Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Copy of my sig on the petition

Here's a copy of my sig I juz posted on the petition for the record. I indented it for easier reading on here.

Dis bill might make cig/tobacco heists offline go up even more. I mean when you think about it, if someone can't buy cig cartons online, dat person has only 2 options in order to keep living as a smoker. Eitha pay LOTS MORE just for one carton offline, or simply look into going the route of stealing cigs in stores/gas stations.

A person also has the option of buying packs from cig dealers in the streets in my town if you smoke Newport 100s particularly. A person could also drive outta his/her home state to "save" on cigs. But if smokers still had the option to buy cigs online, dey could save time and money on gasoline by not driving outta state.

I've been buying cartons online for 10 years. I know how much money I saved on buying cartons as well as the money I saved on not traveling to buy cigs offline. Did I mention I'm gonna miss smoking the cheapa brands dat I can't buy anywhere offline? Brands like Kick and Seneca? Who the fock wants to go back to paying 60-100 bucks for a carton when he/she is used to paying only 15-25 bucks for a carton cheapa cig brand over the years?

Antis argue buying cigs online is tax evasion. Tax evasion my butt. It's more like me saving money instead of giving into pressure from "Big Daddy" to quit smoking juz cuz of high offline cig prices. I'll decide for myself if I ever want to quit, thank you. Don't force me to quit by taking away my right to buy my cartons online! I'll do wha it takes to get cigs offline if I have to. And don't think I'm playing (joking) on more smokers stealing packs and cartons offline.

Cig heists actually went up back in April, when Obama's tobacco tax hike went into effect. Don't get me started on dat liar for a President! And BTW, I'm a REAL Black person. Obama is a fake bro, and I'd make a betta Black President than him!

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