Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The calls are coming in from what I heard

Note for Allan: I deleted the double post you left as a comment on my post right below dis one. Yeah, I still have moderation turned on for comments on here. If antis wanna bash smokers who have no desire to quit smoking, dey can attack the smokers at Topix instead.

I believe someone can still leave posts as anonymous on here. But I still gotta approve their comments before anyone can read em.

I did hear dat Senator is getting LOTS of calls. He even said a lotta of the otha Senators are getting several calls too. Lots of calls is good news in itself!

It's funny I can buy movies, games, and even TVs online. But Big Daddy wants to make it illegal to buy cig cartons online. Buying cartons online saves me time and money! I hope a certain friend of mine will be able to experience buying cartons online before it's too late so to speak.

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