Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Smokers Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

February 13, 2009 - Issue #516

"We must all hang together,
or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
- Benjamin Franklin at the signing
of the Declaration of Independence
ACTION ALERT: CALL Obama, he promised no taxes and then taxed smokers. He said no special interests and then helps Big Pharm? Obama at the Whitehouse comment phone number, a person really answers. 202-456-1111

Wyoming: Anti-smoking billboards draw fire before vote. "Here we have a state agency that has put up their billboards, which are clearly intended to influence legislation," said Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, an opponent of the smoke-free bill. Michael J. McFadden suggests, "The Wyoming legislature has only one responsible recourse in the face of this outrageous attempt to influence it via taxpayer money. They should immediately vote to quash any discussion or decision regarding smoking bans for ONE FULL YEAR from whatever date the offending signs are removed with a warning that similar action will be taken again next year if other such offenses are committed."

Brainwashing: Goose-stepping in unison may have been used by the Nazis to help brainwash people into following their cause, a new study suggests. The findings, published in New Scientist, could explain why the likes of Hitler and Mussolini both seemingly had the ability to bend millions of people to their will.

Canada: Since obese people do not hurt anyone else but maybe themselves and since forcing other people to lose weight is not totally socially acceptable…yet, the lifestyle trend setters aka politicized scientists and their pharmaceutical funders, are slowly but surely introducing the notion that obesity is contagious.

USA: In an effort to rein in rising health-care costs, Alabama will start charging a fee to overweight workers who do not take part in free wellness programs. "We are trying to get individuals to become more aware of their health," said Robert Wagstaff of the state insurance board. While some states offer one-time incentives for employees to lose weight, no others penalize overweight workers.
From The Mailbag
ME: Ban smoking in homes with kids? A slippery slope!
MO: 'Show Me' Missourians Won't be Pressured into Bans.
PA: Video reports on the students beating the ban at school.
SD: Senate says NO, kills ban on smoking in public places.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Canada: Crown7 Allows Canadians to Puff without Smoke.
Africa: IPPA Among Top-To Go Think-Tank Globally.
UK: New Labour Party video about the current state of the UK.
UK: Full correspondence between Rich White and the DOH.
UK: Royal Bolton hospital smoking ban starts July 1.
World: International Pipe Smoking Day, Feb. 20. To celebrate the occasion, many pipe clubs and tobacconists across the United States, Europe and elsewhere are staging pipe smoking events at 9:00 p.m. locally to bring together their members and others interested in pipe smoking.
Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
Bugger off! It sounds like a plot concocted by Alfred Hitchcock: cockroaches nestling inside oxygen masks in a hospital intensive care unit and crawling around in the light panels hanging from the ceiling. But this was no horror film. Meanwhile, ICU staff have stopped going out for cigarette breaks via the doctors' offices, Pettit said, "Because we locked the doors and now they cannot open them anymore."

Mandigo charges in nursing home death, after leaving a smoker outside to die in the cold. The Crown maintained that Mr. Mandigo had a duty to provide the necessities of life to Mr. Patterson, and that he had failed in his duty and did so over an extended period of time, and was therefore guilty of criminal negligence and failure to provide the necessities of life.

MO: Council hears pleas on smoking. Gary Nolan, program director and talk show host with KSSZ in Columbia spoke to the council against a smoking ban. Nolan ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in 2004 and currently serves as the U.S. regional director of the Citizens Freedom Alliance and its Smoker's Club.
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Call Obama to complain about SCHIP?

Some smoker online believes calling this comment numba at the White House would make a difference. Here's a copy of the post I found online. It probably would make a difference if smokers called him before he signed SHIT (how I call SCHIP)


CALL Sad Obama, he promised no taxes and then taxed smokers. He said no special interests and then helps Big Pharm? Bad Obama at the Whitehouse comment phone number, a person really answers. 202-456-1111

This is why I DIDNT vote for this joker: He's a liar! He signed S-chip w/o looking at it first and he wants to bail out drug companies (yeah right, like they need it). Thanks Mr. President ...we got to put up with 47 more months with this joker! I consider him a hippocrite since he is a smoker. I guess when you start getting that presidential income and you are still smoking, you don't have to worry about having the money to pay for the sky high cig prices!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cigarette commercials are a classic

Me spent nearly one hour looking at various cig commercials (including commercials of menthol brands) posted online. Those old cig commercials show how times have changed for smokers since the 50s and 60s.

It was funny seeing "walking/talking cigs." That must've been the companies' way of making smoking look appealing to kids and teens back then.

I know those commercials were made in a lotta places I wish I could smoke at in modern times. Like a man going up escalators with a cig in his mouth, and smoking on buses and trains. I even came across a clip from the original version of the Price is Right before Bob Barker ever hosted that show period. And the area of where the contestants are at had a Newport ad on it.

Smoking was not just socially acceptable back then, but it was neat seeing even one game show from the 60's promote a cig brand. I definitely know of Winstons being an old sponsor of the Flintstones. Those Winston commercials with the Flintstones in em were my favorite cig commercials.

I bet antis would flip if cig commercials were still allowed, and they saw cartoon characters smoking any brand in it.

Too bad cig commercials are a definite thang of the past. It would be interesting to see what a cig commercial in the 21st century would still be like if they were neva banned. I'm sure there would be a lot more cig commercials based on light/ultra-light brands...those brands didn't exist before the 70's. You would probably see more of "us" in a modern version of a cig commercial too, particularly if the commercial dealt with menthols like Newport, Kool, or Salem.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you know Obama neva read what SCHIP is about?

Here's a brief comment to go along with the SCHIP topic. I heard that when Obama signed the bill, he didn't even botha to read it first. He just grabbed a pen, signed his name, and that's it.

I dunno how true that rumor is on him not even reading the SCHIP bill before signing it. But if true, at least he exposed a lil quality of trying to be like one of us. A lotta bros and sistas sign thangs without reading the papers first, including myself.

Unless it's a contract-like agreement or a list of rules I have to follow, I don't see the point of reading somethang that ain't important. I just sign it and move on with my life. Besides, most of the time, the text is too darn small to read on most "agreements/ rules" to begin with.

But this SCHIP bill is somethang I would've read first if I was in his shoes. And I bet the text was big enough to read on the bill.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A thought

This is supposed to be Black History Month. But I can't think of any famous Black smokers outside of those that play(ed) sports and smoke cigars. I think MJ is the most well-known brotha that's assosciated with Chicago, and Obama is in a VERY distant second place to me. I'd ratha put Harold Washington in front of Obama on my list. But as far as I know, Harold was neva even a closet smoker unlike Mr. President.

The best fellow Black person I ever met who actually supports smokers rights is Ralph...I think that's his name. I forgot the name of the org he's assosciated with. (I do know this org is located in Chicago, and Garnet was connnected to this org herself, since I was invited to attend an event they had in Oct. 2006)

But I rememba seeing Ralph speak at the offline group meetings we used to have. It seemed like a lotta smokers at those meetings loved hearing him talk about smoking issues. I actually rememba him telling me he spoke to Obama once, and Obama smoked a cig while the two of em talked. I don't recall seeing Ralph himself smoke. But he's a very strong supporter of smokers' freedoms.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

States reluctant to raise cig taxes thanks to the fed tax increase


"Despite the potential for less revenue, states still might raise cigarette taxes to make up for the expected drop in cigarette sales,"

So states are expecting a drop in cig sales when the new fed tobacco tax goes into effect. Makes sense to me. I dunno how raising cig taxes will make up for the drop.

Maybe the states oughta tax otha items for a change to make up for the loss of cig sales. Raising the cig taxes ain't gonna fix sh!t as far as that expected decline in cig sales is concerned.

Thoughts on SCHIP and Obama

Someone online said Obama signed that SCHIP-related bill cause the nation needs money. No sh!t on the nation needing money. But unless alcoholics and fast food lovers had to pay more of their own taxes through SCHIP, depending on smokers to give this nation more money is BS. It's also discriminatory to target a group of smokers.

If the nation needs money, maybe Obama oughta rob a 7-11 if he wants to show his side of being a bro from an urban area. Joking aside, he shouldn't be asking me as a smoker to give the nation money via tobacco taxes. I need money myself, d@mmit! Why the he!! does this guy think most of the people in my community are poor to begin with??

This online person also said Obama promised to neva raise taxes on money earned for families with $250k or less. According to him, Obama neva said he wouldn't raise taxes period. Well, I thought Obama promised not raising any taxes while he ran for President. And even if he actually said in 2008 he would "only" not raise taxes on money earned, raising taxes on a legal product is a nice way to make up for no raise on taxes from earned money.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The media forgot to ask Obama one important Q

I watched Obama's prime time news conference, the first time I've seen this guy speak on TV since November and last month.

The media asked him a lotta Q's about the economy. He even raised his voice at times (while trying to explain his plans and ideas to save the economy) in bro-like fashion minus the vulgarity of course. (When Obama raised his voice at all, that's the only time he actually talked like a bro to me).

But I'm surprised nobody asked Obama this Q tonight.

"Thank you, Mr. President. As bad as the economy is, why do you think it's appropriate to sign the SCHIP bill, which in turn forces ALL tobacco smokers, not just cig smokers, to give their money to the kids? Rememba, Pres. Obama. You promised you would not raise ANY taxes as long as you run this country. I guess that makes you a liar just like most of us Blacks, am I right?"

That sounds like fair Q's for him, and the SCHIP even ties into the economy problems he talked about. Since more and more smokers will be quitting once the tobacco tax increase goes into effect, that means less money for tobacco companies and politicians.

I guess eitha the media and the President himself could care less about SCHIP, or the media don't wanna make him look like he pulled a lie on all Americans.

Smoke clears as controversy over IL ban subsides


Smoke clears as controversy over statewide ban subsides

Feb. 09, 2009, 10:23 am
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By Jon Krenek and Hayley Graham

Most of the controversy surrounding a statewide smoking ban has blown over since Illinois became smoke-free one year ago.

Some restaurant and tavern owners still complain about lost business, but local law and health officials say they have fielded few complaints about smoking as most establishments have complied. An amended law signed by Gov. Pat Quinn to strengthen enforcement will likely have little impact.

"You still aren't allowed to smoke in public places," said Bonnie Schaafsma, administrator of the Kankakee County Health Department. She said the only change is that health and law enforcement officials will now be able to write citations for violations -- which have been few and far between locally.

Previously, the health department fielded about two violations countywide each month, and wrote warning letters, Schaafsma said. The letters will now become tickets with fines attached. The Illinois Department of Public Health will handle the tickets and provide violators for a means of appeal.

Business factor

The owners of On The Rox, 670 W. Station St., Kankakee; and Conrad's Saloon, 106 E. Main St., Ashkum, have different views on how much the ban has affected business. But neither has ever been inspected or cited for a violation of the ban.

Some tavern owners say the smoking ban plus the tough economy is hurting business, and has tempted some to ignore the ban. Business has declined substantially at Conrad's Saloon, owner Steve Conrad said.

"The economy's hurting and then throw (the smoking ban) on top of it, and it's a double whammy," he said.

Conrad said most of his customers, even nonsmokers, oppose the ban. So do many members of the Kankakee Valley Beverage Association, an organization he previously served as president -- many of whom believe the decision should be left to business owners, Conrad said.

But the feeling is not unanimous. Others believe business has remained strong regardless of the ban.

On the Rox, at 670 W. Station St. in Kankakee, opened up January of last year when the smoking ban was already in place. Owner Jeff Ader said it has never caused any problems.

"I personally like it," Ader said. "Business is good, and nobody complains about it."

Making changes

To accommodate the ban, smokers at On the Rox can step outside on a deck behind the business, standing the required 15 feet away from the door. Ader said he has never had any issues with patrons trying to smoke inside the bar, but he has seen it happen at other taverns in the area.

He doesn't believe tavern owners who might allow smoking in their establishments are drawing any of his customers away.

"I think everybody has their own clientele, whether they smoke or not," he said.

Bourbonnais Police Chief Joseph Beard said most businesses have been compliant with the law. But he said police will write citations if they encounter any problems. And regardless of whether the citation comes in the form of a warning letter or ticket, the biggest stick in enforcement remains an establishment's liquor license.

Beard said chronic violators can still lose their license, which is often paramount to a business.

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Your license can still be taken away."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Philip Morris raises their cig prices

Lynda said before how smokers should stop buying PM products. Well here's a new incentive for following her advice. PM is raising their cig prices. The new list of prices for Marlboros goes into effect tomorrow actually.