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The Property Rights- Newsletta

The Property Rights Newsletter

November 20, 2009 - Issue #547

"The Hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who,
in time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."
- Dante, "The Inferno"
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Tobacco Retailers Challenge News Reports on Roll-Your-Own, Pipe Tobaccos. The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association came out swinging today by challenging news reports regarding the labeling switch of some roll-your-own tobacco brands to pipe tobacco by their manufacturers and claims that pipe tobaccos, which have been flavored for more than five centuries, are designed to appeal to minors. "The anti-smoking forces once again are getting their underwear in a twist by reaching for straws in their attempts to besmirch our mom-and-pop members," said Gary Pesh, president of the IPCPR. Pesh also is owner of a chain of retail tobacco stores in Virginia. "We the retailers didn’t make the marketing switch and we never market to or sell any kind of tobacco products to children."

American Cancer Society Lying to Public While Playing Politics; Does the Truth No Longer Matter? By Michael Siegel. It is also not true that the tobacco companies have long used the flavors banned by this legislation to lure kids to start smoking. There was one episode in which R.J. Reynolds introduced a few candy-flavored cigarette varieties but these were removed from the market. Other than that, the only flavor that has long been used by tobacco companies to lure kids to smoking is menthol. An that's not covered by the ban. So the American Cancer Society is full of crap when they assert that the cigarette flavors they seek to ban have long been used to lure children to start smoking.

The puritanical agenda behind the crusade against smoking. By Basham and Luik. Preventing people from smoking in public was never about real health risks - that is, it was never about protecting non-smokers so much as it was about stigmatising smoking and smokers and making it difficult for them to smoke. So with the science of second-hand smoke now never discussed, the anti-tobacco movement feels confident in moving the argument forward and revealing the starkness of its real agenda.
From The Mailbag
IA: West Burlington bar owner Duncan ready for day in court.
KY: Crestview Hills urging Boone, Kenton and Campbell County fiscal courts to adopt regional legislation prohibiting indoor smoking in public buildings.
MS: Senatobia Aldermen say NO, extinguish smoking ban in city.
OH: A group of Ohio hospitality industry business owners and concerned citizens met last Friday to discuss allegations of election fraud surrounding the SmokeFree Ohio Petition Initiative in 2006.
SC: Florence City Council says NO, votes down proposed ban.
SC: Greenwood’s ban being ignored in bars. Antis not happy.
SC: Richland County, Bingo fight lights up over smoking ban, Two competitors sue each other. County has issued no tickets.
USA: Shoot the fat guys, hang the smokers. By Joe Bageant.
USA: United States Marine Corps 234th Birthday Tribute.
Beware the Adverse Effects of Cigarette Taxes on Kids: Study Suggests Anti-Smoking Groups Should Re-Think Their Knee-Jerk Support for Tax Increases.
UK: If you own a pub in the UK, join the Pub Revolution.
UK: NHS Trust Removes Latest Anti-smoking Propaganda.
The Smoking Ban song
By Terry and the Gang
(Caution: contains strong language.)
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