Friday, November 6, 2009

AL: Smokers Ignore Park Ban


I'm sure the lady speaking in dis editorial is a nonsmoker. I have a perfect solution for dis antismnoking chick. Why don't you and your kids stay home? Or go to a park where the ban IS being enforced?

As Fked up as she sounds in dis article about smokers not caring about otha folks' health and sh!t, I'm sorry if you hate seeing smokers ignore a park smoking ban. Last time I checked, the smokers in my area are no different. I've seen smokers ignore a STATE smoking ban by smoking inside pedways towards train stations late at night.

And if ignoring smoking bans makes me a law-breaker, then so be it. I guess dat makes me a smoking ho? LOL!!! I'm gonna be me. And if you don't like me ignoring bans, then you can leave me and my business alone. I'd ignore a park smoking ban myself. Nobody is forcing kids to be around smokers who are rude to antis. So the kids can go somewhere else!

I can think of much worse law breaking than ignoring a park smoking ban. And I dare a B like dat to tell a smoker to put it out. Based on the way she makes those AL smokers sound, dey a lot similar to smokers in the streets by me.

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