Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids are always gonna get cigs if dey wanna smoke

It's a joke if Big Daddy thinks dis bill will put an end to youth smoking. Some of dose politicans need to visit a town like mine more often. It's normal to see a kid smoking cigs for me. Neva mind kids who do drugs and drink.

I rememba the smoking ban in itself was supposed to stop youth smoking in dis town as well as the whole state of IL. When a teen girl asks me for a cig, a light, or both, I can only laugh at the idea of fewer kids smoking in my area alone afta a almost 4 year old smoking ban for the Chicago area!

(To me, I've been living under a smoking ban since 2006. The state ban is juz like the city ban. Cept the IL state ban includes no smoking in taverns/clubs.)

I'm sure most kids and teens neva heard of buying cigs online around here. So I guess most of em wouldn't care if a bill passed. There are quicka ways for a kid to get cigs without depending on the USPS. And I mean ways dat go beyond stealing cigs from their parents/siblings/friends. LOL!!

Bootleggas who depend on buying cigs online is a different story. Although dey got an alternative way to get cartons without necessarily buying em offline.

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