Saturday, May 2, 2009

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 1, 2009 - Issue #524

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must,
like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
- Tom Paine
From The USA Mailbag
100 Days Later: Nation Waits for FDA Overhaul. Agency is so understaffed, it inspects less than 1 percent of imported food. Who's going to take the blame when the tobacco black market sends us back to the days of Al Capone with a nasty Bin Ladin element added, when the lobbyists are exposed as corrupt and in bed with the NicoGummyPatchyProductPeople at Big Pharma, and when the overstretched FDA results in thousands of deaths and illnesses from school lunches? The antismoking movement may end up doing more to destroy Obama's presidency than the trillion dollar bailouts. Sad.

House Panel Approves Bill to Deter Illegal (Internet) Sales and Smuggling of Tobacco. The panel also adopted by voice vote a Robert W. Goodlatte , R-Va., amendment that would express the sense of Congress that the measure does not set a precedent regarding states’ ability to collect sales tax on out-of-state entities.

Competing Interests of Glantz Must Be Declared. Opponents of Ohio Bans activist Pam Parker takes on the mechanical engineer who likes to wear white coats and be called "Dr." Glantz. It does science a grave injustice. Further there should be, at the very least, journalistic ramifications for not disclosing competing interests, especially when these findings are used to validate laws and create policies.

CA: Long Beach puts smoking lounges on hold, one year review.
FL: Jury Verdict For Philip Morris USA In Engle Progeny Case.
IA: Freedom Fighters gear up for ongoing battles against ban.
KS: You'll only see it here: Reno County Health Dept. exposed!
LA: IPCPR Says LA Legislature Puts State Businesses at Risk.
MA: Landlords push to ban smoking at home, activists sidestep fray.
MI: The Biggest Threat to Freedom: Ideologues In Extremis.
NV: Bar owners disagree with research, bans hurt!
TN: It'll cost state employees to smoke, you AND spouse.
TX: Smoking Ban Proposition Could Be Snuffed Out Soon.
WI: Antis want their people to make calls. Here is the contact info.
WI: E-cigs big tobacco ploy; Smoke Free Wisconsin.
Video: Electric Cigarette: Smoking Everywhere on ABC News.
WebMD: Provides Answers to Your Questions About Swine Flu.
USA Tax: Outlook hazy for smoking rates in the USA. "It's a paradoxical phenomenon: even though people have less money to spend, they still buy cigarettes."
George Koodray
"A lot of people may not object to this kind of policy because they don’t smoke,” Koodray said. “But down the road, it’s a slippery slope, where we see this taking form to other prohibitions in the future that people don’t approve of but are completely legal."
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A note from Oklahoma Outlet on Congress

This is a note I received in an email from Oklahoma Outlet (one of the online smoke shops I've bought cartons from).


Congress is at it Again!...

After imposing huge new taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products, Congress NOW wants to place restrictions on the sale of online cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, forcing you to pay local and state taxes on every order! We urge you to contact your State Representatives to let them know you oppose bill H.R.1676.
To reach them by phone, you may call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 for assistance. To email members of the House of Representatives, go to "". Please do so today!
We work hard everyday to save you money and deliver quality products at an affordable price. Only with your help can we continue to do so. Please tell your Representative to VOTE NO on H.R.1676, also known as the "PACT Act".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

House Panel approves bill to deter online cig sales/cig smuggling

This sounds like sad news for ALL online smoke shops. At least the small good news is online vendors are still allowed to deliver cigs as long as they don't deliver more than 10 pounds of cigs to their customers.

(I believe 10 pounds of cigs is the same as me placing a 10-carton order.)


House Panel Approves Bill to Deter Illegal Sales and Smuggling of Tobacco

A House panel approved legislation Tuesday aimed at combating illegal Internet cigarette sales and the smuggling of tobacco.

The House Judiciary Committee by voice vote approved a bill that would require tobacco sellers to verify the age of buyers who purchase products online or over the phone, and would require sellers to keep delivery sales records.

The bill also would require sellers of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to include notices about excise tax requirements and would bar shipments of cigarette or smokeless tobacco that weigh more than 10 pounds.

Sellers who violate the new rules could face up to three years in prison or civil penalties of up to 2 percent of their gross sales for the year before the violation.

As states have increased their tobacco taxes, smugglers have taken to selling tobacco products on the Internet to avoid paying local taxes, said Rep. Anthony Weiner , D-N.Y., the bill’s sponsor.

The illegal sales have affected state revenue, according to ranking Republican Lamar Smith of Texas. In California, state officials estimate that purchasers do not pay taxes on as much as 15 percent of all tobacco sold.

Before approving the measure, the panel adopted by voice vote a Howard Coble , R-N.C., amendment that would make an exception for tobacco mailings intended for consumer testing by manufacturers.

The panel also adopted by voice vote a Robert W. Goodlatte , R-Va., amendment that would express the sense of Congress that the measure does not set a precedent regarding states’ ability to collect sales tax on out-of-state entities.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burglars steal more cigs

http://www.richmond register. com/localnews/ local_story_ 114205000. html

Burglars steal more cigarettes

By Brian Smith
Register News Writer

Burglars struck another Richmond business overnight Friday and made off with cigarettes, police said.

Richmond Police Department spokesman Sgt. Willard Reardon said officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress at Hall’s Tobacco, 457 Eastern Bypass, around 2:45 Friday morning.

The front glass door had been shattered to break into the building, police said, and a search of the area failed to locate any suspects.

The store’s owner took an inventory following the burglary and said four cases of cigarettes containing a total of 120 cartons were missing.

Officers were able to recover eight of the cartons while searching the area, Reardon said. The total loss was valued at $4,800.

The burglary is the third in the past two weeks where a glass door was broken at a business and cigarettes taken, but Reardon said that police do not think the burglaries are connected at this time.

After a burglary Wednesday morning at the Redi Mart on Lexington Road, witnesses saw two men dragging a trash can filled with cartons of cigarettes across Lexington Road.

Police found 49 of the 66 missing cartons when they searched the area, Reardon said. Also under investigation is an April 12 burglary at the Redi Mart on Red House Road where two men were seen breaking the front door in with a rock before stealing several cartons of cigarettes.