Friday, July 10, 2009

FDA wants to ban tobacco, military wants to ban smoking

Someone in anotha group mentioned how the FDA will ban tobacco in 20 years by snipping away at the remaining rights smokers have left, and the military wants to ban smoking cause the military is tired of paying I guess 6 mill bucks per year in health care costs.

While I couldn't find online versions of these stories on the CNN site, I believe both of these. If tobacco IS banned 20 years from now, I can guarantee you people are still gonna be smoking. Even if it means going into a underground cig dealer's hood to buy packs or loose squares (loose cigs) thru a crack on a door. People still smoke weed although it's illegal. People will stil smoke tobacco, whetha it's legal or not.

As far as the military wanting to ban smoking goes, I know if I served this country and risked my own life in a war. I'd be offended if someone told me I can't smoke. And the miitary gotta be joking on the health care costs of smoking. How much does the F it costs for the health care of OBESE people in the military? I bet caring for the obese costs a lot more than the cost of care for smokers!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adult smokers increased from 1990 til 2007

From Gary K:

In 1990 about 43.125 million adults smoked cigarettes, in 2007 about 45 million adults smoked cigarettes!!

That is a 4.16% increase in the number of adult cigarette smokers!!

http://apps. nccd.cdc. gov/brfss/ Trends/trendchar t_c.asp?state_ c=US&state=IL&qkey=10000&SUBMIT1=Go
1990 the population was 250 million, 75% were adults = 187.5 million, 23% smoked is 187.5 x 23% = 43.125 million.

2007 population was 300 million, 75% were adults = 225 million, 20% smoked = 45 million cigarette smokers.

These numbers do not show cigar and pipe smokers for a total smoker number.

Drug companies must be very happy about the work their TC whores have done!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Quote from a good letta (to a KY Senator) I read:

"This bill will not stop the criminal element from trafficking
in black market cigarettes."
This is a good point, and a similar point I made before but in a different way. This Act ain't gonna stop those criminals who steal cartons OFFLINE and then re-sell the packs in the streets. In order to "traffick in black market cigs" you gotta get those cartons some kinda way. LOL

Maybe some politicians ain't aware of the 1-million buck cig heist in CT back in April.

I'm actually surprised dat robbery got lil attention on TV, since dat cig heist was just about as good as cleaning out a whole bank to me! You always hear of major bank robberies on TV...why not tell the public about the increase in cig heists?

This act may stop terrorists and smugglers from buying cartons online. But the act ain't gonna stop em from putting on an outfit, a mask, and load up their guns so they can "cash in" on cartons at offline places instead.

As far as tax evasion goes, stealing cigs is just about as bad (in the otha side's eyes) as buying em online. Those robbers and illegal cig dealers are still evading tobacco taxes like me...and I'm buying cigs online for my personal use only (a good reason why I "evade taxes" in otha words)!

PS: I don't really think buying cigs online is bad. But at least those "terrorists" and "smugglers" are buying em instead of literally stealin em.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

IL wants to ban all drivers from using cell phones

This article is partially OT to me, since it still deals with the IL politicians dictating how all residents live. This freedom deals with making it illegal to make a call on your cell while driving.

"Illinois is considering a statewide ban on the use of cell phones while driving. That would mean that it would be illegal to make a call, listen to voicemail, or text while operating a vehicle anywhere in the state."


Although I don't drive, I still have a comment on this idea of banning all drivers from using cells on IL roads. And my mother said this herself. Cops need to enforce cell phone laws equally around my area. They don't botha pulling W drivers over if they see those folks using a cell while driving. It's crazy it should even be illegal to read a phone text message at say a stoplight.

I'd hate to imagine if IL was one of these states where drivers can't smoke with kids inside the vehicles. I bet the Chicago cops wouldn't enforce a law like dat for everyone as well. I can see em pulling over black smokers only if actual kids are in the car. And I can definitely see the bro or sis behind the wheel eitha speeding off or resisting a ticket if the cop is actually at the vehicle.
I know more drivers are using hands-free cell phones in cars and SUVs. Assuming this new cell law passes, will a Chicago cop still pull a bro/sis driver over for talking by phone in a car in handsfree fashion? I think I know the A to dat Q already. Dat cop betta pray the bro/sis behind dat wheel and on a phone is a NON-smoker...cause dat type of person is more likely to get along with a cop. Unless he/she drinks in the car or smokes illegal sh!t. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I was rudely told to go acrss the street if I wanna smoke

I don't like being told before work "If you smoking, then walk across the street. And get to the end of the line when you done."

I guess as a US Citizen, how much I pay for in taxes on my job doesn't mean sh!t. I told myself "Why the he!! should I walk across the street if I wanna smoke? So the Cub fans don't see me smoking when some of em smoke too?"

Telling me to walk across the street if I wanna smoke when I get to work is no different from someone telling me to take it outside if I was smoking in a different place. Dat's being disrespectful to me as an American.

It seems like the treatment smokers get becomes worse by the year. If dat wasn't work, I would've told dat guy "Why don't YOU go across the street if you don't like smelling smoke in line? I'll go across the street if you gimme money to pay my phone bill for at least 6 months. Othawise, leave me the F alone!"

At least I don't run into rude nonsmokers like dat outside of my job. Cause the nonsmokers around Chicago know if they try whining about a bro's or sis's smoking, dat nonsmoker is asking for trouble.

I guess I should give you an idea of how long the line before work is. You know when Cub fans wait outside at Wrigley before the gates open,those are usually long-@$$ lines. Well, the work line at my job is no different from at length.

So if you pretend you in my shoes and someone tells you to smoke across the street and get to the end of a long-@$$ line when you done, then you would probably be outraged too.

My reaction would've expressed my honest feelings if I had a similar confrontation to dat in the streets. But I'm good at pretending to be nice and pretend to comply with the request on the job. I agree with anotha co-worker who smokes by her saying "They should force ANYONE who's smoking in line to go across the street."