Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Smokers Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

January 23, 2009 - Issue #513

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself."
- Thomas Paine
Nationalize A Cigarette Smoking Cessation Program?! Dear Sir, If you enjoy smoking, you have this patriot's permission to do so. Most intelligent people are aware that the war on smokers, not smoking, is being financed by the huge drug companies that sell Nicoderm, Nicorette and Chantix. They do not lobby to stop the selling of tobacco products, only to ostracize and shame adult users of a legally sold product.

SCHIP: CONGRESS GETS IN LINE TO TREAT SMOKERS AS NON-PERSONS: It seems that's not enough to put a chill on the plan. Congress, it would seem, has more animus towards adults who choose to smoke than it has towards terrorists. Here's a guy who "cut myself a little slack" for smoking because running for president was stressful who then cuts other indulgers none during the worst, most stressful economic downturn in four generations.

Selective research. By David W. Kuneman. It's simply not true that the only ones who challenge secondhand smoke claims are connected to Big Tobacco. In the early 1980s, the vice president of epidemiology and statistics with the American Cancer Society published two huge studies finding no health risk from secondhand smoke. In 1995, the Library of Congress reviewed all studies published to date and concluded the risks were small to nonexistent. In 2002, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration declared that secondhand smoke was such a minor risk that it was not worth regulating. Does the Post-Dispatch think these are Big Tobacco front groups?
The Truth about Cancer. Scientists should stop trying to cure cancer and start focusing on finding it early. It's the smart way to cheat death.
From The Mailbag
IN: IPCPR Casts Doubt on Need for State Indiana Smoking Ban.
KS: A vote for the ordinance is a vote against business freedom.
MO: Bill Hannegan can't stop huffing and puffing about bans.
MS: Smoke-free casino tops tourist destination study.
SC: Some lawmakers want revision to York County ban proposal.
TX: IPCPR Says Texas Legislator Tilts at Tobacco Windmills.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Canada: Christmas Eve of 2051. By Pierre Lemieux.
Africa: Global Meltdown: Africa Needs Stable Exports.
EU: TICAP. Attempt To Silence Freedom Of Speech.

The Research of David Kuneman
"It does not take a tornado to make fireplace smoke go up your chimney, and it does not take a tornado to keep secondhand smoke out of the nonsmoking section of a restaurant"
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Props goes to this nonsmoker with common sense

This nonsmoker from FL deserves some props for a great article, which is below my comments.

He does a good job of making politicians sound like moolah addicts....they can't get enough of stealing money from smokers! Where are those politicians gonna be at when 1000s (if not mills) of smokers stop buying FSCs?

The next time a politician accuses me of coming from a group of folks where all "we" care about is getting our hands on moolah from otha people, then I might as well say "Welcome to our community. Cause you politicians are just about as bad as some of us when it comes to getting your hands on SMOKERS' money. And you don't give a darn if smokers are poor. You just want their darn money."

I know I'm right, and a politician can't deny it. I dunno where politicians got their greed for smokers' money from. But they couldn't have gotten it from folks in my community, that's for sure! Cause I believe in putting taxes on fast food. Not tobacco.

I know the real reason why they love raising tobacco taxes. That's the govt's way of forcing smokers to quit. And since that didn't work, they're hoping FSCs will make more smokers quit.

At least a politician doesn't have to worry about getting MY money. I haven't bought cigs in IL in 4 years, and Indiana ain't my source for cigs anymore.


http://tinyurl. com/cxzlbq

Send thank-you to smokers for cigarette money

By Frank Cerabino

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Florida Legislator: I am writing this open letter in hopes that
you and your colleagues will take the time to finally acknowledge the
forgotten heroes of the state budget process: Florida smokers.

Where would we be without cigarette money?

Frank Cerabino
The Post columnist offers his take on South Fla. living, news,
events and more...

Admit it, you're all addicted, whether it's in the tax-per-pack form
or as Big Tobacco lawsuit booty. It's the smoke in your annual smoke-
and-mirrors routine of money shuffling.

But have you ever taken the time to thank all the little people out
there, the sooty-lunged patriots among us - many of them poor - who
are literally paying with their lives to keep our leaking ship of
state afloat?

I'm not asking for much recognition. I don't expect a whole week. But
would it kill you to proclaim a Smoker Appreciation Day in Florida?

This bailout comes with not-so-hidden costs

If it makes you feel better, you can read the proclamation outdoors,
maybe huddled near a loading dock or by a back door.

It's the gesture that counts. Practically everybody gets a
proclamation these days, so to continue to snub such a key group of
Floridians is just plain rude.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a smoker. And like many people, I've
become accustomed to living in a smoke-free environment.

Smoking is a nasty habit that leads to a smorgasbord of serious
health problems.

But it also leads to some habit-forming revenue streams.

Only about 30 percent of the existing 34-cents-a-pack state tax on
cigarettes goes toward indigent health care. The rest goes into the
state's general fund.

And now there are plans to raise that tax by an additional $1 per
pack when legislators convene in March.

This week, a Quinnipiac University poll of Floridians found that 72
percent of voters would support raising the cigarette tax to $1.34-
per-pack to help offset the state's $2.4 billion deficit.

But hold on, we're not done.

With historic budget shortfalls looming, you and your colleagues are
also considering a raid on the nearly $2 billion in an endowment fund
created from the settlement Florida received in its lawsuit against
the big tobacco companies.

Even though this Chiles Endowment was envisioned to be used in anti-
smoking education, there are those among you who want to treat this
money as a rainy day fund. If that happens, there will be no shortage
of places where it might go.

A Government Accountability Office study has shown that when states
tap into their Big Tobacco settlement money, only about a third of it
gets spent on health care or tobacco control. The rest, according to
the GAO study, gets spent on budget shortfalls, paying off debt
, education, building projects and other uses.

Think of it as second-hand smoke money.

So the way things are shaping up, smokers are going to bail you out,
one way or another.

Stoke smoking to keep money flowing

They're either going to be paying an extra $1 a pack for their
addiction, or the money that was going to be used to encourage them
to stop smoking will be spent to plug holes in the budget.

Or maybe both things will happen: The anti-smoking money will be
raided and the cigarette tax will go up.

The easiest thing for you to do would also be the cruelest: You could
raid the anti-smoking money so you don't have to raise the cigarette
tax. This would, in effect, encourage a new generation of smokers
(through a lack of education and a more affordable product) to take
up the habit, and thereby give you a more stable flow of future
tobacco tax receipts.

Whatever path you take, it seems likely that smokers will play an
important role.

So the least we could do is offer them a formal thank-you.

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There's also a link to the page for Kick cigarettes posted in my blog's links list.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chicago smoker dies in apartment fire

I heard on the Ch. 7 news this morning about a fire in an apartment on the north side of the city. It happened on Sheridan, that same street on the north side where the Windy City Inn is located.

Firemen said the fire was caused by "careless smoking," and the person in the apartment died in the fire. He was a 72 year-old woman if my memory's right.

"Careless smoking" didn't cause that apartment fire. That person was smoking FSCs. And the FSCs are responsible for that fire.

I've heard of three cigarette-related fires across the nation in less than a month. Including the apartment fire here in Chicago. In the past, I'd hear about only one fire per year caused by smoking. 3 fires in less than a month says a lot about the truth behind FSCs.

Careless smoking....LOL!!! I can't imagine an elderly woman being a careless smoker all of a sudden, sorry to the local media and those firemen.

Can you see a smoker much older than me becoming careless at smoking afta being a smoker for I guess 40+ years? I know I can't see that sh!t happening with a smoker in her early 70s. She had to be a responsible smoker til FSCs came along. Othawise, she would've died much earlier in her life if she WAS a careless smoker.

Those firemen oughta sue Big Tobacco for making fire START cigs.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Citizens Against Fire-Safe Cigarettes

This message from a smoker in KY was shared within the Yahoo smokers rights groups. But I think it's appropriate for my blog too.


I live in Kentucky where FSC went into effect several months ago. My
family and I are all heavy smokers. Without any knowledge or warning
we realized one day that our cigarettes kept going out while we were
smoking them, followed by constant falling embers that burned our
hands. Over the course of the next few weeks we began experiencing
symptoms that include; sore throat, nausea, headaches, panic attacks,
tightness in our chests, excessive coughing, metallic taste in mouth.

After a trip to the local Emergency Room, I was diagnosed with Thrush
and given a round of antibiotics. I completed the antibiotic regimen
and still these symptoms prevailed. It was at this point we found out
that FSC's had replaced our usual cigarettes. In an attempt to save
ourselves from these consequences we started smoking non FSC's and
all of our symptoms miraculously subsided. I live on the border to TN
and it is just as close to drive there, as it is to the nearest town
in Ky. Because I am able to do this, I know for a fact that it is the
FSC's that indeed brought on my symptoms.

Here is a link to a petition with 1,355 names thus far and growing of
smokers who say that these FSC's are making them sick.

http://www.thepetit 1/repeal- fire-safe- cigarette- laws

The facts are that Harvard themselves said that more testing was
needed on the effects these products will have on those who smoke
them. In an attempt to keep from getting the implementation tied up
in Congress, they have set out across the states to set a national
standard a lot quicker. They do not seem to care that smokers are
getting sick from these legislations.

Here is a link to a blog Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes
http://cafsc. blogspot. com/ with some more information on the matter.

Since FSC's became effective in Maine January 1, 2008 your group
needs to be aware that this petition exists. If you or anyone you
know are experiencing any new side effects from fire-safe cigarettes
I encourage you to sign the petition online, and also write to your
state representatives and let them know. Currently this petition is
the strongest source I am aware of to make our voice heard.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Duke
Murray, Kentucky

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Smoekrs Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

January 16, 2009 - Issue #512

"People who complain about taxes can be divided into
two classes: Men and Women."
- Author Unknown
TAKE ACTION! Congress is once again considering a $35 billion expansion of the SCHIP health program funded by a 156% cigarette tax increase. This legislation places an unfair burden on adult smokers. In difficult economic times like these, raising taxes just doesn't make sense! Say NO to Higher Cigarette Taxes!
Freedom Works: Fight tax hikes for socialized medicine! One of the first proposals that the liberals are pushing is a serious step toward government-run health care. They are trying to do this through a massive expansion of the SCHIP program, which would increase taxes on cigarettes to pay for government-run health care!
SCHIP's Tobacco Taxes: An Economic Disaster. By Leonard Stebbins, owner of Dewey Ave Smoke Shop. If Congress considers a bill early in 2009 to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by significantly increasing federal cigarette and tobacco taxes, the fallout from the tax increases will include major sales reductions, massive employee layoffs, numerous store closings and many more robberies because of the much higher value of tobacco products.
Federal Tax Alert: A tax increase may seem counterintuitive in a recession — especially since Obama and congressional Democrats are simultaneously touting tax cuts as part of the cure for the ailing economy.

More Third Hand Smoke Nonsense. By Michael J. McFadden. Judge for yourself: Has the NY Times lived up to its supposed standard of being a reliable paragon of journalistic excellence? Or have they sunk completely into the mixing of editorial opinion and news reporting that would get a high-school journalism student a failing grade?

Smoke Screens: The Truth About Tobacco. By Richard White. The first three chapters of Smoke Screens are available to read here for free. It reviews the exact studies anti-smokers have used, to see whether the hysteria is justified, as well as looking at a number of other factors that are overlooked conventionally.
From The Mailbag
CA: Revives Secondhand Smoke Case Against Apt Complex.
KS: First Reading of Stricter Salina Smoking Ordinance Approved.
ME: Taxes, Baldacci singing an old tune, a tiring one.
VA: IPCPR Warns of Economic Impact from Virginia Smoking Ban.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Canada: Champix side effects prompt 818 complaints.
EU: Employment commissioner Spidla announced no workplace ban during his term of office this year.
UK: ACTION: Join the licensees protest march January 26.
United Nations: The UN's battle to ban smoking in its headquarters doesn't encourage confidence in its ability to enforce will anywhere else, writes Tom Leonard.

The TICAP Conference

1st World Conference Against Prohibition:
"Smoking Bans and Lies"
Brussels, at the European Parliament Building
27/28 January, 2009
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Anti beats up smoker outside of tavern in Madison

If antis online wanna claim smokers neva get beaten up, here's the first online article I came across in a LONG time that deals with a smoker getting beaten up by an ati good.

That smoker who got beaten up got a very good taste of what some in society can do to 2nd clsss folks. The anti's reaction sure rings a bell in my head when the smoker says the chick can do what she wants as a smoker herself. And outta the clear blue sky, the anti starts beating the sh!t outta the male smoker.

An anti like this one deserves to die in an electric chair at best!


man outside tavern

The Capital Times — 1/16/2009 7:33 pm

Casey Arneson may not get the award for Most Righteous Nonsmoker of the Year, but he should probably be a nominee -- depending how you feel about the continuing war between smokers and nonsmokers..

Arneson, 22, won the battle outside of the Depot tavern, at 627 W. Main St., in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, but he may have lost his personal war when he was charged Friday with battery for punching a smoker.

Leandro Reyes, 21, and Hannah Miller were outside the tavern having cigarettes along with others from the establishment, when Arneson, who knows Reyes as a schoolmate from Madison Area Technical College, came by.....

Arneson, the criminal complaint against him says, told another female smoker, "You really shouldn't be smoking."

Reyes later told police he responded to Arneson by saying, "Why don't you leave her alone, she can smoke if she wants to."

That apparently greatly upset Arneson, who walked over to Reyes and punched him in the face with a close fist, knocking him to the ground, the criminal complaint against Arneson says.

"While Reyes was on the ground and unable to defend himself, Arneson punched him several more times," the complaint says.

Hannah Miller gave a similar account of Arneson's actions and said after he knocked Reyes to the ground, Arneson continued to pummel Reyes until others pulled him off and broke things up. Arneson walked away. Reyes told police a day later his face still hurt.