Effectiveness of Nicotine Replacement Therapy Needs to Be Re-Examined
New Study Shows that At Least Two-Thirds of Patients Receiving Placebo in "Double-Blind" NRT Trials Know they are Receiving Placebo; Finding Casts Doubt on Conclusions Regarding Effectiveness of Nicotine Replacement Therapy
New Study Shows that Use of CT Scanning is Not an Effective Screening Tool for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Even With Warning Labels, Propaganda About FDA Legislation Has Been Over-Hyped
The Second Hoax of the FDA Tobacco Legislation: Consumers Will Now Know What is in the Smoke that They are Inhaling
Pharmaceutical Money-Related Bias in Smoking Cessation Research is Now Readily Apparent; New Article Demonstrates How This Bias Pushes Medication
Watch: The great ban loophole of Minnesota Smoking performance video
Patrons of Barnacles on Mille Lacs Lake found a loophole in Minnesota's Freedom to Breathe Act, which banned smoking in bars and restaurants.
Update MN: Appeals Court: Bar Violated Smoking Ban.
CA: A Modest Proposal: Mandatory Deposit for San Francisco Butts. Why not call it a tax? Because, if it were called a tax, it would be illegal.
CA: Government anti-smoking efforts not as effective as first thought.
CA: IPCPR Fights California Tobacco Tax Proposals.
ND: Seeks to Increase Taxation, Control of Tobacco Statewide.
USA: Pentagon Says NO to Ban on War Zone Smoking. Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell says troops already are under enough stress and making enough sacrifices from fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
USA: Obama's reform: Systemic danger once again. By Pierre Lemieux... government intervention into the economy.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Bavaria: Says NO and yet another ban bites the dust. Colin Grainger said, "Amendments to stupid statutes happen all over the world, all the time. If the Germans, the Dutch, the French, the Italians and the Spanish can all have sensible smoking restrictions, why can't we? Are you listening, politicians? We can change this divisive ban and restore choice. Yes we can. Make it so."
Netherlands: Dutch bar owners winning battle against smoking ban.
UK: Videos from the UKIP "Save our pubs" meeting held in Norwich.
Property Rights include the right to use legal products, and Smokers Rights.

Antis: What to expect
The Cold Sharp Slap Of Reality

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Pentagon won't ban smoking in war zones

Here's a good update. Troops can still smoke in war zones..."for now" as the article states.

I could change those words to "for GOOD" in terms of letting troops use tobacco if I had a magic wand.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A thought

The #1 reason for tobacco tax increases is supposed to help solve budget deficits. Although antis also claim these increases are supposed to help stop kids from smoking as well.

Well, I dunno how smokers can solve budget deficits by paying more for cigs. Dat's gonna make the deficits worse since very few will be buying cigs legally. Maybe if the tobacco taxes went down, the state of IL can get more money from smokers then.

As far as preventing kids from smoking goes, sounds more like a joke to me. I just saw a kid smoking a Newport outside the otha day while walking with his mom and teen-looking sis.

You can make cigs as high as you politicians want. But you'll neva stop seeing images of kids smoking just cause a pack costs too darn much. The beauty of the community I live in is folks and kids will do what they want. And no law (or high price) is gonna stop em from GETTING what they want as well.

As long as the pack says "Newport" on it, a kid around here likely wouldn't care about it being FSCs.

Here's an idea for antis. Try making it illegal to sell Newports in black communities. Cause tons of those smokers won't smoke unless the pack says "Newport." Dat idea could even help put an end to black cig markets in those communities.

But I guess those smokers could still travel to buy (or more likely, steal) Newports outta state, just like people driving miles to find non-FSC Marlboros. Neva mind on dat idea of banning Newports in my community.

I'd ratha pay 9 bucks for a pack than to pay 100s of bucks for someone's gasoline just to buy Newports. LOL!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nannies want smoking in themilitary banned

Here's an actual article I found in relation to the idea of banning smoking and tobacco sales at the military.

This portion of the news caught my attention the most.

>>>>The VA and the Pentagon requested the study, which found that troops worn out by repeated deployments often rely on cigarettes as a "stress reliever." The study also found that tobacco use in the military rose after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began.

Well, what's so d@mn wrong about troops using cigs as a stress reliever? Over the years, I learned one reason why sistas smoke Newports around me is cause they claim smoking helps them relax when they stressed out...and need I remind you most of these sistas are moms who smoke. I'm sure the stress of being a parent is different than the stress of being in a war. But I'm sure both groups put up with tons of negative sh!t. And dat urban lady needs a Newport to calm her mind down, while a trooper might grab a Marlboro or Camel to make him go "AHHH" mentally.

At least cigs are betta relievers for stress than someone depending on 10 cans of beer to feel relieved.

>>>Tobacco use costs the Pentagon $846 million a year in medical care and lost productivity, according to the study, which was released last month and used older data. The Department of Veterans Affairs spends up to $6 billion in treatments for tobacco-related illnesses, the study found.

Oh, me understands this claim very well! So basically speaking, we oughta ban tobacco in the military so the Pentagon and Dept. of Veterans Affairs can all SAVE money! Afta all based on the economy, the country can use money for somethang else!

I don't think taking a trooper's right to smoke away is the proper way to save money. If spending mills of bucks on smoking and care costs is a problem, then politicians need to stop abusing the money they collect from smokers in the USA. Dat's mills of bucks (in tobacco taxes) the military could use to preserve their smoking freedoms.

I know if a politician told all moms "You can't use cigs as stress relievers," a lotta em would do more than just flip. They would probably pull out a page from the military and smoke the dumb-A politician. LOL!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cayuygas win appeal in cig tax case

Here's some rare good news of any kind in the world of smokers. I can understand the $$$ issue between taxed cigs vs. UNtaxed cigs. But what's the biggie if Natives wanna sell untaxed cigs? As long as I get my cigs, I could care less if they untaxed.

But of course, I ain't no politician who's depending on tobacco taxes to help pay for my food and bills. I'm in a good mood. So I'm gonna keep these words clean.


http://www.timesuni s/story.asp? storyID=818868&category=STATE

AUBURN -- A state appeals court says the Cayuga Indian Nation can continue selling untaxed cigarettes to non-Indians at its two upstate convenience stores.

The 3-1 decision released Friday in Manhattan reverses an order by state Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Fisher blocking the sales at the LakeSide Trading stores in Union Springs and Seneca Falls.

Local authorities raided the stores last November, saying they were violating state law by selling cigarettes without charging the required tax and claiming $485,000 in state excise taxes.

The Cayugas say they are exempt from collecting the taxes because their businesses are protected by their sovereign nation status.