Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having pink as a pack color will make girls smoke...LOL!!!

This antismoker in a YouTube clip talking about the history of cig ads has to be funny as heck. Since I'm posting this in my blog, I might as well leave a:


This guy claims tobacco companies have always targeted kids in their ads in the past and present. Seeing baby pics in those very old Marlboro ads looked interesting. But hearing him say a girl will be motivated to smoke afta seeing a Camel No. 9 pack made me laugh to myself.

He said 12-22 is the age range for most new smokers. Well, if I show a Camel No. 9 pack to a 13 year-old sista, I'll be shocked myself if she tries a Camel just cause the pack has pink on it. Maybe a teen girl on the north side of the city who's already a smoker might try Camel No. 9's. But a teen girl around me might say "No thanks. I want a NEWPORT. Not some Fked up Camels!"

I don't ever think I saw a teen bro or teen sis smoke a regular cig in my life. I've seen teens smoke Marlboros before in my lifetime. But those teen smokers were outside of my race as well.

A teen girl isn't gonna try smoking afta seeing a Camel pack with the pink color...that's hilarious! Especially if we talking about smoking within my community! If a teen tries smoking at all, that teen is gonna smoke what his/her friends, peers, and parents smoke.

(If cig ads really DO target kids, it's a wonder why you hardly see kids at all in cig ads from the 70s through the 90s.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama is still smoking

Seems like whereva Obama goes, everybody gives him a standing ovation. He was at the game tonight between the Bulls/Washington Wizards in DC. And as soon as he stepped foot into the arena, every single person in that arena gave him a round of applause, including the playas of both teams on the court. As a matta of fact, the tipoff was delayed for Mr. Closet Smoking President.

I know he's the President. But I rememba Regan visiting Wrigley Field during a Cub game years ago. When everyone knew that former President was in the ballpark, the umps didn't yell "STOP THE GAME!" so the fans, and playas from both teams could applaud for a few mins. The only fans that clapped and waived at Ronald period were the fans surrounding the area of the Cub broadcast booth that he was trying to enter.

I did hear Obama is still smoking, and his wife is still pressuring him to quit. I don't understand why a black smoker would sign a SCHIP bill that affects his own habit too. Or maybe he actually gets free non-FSC Marlboro cartons on PM's behalf. LOL

(I might as well think of him as a fellow black smoker. I just wish I could see pics of him sneaking cigs.)

Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

February 27, 2009 - Issue #518

"If you find yourself in a hole,
the first thing to do is stop digging."
- Will Rogers
Big Tobacco’s New York Black Market. How America’s Top Cigarette Firms Fueled a Billion-Dollar Underground Trade. “The cigarette black market in New York is enormous, and it’s brazen, and it’s carried out right under the nose of the government,” said Eric Proshansky, an attorney for New York City who has filed lawsuits against wholesalers and Indian vendors for their role in the illicit cigarette trade. So brazen are they, Proshansky added, that two New York smugglers are even suing each other in court over their illegal profits.

Cigarette Tax Increases Cut Smoking While Harming Bonds’ Health. As the credit crunch extended to the municipal market in September 2008 and investors shunned all except the safest securities, tobacco bonds backed solely by settlement payments plummeted to trade for as little as 53 cents on the dollar. Cigarette makers are trying to recoup portions of payments they’ve already made.

Cigarette Taxes. The nation's first federal cigarette tax was enacted in 1864 as a Civil War revenue measure. In 2005 the federal cigarette tax stood at 37 cents per pack. The nation's first state-level cigarette excise tax was enacted in Iowa in 1921. By 1969 all 50 U.S. states had followed suit. In 2005 state-level cigarette taxes ranged from 7 cents per pack in South Carolina to $2.46 per pack in Rhode Island. The wide variety of state cigarette excise taxes provides opportunities for consumers to shop for bargains across borders—and for smugglers to make substantial profits.
From The Mailbag
PHIL WILLIAMS: New! ASHBUSTERS 2, Defenders of the realm.
30,000 Scientists want to sue Al Gore for fraud.
KS: Salina, Smoking ban foes push candidates, costly special election, for repeal.
USA: The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Private property issue.
USA: Smokers Complain About Taste of 'Fire-Safe' Cigarettes. All will be of this variety by 2010.
Australia: Demands self-extinguishing cigarettes.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: City of Thunder Bay meeting February 25.
UK: Sir George Godber. Chief Medical Officer who helped to found the NHS and fought tobacco.
Pipes: The Latest Thing They're Smoking in Pipes on College Campuses: Tobacco. Despite Risks, More Young People Light Up; "It Looked Like the Coolest Thing Ever."
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Smoking at any point in your life can help you live longa

I think there's some truth to smokers having longa lives than nonsmokers, and I even think smoking at any point in your life can extend your lifetime to some extent as well.

I'll use Norm Van Lier and Johnny "Red" Kerr as examples, two guys who were both related with the Bulls, and both of them passed away yesterday. Johnny lived for about 15 more years than Norm.

As far as I know, Norm neva smoked in his whole life. I met that bro 10 years ago, and he used to be anti towards smoking. He even yelled when I told him the price for a pack of cigs at that time.

Johnny smoked cigars during his days as a Bulls head coach. I even saw a pic of him on TV last nite with a small cigar in his mouth. He looked like he was actually smoking it inside of an arena during a basketball game.

My theory is Johnny lived longa than Norm cause Johnny's former days as a smoker helped him live longa than Norm.

I'm sure extreme racists will say "Norm didn't even live for 65 years cause he's a black guy" but that's all BS to me. My granny was black herself, and she used to smoke for 45 years, and she died at the age of 86. So she actually outlived both of those men despite her being a "black lady." I bet smoking menthols actually helped her live a lot more longa than usual. She used to smoke Salems I recall.

The fact Norm was a nonsmoker and died at 61 shows right there that nonsmokers don't always live long lives. He even died at an age younga than the average age a human dies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union Address comments (OT)

I noticed during the State of the Union Address, everybody gave Obama a standing ovation when he bought up this new law that's only a few days old as he put it, and how this law will help kids. He had to be referrring to SCHIP indirectly.

I would've booed at that law if I was in the audience. But that's just me. Since that law is the same one that makes up for all of these freakin tax cuts Obama promised that poor people will see in their paychecks. At least those poor people who are still working at all.

I know one group of people that actually deserve bonuses and huge tax cuts. That would be ALL workers who smoke. Not just the blacks and W trash folks with jobs.

I know the only otha time I saw a State of Union Address was when Clinton spoke in 1997, during his second term. I certainly don't rememba seeing everyone stand up and applaud Clinton afta every time he brought up a new topic during a speech. They gave him an applause only before he spoke and afta his (Clinton's) speech was over.

Seeing those folks applaud Obama afta every time he says a full sentence only proves my words right when I called him the MJ of politics. Sh!t, just seeing Obama come out and spend a long time shaking hands (while several folks just simply tried to touch him) before he actually got up in front of the audience is a lot similar to when fans used to take pics and do everythang they could to just touch MJ as he came out with the Bulls team even during road games.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"I can't stop em" (article)


PEKIN — “I can’t stop ’em.”

That was the response of a bartender at one Pekin tavern when asked why people were smoking in the bar Saturday night.

“People have been smoking in this bar since it opened,” said the bartender, as she puffed on a cigarette behind the bar. She declined to give her name. “What does it hurt?"

“They’re not hurting anybody."

I love this bartender's attitude. A lot similar to my own attitude. It's also neat reading a rare article where the ban opposers are quoted first before you read quotes from those who love a smoke-free bar or restaurant.

She's right. You can't stop people from smoking in a tavern. Just like nobody can stop people from selling drugs AND cigs in the streets with a magic wand. But unlike dealers, people smoking in a tavern pose no serious threats to anyone inside unless someone has a gun or knife hidden. I seriously doubt anyone walks into a tavern with one of those anyway.


PEKIN — “I can’t stop ’em.”

That was the response of a bartender at one Pekin tavern when asked why people were smoking in the bar Saturday night.

“People have been smoking in this bar since it opened,” said the bartender, as she puffed on a cigarette behind the bar. She declined to give her name. “What does it hurt?

“They’re not hurting anybody.”

It has been a little more than a year since the state of Illinois barred smoking in public buildings — including bars, where some people enjoy having a cigarette with their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Pekin Police Deputy Chief Greg Nelson said the department has not had many complaints from customers who are upset that the smoking ban is being disregarded in a number of bars.

“It may be a little bit surprising, but we have had very few complaints,” said Nelson. “We have had a few issues, but those have been resolved by talking to the bar owners.

“We did cite the Eagles Club a while back, but that is the only one so far. We don’t like to have to do that. A lot of times we can resolve issues by talking.”

In addition to the establishment where the bartender was smoking, the Times visited three other bars Saturday to see if the ban was being enforced.

Customers at a second establishment were smoking at the bar right in front of the bartender. But the smoking ban was diligently enforced at Goodfellas’ and Yesterday’s, where patrons stood outside and smoked.

“Everybody here seems to agree with the law,” said Charles Schramm, bartender at Yesterday’s. “I love being able to breathe in the air and not have all that smoke.

“Some people just don’t realize how smoking inside affects everything. Some of the bar owners just disregard the law.”

Customers at Yesterday’s expressed gratitude that the bar owner enforces the smoking ban.

“It’s nice not having the smoke,” said a man in Yesterday’s who did not want to be identified. “Especially in a place that serves food.

“I know people like to smoke while they drink and drink while they smoke, but this is much nicer.”

Kelly Wood, a customer at Yesterday’s, said she appreciates the ban and the fact that the bar enforces it.

“I don’t smoke and I haven’t seen anyone smoke in the bar since the ban started,” said Wood. “I agree with it.

“I don’t like to smell like smoke the rest of the night after I leave.”

One patron at the first bar mentioned, who is a nonsmoker, said smoking is to be expected in a tavern.

“It’s like this,” the man said. “If you’re that offended by it, you shouldn’t leave your house. If you want to gripe about something, gripe about taxes.”

Smokers need a leader who's similar to Martin Luther King

Getting smokers to write to their legislators or any otha politicians is just about as tough as the idea of setting up committees (as Garnet tried to do a few years ago). A lotta smokers don't mind venting their fustrations online as well as offline (on the govt and tobacco issues). But a lotta of em are too lazy to actually get off of their arses and do somethang about it.

It is unfortunate that there is nobody in the world of smoking activists who can be an offline leader as well...kinda like a smokers' version of a Martin Luther King person. Cause I bet if older generations of my race acted similar to smokers where they vented their fustrations on 2nd class treatment from W's but they didnt do anythang to fight back, then there's a good bet harassing me for racial reasons would've been normal even today.

But no, blacks in those days weren't lazy, and they actually got up and did somethang about it, thanks to people like MLK who was like one of the black leaders within the USA in those days.

Most smokers in modern times are lazy cause they don't have that MLK-like leader, and a lotta em actually believe antismoking lies. That's anotha difference between the two groups (albeit from two different eras as well). When antis say lies about smokers, a lot of smokers accept those lies as the truth. When people used to say tons of negative thangs about blacks, the blacks didn't accept the negativity as the absolute truth. Unlike smokers, mills of blacks actually challenged the negativity towards us, and mills of them even fought in a literal sense thanks to a leader like MLK.

Since smokers don't have a nationwide leader, the idea of seeing even a million SMOKERS march in DC is a dream at this point. Let alone the idea of seeing mills of smokers sending lettas in the mail to Obama.

I do think some online smoking activists have some leadership qualities. Like Lynda, Gary, and Mike.

PS: When I made my point of "If smokers had a MLK-like leader, you probably WOULD see mills of nationwide smokers taking action against antis" I actually didn't mean to imply that leader must be a bro (or a sis). As long as that person has a personality, goals, and qualities that are similar to MLK (but this person focuses on smokers nationwide instead of "us"), I could care less how that leader for smokers looks. Provided the person ain't ugly-looking.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tobacco companies shouldn't have to pay for someone's decision to smoke

This antismoking logic of "Since the tobacco companies lied for so many years, they must pay!" is bogus. I even read a woman on Topix told her hubby to keep on smoking instead of quit. Cause she thinks she'll be a millionaire when her hubby dies from smoking. O my Fkin God at antismokers' brains!

If a wife thinks she can be a millionaire just by having her hubby die naturally, she would have to prove smoking was the direct cause of his death. Last time I checked, smoking has NEVA been the direct cause of any smoker's death (or any nonsmoker's death).

I know if I was that smoking hubby and I had a wife who can't wait for smoking to kill me so she can sue the tobacco companies and cash in with millions of bucks, I'd probably divorce her greedy arse. Or tell her "Honey, you betta off robbing a bank if you need millions of bucks. Since I'm a smoker and you not, I might actually live a lot longa than you."

Tobacco companies shouldn't be forced to pay a widow(er) millions of bucks only cause their marital partner died as a smoker....and then the widow(er) wants to blame smoking for the death.

I'm glad I ain't in that hubby's shoes. I can't live with a woman who's supposed to be my wife and yet she's looking forward to smoking causing me to die. Well, there's no guarantee smoking causes the death of ANY smoker directly. For her sake, I hope he does die naturally and not in otha ways like falling off of a cliff accidentally.

No big deal to smoke outside? Gimme a break!

"Antismokers want you to believe it's no big deal for smokers to step outside, and they'll get used to it."

Oh, I'm used to it. I'm SOOOO used to it, I gotta find the perfect place to smoke outside without easily being seen by the public. And if the opportunity is there to sneak a smoke inside without getting caught (like on my job), I will smoke inside instead.

Antis are right. I'm one smoker who's used to a smoking ban by now. But it sucks I gotta smoke in the same fashion as someone hiding from cops afta a robbery or murder. If smoking bans weren't around, I'd love smoking freely in public again.

No big deal for smokers to step outside? Well if antis wanna know my honest feelings on that lie, you can just replace "smokers" with whateva word they wanna use to describe my race, and I'd flip if someone told me to step outside as a bro. My reaction would be no different if I was told to take my smoking outside.