Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama didn't lie about raising taxes for the poor class? Whateva!

I dunno what makes some folks online think Obama neva lied about not raising taxes on folks with $250k or less. Some people think the fed tax increase on the tobacco is a sign of the bad economical times we're in...and one person told me thanks to the economy, expect to see ALL KINDS of taxes go up. But Obama only said he wouldn't raise income taxes.

I got two lettas for someone who thinks Obama hasn't lied about not raising taxes to the poor. B-S! I'll put it this way. The fact a MYO smoker who's poor is gonna have a hard time affording to make his/her own cigs once April comes. That's a clever way to make up for no higha income taxes...raise tobacco taxes to help the kids AND adults out! I heard that in adults are also gonna get medical help through SCHIP.

And smokers shouldn't be the only ones putting money into SCHIP. How about adding fed taxes on fast foods too? I can see fast food lovers outnumbering the remaining smokers in the US by a lot. I say "remaining smokers" because I'm sure more will be quitting cause of the high prices and the fact most BT brands are FSCs. And most smokers clearly hate smoking FSCs, myself included.

Welcome to the Tobacco Prohibition era!

PS: I wonder if the price for a pack of cigs in the black market is going up in my area. Since 5 bucks for a pack from a cig dealer in the streets is gonna be nearly half the normal price for a pack in the stores as of April 1.

Buying cigs online is the best option for all smokers

Buying tobacco online is the best option for all smokers in the US when April comes. Marlboro will likely cost 90 bucks per carton in my town as of April, when I factor in the new price increase for PM brands this month (as well as an increase in Newport prices). And of course the tax increase courtesy of Obama we all know about.

And that "we" means all smokers in the USA.

I bet if more fellow black smokers got on the net and learned about online smoke shops and making their own menthols, they would save a HECK of a lotta money on smoking. But unfortunately, a lotta those smokers ONLY want Newports. And the black market is the ONLY way those bros and sistas can save on smoking Newports as of April.

I'm one of the few urban black smokers who's willing to smoke regulars if I have to, provided the brand actually tastes good. I ain't smoking a FSC regular, that's for sure. Even a FSC Newport doesn't taste as sh!tty as FSC Marlboros.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A SCHIP-related page (Edited)

My own submitted comment for the linked page:

Will smokers have any money left, as the first sentence in this article asks? I expect to have some money left the next time I buy cigs after this month is over. I don't even smoke the expensive big name brands anymore. I now smoke brands made by Native Americans, and some of them taste just about as good as Marlboro and Newport. The reason why nobody has heard of Native American cigs is because these brands are a lot more cheaper than premiums...about 15-20 bucks per carton. And since Natives are non-fire safe cigs, you likely won't find them offline anyway.

The cost for a pack of Newports isn't gonna make me broke or homeless. That's because I spent time trying lots of the Native brands (menthols AND regulars) over the past few months.

And if I wanna buy a Newport pack as of April, I think I already know where I can get a pack at a price lower than the local price for a pack in the Windy City. Those folks who walk around selling packs of Newports in the streets by me will be the winners of the federal tobacco tax increase. The losers will be ALL states, politicians, and of course the stores.

I will warn the stores since cigs are worth a lot more now in the underground market, that means we will hear of more heists involving cartons and packs in 2009.

In my opinion, Philip Morris could care less about their USA customers who smoke

Since PM actually sells their popular brands in different countries, I guess they could care less if they lose 1000s (if not millions) of their consumers to FSCs and the new and hi-A prices for their cigs. So they figure "What the he!!? Nobody is gonna smoke FSCs, and with anotha tax increase around the corner from Obama, let's raise our prices again so we can make people quit smoking sooner ratha than lata."

While I can certainly see more and more smokers quitting, I can also see former Marlboro smokers switching to Native brands as well as MYOs. I bet if PM's only market for promoting their tobacco brands was within the US, they would think twice on raising their prices twice in 2 months. They might even listen to their peed off customers' comments on the FSCs.

But since they actually have customers worldwide, that makes PM think they can treat their US customers as lil kids. I'd be offended myself if a PM rep on the phone treated my harsh comments on smoking FSCs as a grain of salt.

I'm gonna be nice, but I gotta let this out. If someone smokes Marlboros for 30-40 years, that's a big PM customer to me. And to hear of PM treating that customer's comments as words coming out of a kid's mouth....I don't blame that smoker at all for blowing his/her top off. That smoker can teach PM a lesson by simply stop buying their products.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Philip Morris to raise cig prices again

This is a good way to get smokers to stop smoking Philip Morris brands. Just raise the price of the PM brands once per month. I guess PM is just about as greedy for smokers' money as anti orgs like the ACS and ALA are.

I guess 2009 will be a historical year for smokers. We might see triple digits in the price of a carton (and double digits for a pack price) in NYC. I'm glad I don't live in that urban town. I ain't paying 100 bucks for a carton of Newports, the only BT brand I'd buy at all.

Chicago won't be too far off from that price range if Daley decides to raise the city taxes and Crook county raises county taxes on cigs when April comes.

(Me don't have a link this time...this is an article copy me found elsewhere)

"Altria raising price of cigarettes"

Published: March 5, 2009

Altria Group Inc., the largest U.S. tobacco company, will raise prices on Marlboro and 17 brands on March 9 ahead of an increase in federal tobacco excise taxes.

Altrias Philip Morris USA will charge distributors 71 cents more for a pack of Marlboro, the top-selling U.S. cigarette, Parliament, Virginia Slims and six other varieties, said Bill Phelps, an Altria spokesman. In addition, the company will raise list prices on Bensen & Hedges and eight other brands by 81 cents a pack.

The increase is the second by Philip Morris USA since December and comes before U.S. tobacco excise taxes rise by 62 cents a pack. Reynolds American Inc., which trails Philip Morris USA by sales, also raised some cigarette prices in December as manufacturers blunt the impact of falling demand from higher taxes and the recession.

This is primarily intended to cover the cost of the federal excise-tax increase, Phelps said. The tax is currently 39 cents a pack."

Richmond Times

Iowa casino industry generated billions of bucks

The casino industry generated over one billion bucks for Iowa last year. Sounds nice, although that state wasn't under a smoking ban for all of 2008.

I believe it on the casino industry being very important for Iowa's income situation. The heart and soul of most hospitality businesses (including casinos) are smokers.

Good luck in generating one billion bucks again at the casinos, Iowa. Illinois lost a he11uva lotta money in the casino industry afta one full year of a state smoking ban.

I won't be surprised if Iowa casjnos LOSE as much as 250 million bucks in the casino industry when 2009 is over.

If casinos are exempted from the Iowa ban, good for them. But I don't recall hearing of Iowa smoking ban exemptions.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IL casinos lost $170 million in revenues during 2008

I knew businesses have been losing money all along with the smoking ban. But IL lost $170 million in gambling revenues last year? Holy sh1t....that's $170 million lost that millions of unemployed folks in Chicago alone could've used!

I bet the amount IL loses in gambling revenues will be twice as that amount by the end of 2009. Cause of the economy, some people might be reluctant to smoke their money away at a smoke-free casino.

No offense to those who actually smoke and gamble. But it is true more Americans are being cautions with whateva lil money they DO have. If you love gambling, feel free to go to Missouri or Indiana so you can at least smoke while playing roulette. How you spend your money is none of my biz.

But of course, antis argue I waste money myself just like gamblers (but I "waste mine" on cigs instead). "F antismokers!" is all I can say about how I spend my own money. Cigs are a necessity just like food for me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Poll Q added

New poll is up on my blog.

Looking at the results from the last poll in regards to smoking FSCs:

15 voters said they'll switch to Native American cig brands.

(Good choice to me...these brands are all-natural cigs. Almost like a premade version of how make-your-own cigs taste.)

10 voters said they'll switch to rolling/making their own cigs.

(This is a decent choice too, although a few new RYO smokers pointed out they hated wasting time in making their own cigs)

7 voters said they have no choice but to keep smoking the FSCs.

(If you really enjoy smoking tobacco, good luck in finding cheapa alternatives. I'd ratha smoke a real cig than a FSC stick.)

3 voters said they'll quit smoking period.

(Well, at least you wouldn't be feeding the politicians' wallets and the wallets at ACS and ALA anymore by deciding to quit.)

Seens like most of the readers of my blog smoke cigs, since nobody is interested in switching to cigars or pipes.

BTW, if you ARE interested in making your own cigs, now is the best time to buy the loose tobacco and cig tubes before the price increase goes into effect next month. Making your own won't be as cheap as it used to be soon..and I bet Philip Morris played a role in encouraging that super high increase on MYO/RYO taxes. They don't want Marlboro smokers switching to RYOs/MYOs.

Well, PM forgot about Native brands like Seneca. Senecas make a very good alternative to smoking FSC Marlboro Reds and FSc Marlboro Lights.

I feel for Obama

It's actually good I ain't President. Everytime when I light up a cig, there's gonna be cameras flashing and TV cameras running to watch me take every drag off of my cig. I can even see a critic on TV saying "WOW! I didn't know Afro-Americans smoke!"

(What world are YOU living in? Why do you think antis like to keep harping about how BT attracts "us" to smoking by having brands like Newport and Kool? Sh!t, I've even seen "Afro-Americans smoke" in actual Newport and Kool ads before-LOL)

As much as this country needs a TRUE Black President, I wouldn't make a good candidate. I feel for Obama in one way. I heard people were criticizing him for drinking beer at that Bulls game from last week...and I even rememba seeing a LITERAL W-boy sitting next to him at the game. People think the President shouldn't be drinking beer in front of kids at sport games? Wassup with that?

While I DO hate Obama as a smoker, I do think these Obama critics oughta take a chill pill. What's so big about him drinking beer in front of kids? Kids see adults drink beer all the time in TV commercials. And I'm sure that literal W-boy saw more men drinking beer at the arena.

Kids can't avoid seeing people smoke outside, that's for sure. And I doubt that lil boy asked Obama for a sip of Bud. LOL!

No wonder he doesn't smoke in public. He can't live like a human in public without people up in his nose all the time.

My mother even suspected Obama did somethang else at that game that I do myself. And that's smoke in a men's restroom behind the door of a locked-up stall. :)