Saturday, March 14, 2009

My review on Kick Cigarettes

I've neva done this on my blog before. But afta I spent the last 2 months enjoying my new brand of Kick Cigarettes, I feel I can give a more detailed review on Kick FFs and Kick Lights. I might buy a carton of the Kick UL's as part of my next order of cartons before the end of this month.

The Kick Cigarettes page can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Kick Full Flava

Strength: They're the strongest Kick style available. I wouldn't call them as strong as say Marlboros or Seneca FFs. I'd say the strength is medium...not too strong, but definitely not light in strength.

Taste: They taste like I'm smoking FF tobacco for real compared to the commercial (popular) FF brands. They're not rich-tasting, but they are smooth-tasting for a FF.

Recommend: For a smoker who's looking for a cheapa version of a FF regular brand that's not too strong. Or a smoker looking for a "medium version" of a FF brand.

Kick Lights (Blue Pack)

Strength: They're lighta of course than Kick FFs (although I'd say the FF's are a tad bit stronga actually).

Taste: This is the best-tasting regular light brand out there to me! Even betta-tasting than the Native American regular lights I tried over the past few months. Kick Lights are VERY smooth and very easy to inhale....even easier to smoke than the commercial lights since I don't cough when I smoke BOTH of these Kick styles!

Recommend: For all regular light smokers looking for a cheapa light brand. Once you try Kick Lights, you can say buh-bye to Marlboro Lights for good! These Kick Lights ain't airy tasting unlike MLs.

What I also like about Kick:

1) Since these cigs are 100 percent made with USA tobacco and they're chemical/additive free, I don't miss the headaches I used to get as I smoked. I don't miss the craving feelings eitha. I ca sometimes go as long as 5 hours without smoking now. And when I DO smoke, I usually chainsmoke 6-8 cigs. When I used to chainsmoke 6 Newports, I'd feel a lil drowsy and sometimes feel a tiny headache by the time I get to my 6th Newport cig.

But afta I chainsmoke 6 Kick cigs, I feel NO drowsiness, and NO headaches! So Kick is a brand that a lot more easier to chainsmoke than a commercial brand. I think I don't have cig cravings anymore cause commercial cigs have chemicals in them, and commercial smokers are actually addicted to those chemicals more than the actual nicotine. A cig with 100 percent tobacco in it and the nic within the tobacco is actually a lot more safer to smoke than a chemical cig.

2) I used to feel pain in my back teeth when I smoke Newports sometimes. And smoking Newports always made my mouth make some saliva inside of it as I smoke them. But when I smoke my Kicks, the inside of my mouth is always dry (unless I'm drinking somethang-LOL)

3) Kick cigs, unlike commercial cigs, have no added nicotine in them. The only nic in Kick cigs is within the tobacco itself. If the makers of Kick DID add more nic in their cigs, those Kick FF's would probably taste just about as strong as a Marlboro or Newport

4) Kick Lights, unlike commercial lights, have no vent holes around their white filters. No vent holes is probably why Kick Lights taste betta than a commercial light. A Marlboro Light tastes like you're sucking in air on smoothness at all!

But I can actually feel smooth smoke going inside of me (instead of fresh air) when I drag on a Kick Light.

5) Price is the main difference between Kicks and commercial brands. As of March 2009, A Newport carton online costs 42-53 bucks online, depending on where you buy it.

But as of March 2009, a Kick carton only costs $16.99 per carton on ALL styles. That's a VERY cheap price for a cig carton to me!

You can find Kick cigarettes online by eitha clicking the link around the top of my message, or you can:


(Of course, as of April 1, that price for Kick cartons will go up due to the fed tax tobacco increase. But they're still gonna be a lot more cheaper than spending almost 60 bucks for just one carton of a commercial brand at online smoke shops!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Actually, RJR raised their prices in March too

Well I definitely know Lorillard is anotha Big Tobacco company that raised their prices this week...thus, the higha price for a pack of Newports in Chicago now.

Actually RJR raised their brand prices too. But not as much as PM's raise. I think PM's raise was around 70 cents per pack. RJR raised their prices to 44 cents per pack.

Here's a link to a CNN page for more info on this topic.


BT's raises (including RJR) will certainly backfire with more people getting cigs underground, and of course those who decide to quit. BT probably WILL get extra cash with smokers who stock up on packs and/or cartons. But afta April, I bet we'll actually see a DECLINE in BT sales sfta so-and-so months. There won't be a total decline...cause some people are willing to pay any amount to get their brand.

But in my eyes, most people who wanna keep on smoking will switch to cheapa brands, or even to MYOs as a last resort...although it's true making your own carton will be just about as expensive as a big-name premade carton.

And then you have the die-hard smokers of certain BT brands. I'd certainly call most of the Newport smokers around here die-hards. They won't smoke anythang otha than Newports...they won't even smoke a different menthol. Some die-hard smokers won't mind paying 9-10 bucks per pack. But the otha type of die-hard smokers are the ones that catch my attention more (and a point I bought up before). These smokers won't pay 9-10 bucks, but they'll still do whateva it takes to get Newports.

With more people who decide to stop buying BT cigs period (rememba, tons of smokers hate the new FSCs), more people buying cigs underground, and with people trying to get cigs as part of robberies....yup, there will be a decline in BT sales regardless over time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A pack in Chicago is 9 bucks now

I saw it today for the first time ever in my life. A C-Store had a Newport sign and it said "$9.10: Tax included."

I neva thought I'd see a 9 as the dollar amount for a cig pack in my life. I guess in April, that price for a Newport pack will be about $9.70 with the "tax included." That's very close to a darn double digit pack price. :(

Looks like I was right all along about Newports (and likely Marlboros too) costing 9 bucks per pack in the city now. Certain brands probably have prices close to 10 bucks each actually.

I heard a rumor that BT knew smokers were gonna stock up on cigs this month. So BT figured they might as well raise the prices now so they can take advantage of smokers stocking up before the fed tax increase in April, and BT can get extra money in their pockets at the same time.

Sounds more like a perfect example of greed to me. They ain't doing smokers of the popular brands a favor by raising the prices twice in 2 months.

Sh!t, based on that rumor I heard, BT might as well raise the pack price to 3 bucks instead. Those mothas would REALLY get "extra money" in their pockets then!

Some sad news at FORCES

(Copied from the FORCES forum, written by myself.)

I'm very sorry to hear of Gian's death, the founder of the FORCES company. My condolescences go out to his family.

While I'm sorta new to the forum with this company, I was already very familiar with FORCES in general for a long time actually, til Dee invited me to post on their forum last year. I think this company can remain strong and move on without Gian.

I read some negativity on FORCES elsewhere (on a smokers rights site of all places) and what I read about this company offended me since I'm online friends with a few smokers who are big supporters of FORCES and Jim of FORCES Illinois.

And compared to that otha smokers rights site, FORCES is a much more comprehensive smokers rights site to me. I'm always gonna support a company by having a few online friends here already.

I think Gian did a good job in building this company over the years, and this company is already in good hands to me even before this event happened.

A lot of folks at FORCES do a good job in rebutting antismokers' lies and claims. And they do a good job on focusing on the pros of being a smoker with freedoms here. I like that attitude a lot, since their prosmoking attitudes are similar to my own. I think this company and the folks behind FORCES will be just fine. :)

Thought I'd end this message with a positive note.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ways on how smokers can boycott

Some smokers are talking about boycotts. Instread of not buying BT cigs for a week, how about not buying em for a whole YEAR? BT and politicians (and snti orgs) would REALLY feel the pain of losing smokers' money if nobody bought a single pack for a whole year. Smokers oughta support the smaller tobacco companies instead, if there are some who ain't interested in making their own.

And since you likely wouldn't find brands from smaller tobacco companies offline, buying them online is the only option.

Anotha idea is to buy cigs outside of the US for a year. Although that idea would require traveling. And I know I wouldn't wanna fly on a smoke-free plane just to buy cigs in a different country.

The idea of boycotting BT is a good idea. But all smokers should not buy a single BT brand for a whole year (not just for a week) and look into cig alternatives. Of course, even I can keep on dreaming if nobody is gonna buy cigs in the US for a whole year.

Of course, buying a pack underground doesn't count since that money is not going into the hands of politicians/anti orgs/BT.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Comment for Kendra

(I decided to post this as a blog message, since this reply for Kendra is sorta long.)

I know one boycott I heard of is smokers must not buy Big Tobacco cig (or smoke the premium cigs for that matta) for a week as of April 1. I ain't surprised the Natives have to apply the fed tax to their prices.

Yes, the mom and pop snoke shops WILL suffer big time. I think what the government is trying to do is drive smoke shops out of business, including the smoke shops that sell loose tobacco especially.

Convience stores will suffer too, since those places mainly sell the premium cigs along with alcohol. But those convience stores will suffer in anotha way, and I sincerely hope the convience stores are prepared for it.

Here's a hint (although I heard of a 7-Eleven getting hit 3 times this winter). With the troubled economy and the idea of a Newport pack costing as much as 9 bucks as of April in the Windy City, I predict MORE cig-related robberies will happen in those C-stpres

Cigs are gonna be so expensive, nobody is gonna be able to afford to buy even one pack let alone a carton. And neva mind the fact those cig robbers can cash in by selling the stolen packs in the streets.

Underground cig sales will hurt the C-stores and mom/pop smoke shops too.

The idea of people stealing cartons would've been a joke 30 years ago since cigs were affordable back then. But thanks to the government trying to force smokers to quit smoking by having hi-A prices and forcing BT to make fire-safe cigs, some smokers out here gotta do what the F it takes to get cigs and be themselves instead of quit smoking by force.

I'd like to think cig heists might not be common since tons of smokers hate FSCs. But so far in my town, as long as the pack says "Newport" on it, it doesn't matta if the pack is FSC or not. Someone will still buy it off of the streets.

And if a bro or sis is glad to buy a Newport pack off of the streets from a dealer, I'm confident there are the type of urban black smokers who wouldn't mind getting their Newports by stealing cartons.

An Obama quote on SCHIP

For the first time, I found an actual quote from Obama when he made that (to smokers) famous signing for SCHIP.

The quote comes from THIS ARTICLE:

Under an Obama administration, however, the third time was the charm. With his signing, he said, "Today we fulfill one of the highest responsibilities that we have: to ensure the health and well-being of our nation's children. It's a responsibility that's only grown more urgent as our economic crisis deepens, as health care costs have exploded and millions of families are unable to afford health insurance."

I beg your freakin pardon Mr. Hypocritical President. I have this responsiblity, as a smoker, to ensure the health and well-being of every kid nationwide?

As long as I get my cigs (and I WILL do what the F it takes to get cigs), I could care less about supporting the kids' health. Call me rude and evil if you wish. But unless SCHIP included fast food eaters supporting the kids' health, I can't live with being discriminated against. Not for my race, but for my choice to indulge in a legal product.

What you, Obama, do NOT say (although the article implies it through Bush's comments) is that adults will be using SCHIP too. So I'm gonna be supporting the ADULTS' health too.

And with more and more people quitting smoking, I dunno how you can expect to depend on smokers' money to help SCHIP. While I wouldn't like the idea of more and more people quitting smoking, I would LOVE to see SCHIP fail in the long term. The more people quit smoking, the betta chance that program has of getting figuratively shot to death with no more money coming from smokers.

Actually, I hope more and more people buy cigs underground instead of in stores. That would be just about as good as quitting, since bootleggas/cig dealers are the ones getting the "cig money." Not the Feds and SCHIP. I said I'll do what the F it takes to get cigs and save money, cause I refuse to let the govt take away somethang that's part of my life. If I had a van with $100k worth of Newports, that would be like me winning a million bucks.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smokers finding it costs more to light up

Smokers finding it costs more to light up
Posted: Mar 05, 2009 10:58 PM EST Updated: Mar 05, 2009 11:05 PM EST

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Smokers in Kentucky were already getting ready for a price increase, now there is word cigarette prices around the country are going up. This increase takes place Friday as Philip Morris is raising prices on popular brands, like Marlboro, by more than $7.00 a carton.

That $7.00 increase is on top of the state's $6.00 per carton increase that starts in April. I spoke with Philip Morris about the decision.

"Mostly on the weekends they will just come in and wipe us out," said Brittney Tolliver.

Tolliver is an employee at Cox's Smokers Outlet on Arthur Street, where she says business is better than usual. "Some people come in and they will just want to get a whole case," said Tolliver. "They don't even care what kind."

Business is so good the store has put a three-carton limit on customers. The reason? Customers are stocking up because of both the Federal and State excise tax that takes effect in April. However, starting Friday, Philip Morris is also raising its prices, sort of.

The major manufacturer of Marlboro, Virginia Slims, and Basic will raise prices by $7.00 a carton for some brands and $8.00 a carton on others. When I called Philip Morris, a spokesperson told me the company is really only raising their prices up to $2.00 a carton. The other $6.00 is the new Federal excise tax; they are just starting it three weeks early. Regardless, it is a move that has stunned those in the health field.

"I'm very surprised about that," laughed Dr. Adewale Troutman, the Director for Metro Public Health and Wellness. "I don't know what their ultimate motivation is, but sure it will reduce the number of kids that pick up a cigarette."

Still some smokers feel they are being put in the position to carry the financial woes of America.

"It's crazy. It's crazy," said smoker Kari Koblitz. "I mean with the way the economy is going and everything else, you don't have any enjoyments anymore. Nobody can afford them."

Remember, Kentucky's new cigarette tax will take effect in April. That will be an additional $3.00 per carton.

Philip Morris says they are not to one's to blame. The company spokesperson told WAVE 3 when it is all said and done, if you pay $40.00 for a carton of cigarettes $24.24 goes to the government. The other $14.76 is shared profit by the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer.

Cig tax hike will enable bootleggers

I dunno how Florida can raise funds if they get their wish of "reducing smoking." When you reduce smoking, where are the funds gonna come from? Maybe from people who eat fast food?

That goal doesn't make sense to me. But the idea of a van being able to carry 100,000 bucks worth of cigs from SC to Florida....that deserves a whistle.

I guess one way to stop Floridans from buying contrabrand cigs is by putting more smokers behind bars for buying illegal packs.

When antis called smokers criminals, I guess someone who buys contraband cigs IS a criminal. (Yeah right!) A person doesn't deserve to be behind bars for buying a pack of legal cigs in the streets though.

Actually, a van carrying $100k worth of cigs sounds a lot like the way alcohol used to be transported during the first Prohibition.

http://tinyurl. com/d6y5h8

Cigarette Tax Opponents Say Hike will Enable Bootleggers
by Keith Laing
The News Service of Florida

Convenience store operators and wholesale distributors said Friday that arguments that a cigarette tax increase would reduce smoking were full of hot air, claiming instead that the proposed $1 extra levy on smokes would drive price-conscience consumers to buy from bootleggers.

To make their point, the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association and the Florida Wholesale Distributors Association drove three heavy duty vehicles - a 18 wheeler, a mover's truck and a cargo van – to the Capitol courtyard. They said the three trucks could easily be stuffed with contraband cigarettes if lawmakers proceed with the push to increase the tax this year.

The state cigarette tax is currently 33.9 cents per pack of common-sized cigarettes, though President Barack Obama has already signed a 62-cent increase in the federal tobacco tax.

But with the state facing a deficit that could be as high as $6 billion, backers project that raising the cigarette tax by $1 would bring in just more than $1 billion per year in revenue.

Buoyed by a 2008 study completed by the Michigan-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy that tracked cigarette smuggling in the United States, the organizations said cheaper cigarette taxes in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina could create a million-dollar black market for Florida smokers.

In South Carolina, the cigarette tax is only 7 cents, the lowest in the nation. Georgia has a 37-cent tax and Alabama a 43-cent tax. The organizations said the cargo van alone, the smallest vehicle on display at the Capitol Friday, could bring $100,000 worth of cigarettes to from South Carolina to Florida. They say a semi-trailer could hold $2.5 million worth of contraband cigarettes.

"The goal. as stated by the Legislature, is to reduce smoking and increase funds for the state of Florida," said Jim Smith, president of the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association. "We find it difficult to understand how you can regulate personal decisions through someone's wallets, but more importantly, we think that people need to understand the unintended consequences of this legislative effort."

Smith said cigarette tax opponents can't quarrel with supporters' argument that increasing the cigarette tax would curtail smoking some, though he said a larger chunk of the decrease would be people who simply stopped buying their cigarettes legally.

"There's no doubt some are going to quit, you can't argue that point," Smith said. "However, the vast majority are going to seek other avenues for their purchasing habits, whether its driving across the border to Georgia or Alabama or sitting in your living room and clicking the Internet at one of 500 sites where you can buy cigarettes tax free, or perhaps buying contraband cigarettes, which would be the biggest loss for the Florida economy. We're taking dollars out of the state."

Smith pointed out that cigarette revenue helps fund the Lawton Chiles Endowment, which lawmakers recently swept $700 million from to balance last year's budget after state tax collections dipped drastically. Cigarette makers pay into the Lawton Chiles Fund as a condition of a settlement of a lawsuit with the state. The money goes for health and children's programs.

Smith also said that raising the cigarette tax would hurt convenience stores, which rely heavy on tobacco products for viability. Smith said 24 percent of convenience store operators' profits come from tobacco products.

David Shepp, executive director of the Florida Wholesale Distributors Association, said cigarette sales are responsible for 10,000 retail jobs in the state of Florida, which has an unemployment rate of 8.6 percent. Shepp said a $1 per pack increase would cost 2,400 Floridians their jobs.

"Businesses across the state are hurting now," Shepp said. "The idea that you would raise taxes during a recession is amazing to me. Cigarettes are the number one product that we sell. Like it or not, tobacco sales provide economic benefit to this state."

Cigarette manufacturers are making the same arguments. Their representatives have been making the rounds in Tallahassee giving the smuggling warning. In addition to arguing that people in north Florida might go other states, they also point to Indian reservations as an alternative source for cigarettes that wouldn't be subject to the higher tax.

Shepp also argued that raising the tax would increase illegal cigarette consumption.

"Government through higher taxes is creating a criminal enterprise," he said. "I know we'll never be able to stop criminals from being able to conduct their business, but we can stop the Legislature from giving them more incentives to become criminals."

But Sen. Ted Deutch, who pushed unsuccessfully for a cigarette tax increase last year and has filed legislation (SB 1840) again this year, said opponents were exaggerating their claims.

"It's one thing to grossly exaggerate the impact of cross-border sales, which common sense dictates would be as minimal here as any state given our geography and population centers," Deutch said in a statement shortly after the opponents finished their news conference. "But it's absolutely reckless to employ scare tactics on Floridians by inventing an infusion of violent crime in a desperate attempt to fight, of all things, a measure everyone knows will save lives rather than endanger them."

"Naysayers here can invoke Sopranos-like images all they want," Deutch said. "But it can't change the fact that Florida has one of the very lowest cigarette taxes to begin with. It also belittles the strong commitment of Florida's highly capable state and local law enforcement apparatus."

For his part, Shepp would not respond to questions about the negative health impact of cigarettes at the conclusion of Friday's press conference, saying only that they were a "legal product."

"(Our members) are doing their jobs, they are not telling people to smoke," Shepp said. "They are honest hardworking Floridians who are... providing products to people that they so desire."

Deutch's cigarette tax bill has been referred to the Finance and Tax, Health Regulation, Higher Education, Health and Human Services Appropriations, and the Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means – a difficult path in a two-month session.

This article originally published on March 8, 2009.