Friday, June 5, 2009

Full text of PACT Act

If you want to read the full text of the PACT bill, just follow this linkable URL.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canadian woman wants to shoot smokers with a water gun

A water pistol is Fkin hilarious.

"I’m not sure if police and the hospital administration will approve, but I was thinking of buying one of those lovely big water pistols and always having it filled when I am gardening, and when anyone smokes nearby they will see an old, grey-haired lady coming at them fast, ready to soak them and their cigarette. Ah! Life in retirement in Elliot Lake is always interesting!"

If you actually try shooting a smoker with a water gun, I hope dat smoker beats you up good. Cause a lowlife antismoker like you deserves it.

In 90 degree weather, I wouldn't mind getting a free splash from your gun as I smoke. LOL

Oh yeah. If you ever do splash a smoker with a water gun, you betta hope dat smoker isn't someone who has a REAL gun dat's loaded up on his body. ;)


Congratulations to the Elliot Lake Teens against Tobacco for their efforts and example of trying to help other human beings stay healthy, and to help save trees for the Earth.

St. Joseph’s Hospital flower gardens are planted and cared for by volunteers from the horticultural society. On May 28, I was at the garden to get ready to put new soil, manure and peat moss down so that we can plant this week. However, first I found that I had to spend three hours, nonstop, just picking up hundreds of cigarette butts along the sidewalk, doorways and grass at the front of the hospital.

For over two years there have been many signs announcing ‘No smoking on this property’, in both French and English, along all pathways, flower beds, doorways and parking spots, etc. Because there is no smoking anywhere on hospital land, there are no ashtrays, yet some smokers just stand around smoking and dropping their butts.

At the front of the hospital we have 10 half-barrels for displays of flowers. These are obviously for flowers, but folks drop coffee cups and hundreds of cigarette butts in them and are, sadly, teaching their children to be dirty, dropping candy wrappers and lollipop sticks as well.

Some people even rip off their hospital identification paper bracelet and drop it in the flower pots. Don’t they realize it has their name on it?

If I ask offenders to tell me their name so that I can report them, they are obviously not going to give me their real name and address, and it would create very bad feelings. It is hard enough to find good, hard-working, wonderful volunteers, and they can’t be expected to cope with this dirty dilemma.

Is there going to be a tobacco enforcement officer in Elliot Lake? He is going to be extremely busy around some areas.

I agree with Councillor Al Collett that this is like a witch hunt.

I think I have an idea how I can help my volunteers and keep our hospital gardens and grounds cleaner.

I’m not sure if police and the hospital administration will approve, but I was thinking of buying one of those lovely big water pistols and always having it filled when I am gardening, and when anyone smokes nearby they will see an old, grey-haired lady coming at them fast, ready to soak them and their cigarette. Ah! Life in retirement in Elliot Lake is always interesting!

Let’s all help to keep our citizens healthy and our beautiful town clean.

http://www.elliotla kestandard. ca/ArticleDispla y.aspx?e= 1596517

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New poll added

As you can see, a new poll has been added.

I see (from the previous poll) most smokers buy their cigs online, although there was avtually a "tie" with smokers who buy em offline within their home states and online buyers.

11 smokers make their own cigs, and I ain't surprised to see some smokers are willing to buy their cigs from a cig dealer in the streets (10 votes) Underground cig dealers in my town has been common over the past 3 years. This year, I notice there are more cig dealers who sell loose squares (instead of full packs).

Selling loose squares actually makes betta sense to me. Cause a dealer like dat can make more money by (for example) selling 2 cigs for a buck. And he can make 10 bucks off of selling a whole pack in dat fashion.

The PACT Act: This actually applies to all Americans

This document is in PDF format. But it explains the PACT Act in full detail.

http://www.smokes- images/promotion /2009PACTact. pdf

All smokers are encouraged to contact their state's Senators in order to convince them to vote against this act. As the document points out, this ain't the first time politicians tried to make it illegal to deliver cigs/smokeless tobacco by mail. Different versions of the PACT Act were introduced in 2003, 2006, and 2007.

Even if you don't actually buy tobacco products online, you should still contact your Senators if you don't like the idea of paying more for stamps. Cause as I read in this document, if this act passes, then the USPS will LOSE money since they won't be able to deliver tobacco products anymore. And when a business loses money, everyone else in America has to pay by paying more for stamps. When the USPS loses money, they have to find a way to make up for those losses by raising the cost of stamps often (for instance).

Last time I checked, paying more for stamps affects ALL Americans. Not just people like me who wanna use my right to buy cartons online. Therefore, I think ALL smokers oughta contact their Senators in an attempt to make this act fail again.

Quote from anotha smoker: "If [this bill] passes, I'm moving overseas."

There is no nicotine vapor in cig smoke

This is a very informative post from Gary K within the IL groups.

Smokers are NOT addicted to the nicotine in cigarette smoke!!
There is NO nicotine vapor in tobacco smoke.
Bits and pieces of the original,
There is no nicotine in tobacco smoke. Never has been and never will be.
All green, living plants produce and store nicotine. They use the nicotine to produce another chemcal compound called NADP (nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate). NADP is what breaks apart water molecules during photosynthesis. Plants make NADP from nitrates and phosphates found in the soil. The common name for nitrates and phosphates is "fertilizer" .
The secret to how plants store nicotine, without the nicotine killing them, is that they combine it with other things to make more stable compounds. The common forms of nicotine stored in plants are nicotine citrate, nicotine malate, nicotine sulfate, nicotine oxide (cotinine), and nicotinic acid (vitamin B3, niacin). Like table salt, these compounds formed from nicotine are stable, are not poisonous, are not addictive drugs, and are essential to good human health and nutrition.

The tobacco plant stores its nicotine as a mixture of nicotine citrate and nicotine malate. The tobacco plant happens to produce a lot off nicotine because it grows quickly.
To give a clear picture of just how unstable freebase nicotine is, let's look at a few facts about it. According to the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), freebase nicotine has the following physical properties:

Melting Point: -80 degrees Celsius
Boiling Point: 247 degrees Celsius
Flash Point: 95 degrees Celsius
Auto-Ignition Temperature: 240 degrees Celsius
Explosive Limits: 0.7 - 4 percent, by volume, in air
Vapor Pressure at Room Temperature: 0.006 kPa

The interesting thing to note here is that the auto-ignition temperature is lower than the boiling point. This means that, if you heat freebase nicotine in an air free container, it will detonate (explode) before it boils.

Nicotine is so unstable that it does not need to react chemically with anything to have an explosion occur. Its low vapor pressure tells us that nicotine does not evaporate on its own.
If you heat it, nicotine will decompose chemically before it boils.
Furthermore, in the presence of air, nicotine bursts into flames at a temperature just below the boiling point of water.

In summary, what the above physical properties are saying is that there is no possible way in this universe, or any other, that a nicotine vapor can exist.

You can not get nicotine by burning tobacco. The nicotine will chemically decompose before a vapor of it is formed.
Furthermore, if any nicotine vapor did form by burning tobacco, it would burst into flames before any residual moisture in the tobacco leaves is boiled away.

Now, I realize that the stuff I just said is going to stomp hard on the religion that you have been taught since childhood, but there is no nicotine in tobacco smoke.
Never has been and never will be.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 29, 2009 - Issue #528

"Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable."
- Author Unknown
Ban Damage: Michael J. McFadden, Mid-Atlantic Director, Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc., exposes Anti lies. Any legislature considering this research in their decision-making process regarding a smoking ban needs to go back and take a very hard look both at it, and at all the other questionable data they have been given. I have done extensive research and writing in this field, and I can assure you: This study does not stand alone in its practices.

Would the anti-smoke folks lie? Have the tobacco police gone too far? So where can the anti-smoking movement go from here? “They must be intellectually mature enough to recapture the process of producing sound science,” says Lee. “There is no room for mud-slinging.”

Prohibition: Congressman Sheppard had believed in 1930 that Prohibition was destined to remain a permanent fixture in the Constitution. Yet, by 1933 nationwide alcohol Prohibition was dead, both the victim of a mass movement to repeal it and of its own failure to truly stamp out alcohol use.

Comedy: Third-hand smoke? Beware the dangers of fourth-hand smoke. Fourth Hand Smoke invariably leads to first-hand smoke, second-hand smoke, and then, not surprisingly, third-hand smoke, which is frankly, confusing.
From The Mailbag
FL: Broward jury awards widow of smoker $1.5 million.
NJ: A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to smuggling.
NY: Is Cigarette Control Turning Citizens into Criminals?
NY: state officials have backed off plans to crack down on the $1.6 billion black market for cigarettes. The sole city unit targeting illegal tobacco full time has been reassigned, and a new law aimed at Indian reservations -- the prime source of the butts -- hasn't been enforced.
PA: Smoking Ban Violations: Complete List.
PA: Labor board says NO and reverses ruling on outdoor smoking.
WI: Statewide indoor smoking ban is looming in Wisconsin.
USA: Appeals Court Says Cigarette Makers Are Racketeers. By Jacob Sullum. The case, brought by the Justice Department during the Clinton administration, accuses the cigarette manufacturers of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act through a pattern of mail and wire fraud, consisting of public statements aimed at minimizing the risks involved in smoking.
France: Tobacco ad laws force comedian's posters to omit pipe.
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