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The Property Rights Newsletter

December 18, 2009 - Issue #551

"Power is what men seek and any group that gets it will abuse it."
- Lincoln Steffens
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Court News: Tobacco companies win partial legal victory in Canada. A divided British Columbia Court of Appeals panel overturned part of a lower court's ruling that the federal government could not be drawn in by the industry as a third party defendant in cases over the health costs associated with smoking and the promotion of "light" cigarettes. The tobacco industry has long argued that government should share in any responsibility for damages because they were "partners" in the sale of tobacco by keeping it legal and collecting tax revenue from it.

The usual clueless complaints about spending on anti-smoking. By Carl V. Phillips. Of course it does not seem terribly likely that the activists clamoring for more state spending want any of it directed to THR since both they and the states have a history of wanting to just do more of what they have been doing even though the marginal value has diminished to zero.

Cigarette packets with serious health warnings could actually encourage people to continue smoking, research suggests. According to a study, smokers who are continually confronted with warnings that cigarettes kill actually develop coping mechanisms to justify continuing their habit. Comparatively, if smokers are shown warnings suggesting the habit could make them unattractive, they are more likely to give up.
From The Mailbag
NY: Law prohibits chewing tobacco at Oneida County properties.
TN: Tennessee smokers could face more restrictions.
USA: U.S. adult smoking rate rises slightly. Cigarette smoking rose slightly for the first time among Americans in almost 15 years.
USA: Video: Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West. You'll be glad you did. If this doesn't get you charged, nothing will.
USA: Video: Jimmy Vaughan - Down with Big Brother.
UK: Video: Message to smokers from Keep Britain Tidy.
UK: Video: Save Our Pubs And Clubs. Thanks to the smoking ban, thousands of pubs and clubs in Britain are under threat of closure.
Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! CA: South San Francisco man stabs roommate over smoking. Castro pulled out a folding knife and began attacking his roommate, Lee said. He was stabbed about eight times in the head, neck and face.
OH: Babysitter guilty of burning boy's fingers. She had burnt the boy’s fingers as a punishment for smoking cigarettes. The child victim’s mother, 37-year-old Michelle M. Worthington of Wilmington, previously was sentenced in the incident to four years in prison for permitting child abuse. Her boyfriend, 39-year-old William L. Ballard of Wilmington, was sentenced in the incident to one year in prison for permitting child abuse. Worthington and Ballard reportedly witnessed the finger-burning, according to Clinton County Prosecutor Rick Moyer.
PA: A Dover man who stepped outside of a downtown York restaurant to smoke a cigarette was robbed at gunpoint.
More Ban Damage: Deaths, Injuries, Rape, and more! How many people have to die or be hurt before the Antis realize that smoking bans are a bad idea, and dangerous to people?
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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