Friday, November 20, 2009

PACT Act Passed by Senate Committee

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PACT Act Passed by Senate Committee

By Mehgan Belanger

November 19, 2009 -
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With unanimous support, S. 1147, the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT Act) was approved yesterday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and will head to the full Senate.

If passed, the bill would prevent illegal untaxed cigarette trafficking and access to tobacco products by youth by prohibiting online and mail-order sales of tobacco. If the bill is signed into law, its regulations would go into effect 90 days following the enactment by the president, according to the version passed yesterday by the committee.

The PACT Act was passed in the House in May.

The Coalition to Stop Contraband Tobacco -- a group made up of several trade associations, public officials and a unit of a major tobacco company, among others -- gathered on Capitol Hill earlier this week to urge the committee to pass the legislation.

Some trade association members of the Coalition to Stop Contraband Tobacco include NACS, AWMA, FMI, NATO, NATSO, PMAA and SIGMA. Altria Client Services, a division of Altria Group, is also a member of the coalition on behalf of Philip Morris USA and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.

"At the very time when states have undertaken extraordinary efforts to restrict minors' access to cigarettes and continue to increase cigarette excise taxes, the Internet still offers minors a virtually risk-free and attractively priced means to easily obtain them," Hank Armour, president and CEO of NACS, said in a statement ahead of the committee's passage. "The PACT Act addresses long-standing concerns that law-abiding neighborhood convenience stores have with respect to tax evasion and underage sales."


Paul said...

I oppose the PACT ACT. Why are smokers always being singled out and discriminated against? What happened to our HUMAN RIGHTS to choose what effects our life? What happened to WE THE PEOPLE? It's not WE THE PEOPLE anymore; it’s WE THE GOVERNMENT CHOOSE TO DO ON TO YOU ANYTHING WE WANT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. This is what it's coming to. What happened to FREEDOM?
We the American People have become so complacent that we lost our backbone to stand up to the Government and just say ENOUGH.
This PACT ACT is just one of the many FREEDOMS that our Government will work to take away from WE THE PEOPLE unless we all stand together and say, WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE SAY ENOUGH !!

Please click my name above to sign a petition to stop the PACT ACT.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I also oppose the PACT Act. The way I feel is that the only ones who would benefit from the passage of the PACT act would be the big tobacco companies. The smaller companies would go out of business due to the fact that they do not have the ability to distribute to the retail stores like big tobacco. With the passage of this bill the big tobacco companies could raise their prices & they would not have to worry about competition from the mail-order companies.

Not to mention that the USPS, Fed Ex & any other shipper makes money by mailing tobacco products & they keep more people working & off of unemployment. Other more dangerous items get mailed all of the item, yet there is no law prohibiting their shipment. I have seen sites where you order car batteries, which contain acid, motor oil & car care products yet they can be sent via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS.

The US Government has more pressing issues to worry about besides the passage of this bill.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how kids are buying cigarettes on-line ? Isn't a charge card of some sort required ? How do kids get charge cards ?

Shawn said...

Ok, so the reason this law is apparently being passed is somehow kids can get a credit card even though their under the age of 18 (which as far as I am aware, its illegal to issue a credit card to minors, if not, It should be) and apparently use that card to purchase cigarettes online, when they could just ask some random bloke on the street to buy them a pack and give them the money. So instead of trying to avoid immediate sales behind the parents of said individuals back, we are banning the shipment of packages to a house where the parents are obviously going to know about it? Sounds like another line of BS from the government to me. Sales of flavored cigarettes to stores are not going to aid or hinder underage smoking. In fact, all banning of certain cigarette flavors is going to do is piss people of legal smoking age off.

Long story short, stop focusing on limiting our rights and start focusing on the REAL issues. Like our 'it not a war but we gonna call it war on terrorism anyways, lawlz' in countries that have nothing to do with the whole thing anyways. Or perhaps our HUGE issue of our government employing those who solely seek to help themselves by being in the government. The government is NOT a job, It's a responsibility meant for those who intend to HELP the country, not those who want to make a paycheck, which is why I would never be a part of the government.