Monday, November 16, 2009

My 2 cents on electronic cigs

I neva said much about electronic cigs (e-cigs) on here. Well, I dunno why so many smokers like the e-cigs. Dose cigs ain't the real deal when it comes to smoking. When I smoke, I wanna feel minty smoke in me. I wanna SEE minty smoke on my exhales. I wanna taste mint-flava'd tobacco too on my drags.

E-cigs is for a smoker who smokes just for the nicotine. But even with me as a smoker with an urban side to my personality, I know darn well dere's more to smoking than just getting the nic. No offense to e-cig smokers. But me ain't gonna get the same feeling and pleasure from smoking an e-cig vs. smoking a normal cig.

Enjoy your fake cigs while dey legal in the USA. Whatcha gonna do if/when e-cigs get banned? I hope grow your own tobacco so you can enjoy smoking real sh!t. At least growing your own tobacco is betta than smoking e-cigs and FSCs,


gmarko said...

I actually use these on a daily basis, after smoking for more then 10 years. It's the only thing closest to smoking, but is actualy much healthier. I quit "real smoking" for over 6 months. It's also much cheaper!

Cigarette Monkey said...

E-cigarettes come in all kinds of flavors including mint.As far as the smoke is concerned not all e-cigs are the same, with some creating a nice amount of vapor that you still get a mouthful of smoke.