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The Property Rights Newsletter

December 11, 2009 - Issue #550

"Mind Your Business"
- The very first motto on a U.S. Minted Coin
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Croatia: By Euan Ferguson. What have the Balkans ever done for us? Until I saw this picture, I would have said pretty bloody little. Anger, wars, vampires, evil food, poisoned rivers, dictators, distrust, revenge and fear and it still features the only part of the world – mad northern Albania – where I've been offered a handgun for protection in a hotel because they'd lost the bedroom key. But Croatia rebelled against its bar/cafe smoking ban and simply kept on smoking. The ban has now been revoked. Plucky little Balkans. There is hope.
From The International Mailbag
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! The Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity: The Declaration is a Statement of Principles calling for the return to the Scientific Method as the guiding qualifier for the definition of a study as scientific. It centres around epidemiology and toxicology and covers topics such as alcohol, obesity and passive smoking.
Canada: Supreme battle brewing. A generous offer by one of Canada's weightiest law firms has reinvigorated the central figure in an eight-year crusade against anti-smoking legislation.
South Korea: Bans smoking in public places from 2011.
Wales: Report Claims that Smoking Ban Reduced Heart Attacks But Fails to Present Data, Which Show an Increase in the Expected Number of Heart Attacks.
The World: David vs Goliath: Tobacconists Condemn Irresponsibility of W.H.O. Report on Smoking. The anti-smoking report was issued in Istanbul, Turkey by WHO, a ‘specialized agency’ of the United Nations. The agency receives more funding from the private sector than it does from the UN. Private sector funding of WHO includes pharmaceutical interests, including those that manufacture and sell smoking cessation products and benefit from anti-smoking efforts. WHO does not reveal its funding sources on its website.
From The USA Mailbag
AK: Sarah Palin, "Instead of supporting a much-talked-about smoking ban at the time, though, I just stopped going to that restaurant. It eventually went smoke-free on its own, which is the way things like that should work."
IL: Joliet smoking conviction reversed by higher court. Now pending cases will have to be dismissed.
IN: Indianapolis says NO to bar and workplace smoking ban.
MI: State Rep. Matt Lori is working with a bipartisan group of House lawmakers to figure out a new strategy for getting a smoking ban signed into law.
MI: Lawmakers pass smoking ban; casinos exempt. The bill now goes to Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
MS: Study that Reported a 27% Decline in Heart Attacks in Starkville Due to Smoking Ban Wasn't Actually a Study; Analysis Hasn't Yet Been Conducted. Instead, what happened is that the researchers disseminated a pre-determined conclusion about the effect of the smoking ban, without having the patience to wait for the actual data and conduct the analysis. "To go public with results now, before the data is even collected, is a corruption of science for the pursuit of political ends and unfortunately all too typical for today's anti-smoking movement."
USA: Bars say it's 'good business' to ignore smoking bans.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
USA: State "Smoker Protection" Laws. Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have laws in effect elevating smokers to a protected class.
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