Monday, December 7, 2009

I hate smoke-free hospitals!

I got my first-ever taste of being at a hospital where you can't even smoke outside anywhere on the campus. I was at Oak Forest Hospital.

All I can say is if lots of hospitals/colleges have smoke-free campuses now, I'm glad my student days are over.

I waited for almost 6 hours juz to see a thyroid doctor for a 10 am appointment. By the time it got to be 2 pm, the only thang on my mind was finding a way to have a cig. I was feeling very impatient while waiting, and the fact I needed a cig made me wanna get rude if someone wanted to talk to me.

Since I couldn't even smoke outside, the only option I had was simple. Find the nearest restroom in the area of the hospital dat's very quiet. It sure is funny I had to sneak a smoke in a restroom in criminal fashion. Which included me using the tall trash can in the room and prop it up against the door from the inside.

When I lit dat baby up, it felt d@mn good, and I thought I was in heaven. I was surprised I smoked almost a whole cig in only 2-3 mins. And when I was done, I put the trash can back where I found it, and I looked both ways before leaving the room. And I left it in normal fashion, like nothang happened.

I actually did feel bad a lil bit being a "bad boy." But hey, dat cig was a must for me if anyone in the hospital wanted to talk to the Good Jay I am on a normal basis. I can go 2 hrs without smoking easily. But going 5 hrs without smoking means I need one if anyone doesn't wanna see me get rude and arrogant. I felt like myself again afta I had dat cig.

I wish smokers' hospitals existed. I dunno wha's wrong with smokers having their own businesses since there was a time where "we" lived in segeration (very smilar to segeration among smokers in the 21st century) but businesses specifically for Blacks still existed.

I guess to Big Daddy, the difference between me as a smoker and as a so-called American is "You can't quit being black. But you CAN quit smoking."

Well with all due respect, based on the way I was enjoying the cig in CO fashion at the hospital, smoking is a part of me juz like my color. Some politicians need to try living in a smoker's shoes one day. A CIG smoker's shoes dat is since politicians still smoke cigars.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Great job Jay, I would've done the same if I were in your shoes that day! I can only imagine how much outdoor college campus smoking bans are disobeyed at colleges that have either passed such a rule, or have a statewide law prohibiting outdoor smoking at college campuses(Iowa and Arkansas are the only 2 states w/such a law, for now).

Google Eastern Tennessee State University or University of Arkansas, if you want to do a search on colleges where outdoor bans have been greatly ignored!