Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My thoughts on the e-cigarette

Me neva tried an e-cig, and me neva will. As several smokers online pointed out, the e-cig ain't the real thang, and I want a real cig in my mouth. I'd ratha even smoke a regular cig over an e-cig anytime. Cause at least a reg cig has tobacco in it. E-cigs don't.

Me bets it won't be long before Big Daddy and antis find a way to ban e-cigs. E-cigs are already banned in one country...Australia I think.

Do you think a bro or sista would be interested in smoking an "electronic joint?" He!! no. They probably wouldn't get hi from an e-joint. And I seriously doubt they would want an e-cig.

Sounds like buying the batteries for the e-cig is just about as expensive as a single carton of (real) cigs offline.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arkansas: Anotha death caused by smoking ban


It's sad to hear about a smoker in Arkansas who got wasted while simply smoking a cig. It ain't like someone approached him and demanded his wallet or get a taste of lead. This innocent dude lost his life while simply smoking outside.

Quite frankly, killing someone for just smoking outside is just about in the same class as innocent black kids around me getting killed for no legit reason. No, this person who murdered the smoker reminds me of a cop killing black kids for no legit reason. Both of em deserve the electric chair.

Unfortunately, nobody gives a sh!t about letting a murderer of smokers face justice. Some A-holes actually APPROVE of killing smokers. And those sound like folks who I wouldn't mind wasting myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why do teens still smoke

Why do teens light up despite the fact they know the risks of smoking?

Maybe it's cause teens wanna feel like grown-ups. Why do antis think teens also experiment with sex, drinking alcohol, and even drugs? Well not every teen tries drugs, but I'm sure anyone with common sense follows my point..

.Maybe teens still smoke cause they know there's pleasure inside of dat cig. There are reasons why I love smoking myself, and nic is not one of my reasons. I like the feeling of a cig between my fingas and in my mouth. I like the refreshing feeling menthols give me when I inhale menthol smoke. I'm sure several teen smokerswould agree with me.

There are otha reasons why teens still smoke, cause of peer pressure, and family pressure in some cases. I wish my mother gave Newport cartons as Christmas gifts in my teen years. LOL

I hope antis heard of this saying from a young person. "If smoking is so bad, then somethang MUST be good about it."

Smoking is also the "in" thang for most teens, especially urban teens. If antis think it's shocking to hear of teens lighting up cigs, then they might gasp if they ever saw PRE-teens smoking cigs in a town like mine. I wonder if they would believe me if I said "You don't have to wait til you a teen to smoke or drink around me. I've seen 10 year olds smoke cigs AND drink before."

Smoking is very common for teens and preteens around me. It ain't my fault dat kids AND adults in Chicago tend to ignore lots of laws, including small ones. It's illegal for a teen to smoke anythang actually (including weed). I'm sure even tobacco regulation won't stop teens from smoking anywhere in this nation

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

June 12, 2009 - Issue #529

"The strategy of distorting the evidence to serve an
agenda has adverse consequences."
- Michael Marlow

Hengerland Rock!
(Put your dancing shoes on and watch this video!) By Paul Kearns. My protest song about the state of this country. (UK) It is a mickey take of the state of immigration and how we have become second class citizens in our own country. It is not PC in any way shape or form but, as I understand it, I still have the right of free speech. It does not take the rise out of anyone but our pathetic Government.
Brian Wilson: News Talk 1370 WSPD
Where Toledo comes to talk - June 5, 2009
Pam Parker, Buckeye Liquor Permit Holder Association.
Talks about smoking bans, freedom, and property rights.

From The Mailbag
Ban Damage: California Polytechnic, Professor of Economics, Michael Marlow, looks at the question of the real risks of ETS exposure in comparison to several of the negative consequences of smoking bans, and concludes that: "To achieve a political goal, advocates of smoking bans may exaggerate the risk of ETS and deny evidence of economic harm to some businesses. Distorted presentation of epidemiologic and economic evidence has the adverse effect of increasing total health risk, and of undermining the integrity of science."
Ban Damage: J.T. Tomlin - The Economic Impact Of Smoking Bans.
KS: Salina Smoking ban back on the table, with exemptions.
MO: A smoking ban would be detrimental to workers.
TX: Defeat of statewide ban a victory for private property rights.
USA: Beware letting CDC Director Frieden become food cop.
USA: Senate votes to give FDA power to regulate tobacco. FDA authority over tobacco has long been a goal of anti-smoking advocates... The House has passed its own similar version, and a resolution of differences would send it to President Barack Obama, who supports it.
USA: E-Cigarettes-FDA. If It's Not Regulated, How Can It Be Safer Than Sucking Smoke? By Jacob Sullum.
Scotland: Fierce Lobbying Continues in War over Tobacco Display.
Scotland: International Tobacco Control Corruption Exposed.
UK: June 2009 Freedom To Choose Newsletter, read all the news.
UK: Smoking Ban Nearing An End? UKIP's General Election Odds.
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