Thursday, December 31, 2009

North Carolina's new smoking ban for private businesses

I wouldn't mind telling NC personally I hate communism. I'd tell em by blowing smoke in the face of the person/people who pushed for their new smoking ban in privately owned businesses.

At least blowing smoke in the face intentionally is a non-violent way of getting my point across. hee hee

Wha's the point of going out to hospitality businesses when I can't smoke i em? Dey don't mind taking my money by patronizing in the joint. Well if you gonna take my money, don't flip when I light up my cig. Don't get shocked like I walked in here and held up the place instead.

Dat "Dey" applies to ALL states with smoking bans. Not juz NC.

(Below is from Lynda Farley:The same smoking activist with her Liberty Van.)


Hi All, so sad, but starting January 2, I will begin boycotting North Carolina. On that day, they will secede from the United States of America, and join The People's Republic of America, when their unconstitutional ban of a legal activity in PRIVATELY OWNED business establishments takes effect.

I don't think it's FAIR for only the bars and restaurants to pay for the stoopid smoking bans, so I will also quit shopping at Food Lion, as they are based there. I will stop shopping ANYWHERE in North Carolina, as much as possible stop buying any products and produce FROM North Carolina, and stop buying gas there too.

If they don't like my smoke, they don't like ANY of my money. I hope lots of folks will join me in voting with their dollars, and everyone LET PEOPLE and ESPECIALLY BUSINESSES in N. Carolina know that you won't support COMMUNISM in the USA. I will update the BOYCOTT map on Jan. 2 SMOKERS-BOYCOTT/
You are welcome to forward and cross post this.
Lynda Farley

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Billy said...

Smokers please pass this along lets make them eat what they try to justify! Ok Smokers let’s give up. Yes we fully agree that second hand smoke has affected millions in the US with all forms of smoking related illnesses brought about by employment where smoking was allowed. So since this was a occupational hazard induced by employment then all these people should receive workers compensation for it! Yeper , free medical screenings for life. Free medical care for life, compensation for any loss of occupational wages, compensation for pain and suffering, free burial expenses, full coverage till the day they die! How many people have ever received a dime of workers compensation for second hand smoke exposure? Well my goodness the health care professionals would have to change their tune along with the legislators as if they really believe what they say there could be no argument as to not justifying payment to these workers! Well we all know what would happen don’t we? Yes anti smokers would lose their jobs in a flash to never be heard from again! Yes do it, the NEWEST MONEY TRAIN TO TAKE FROM compliments of the anti smokers that will now loose everything as legislators will be saying what in the H did we do in opening pandors box!