Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ohio voter fraud

Dis vid may be related with Ohio. I actually watched most of dis vid. But when I heard about felons collecting sigs for a judge and threats dat likely came from the antismoking side, I agree the Ohio ban should be repealed.

The fact felons were collecting sigs for petitions is illegal in itself. I wonder if dose felons got paid for collecting sigs. Cuz I can't imagine any street person collecting sigs for a petition on antismokers' behalf. Unless you show him/her a briefcase with money in it. (Not a briefcase literally. But I know felons don't do voluntary work without getting moolah from someone.)

According to my understanding, the Ohioans voted for their state smoking ban. So I guess dis vid is evidence of voter fraud dat went on in O-he!!o as some smokers call it.

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