Friday, December 18, 2009

Iowa: Bill seeks to prevent cig sales to minors

Here's a stupid-arse page from the Des Moines Register if you in the mood to read words dat in support of the PACT Act.

for the page.

Kids don't necessarily have to buy cigs off of the net anyway. Dey can buy single cigs (or actual packs) from folks in the streets who sell cigs illegally. I know seeing people sell even individual cigs to teens is common around me. Teens over the years have asked me for cigs before when dey saw me smoking Newports. It ain't a big deal to me if I give a cig to a teen who asks for one. Dere are more important issues out here than underage smoking.

The PACT Act will not prevent kids from getting cigs. Don't forget about the bootleggas with packs out here and the cig black market in general.

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