Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 minutes is all it took for the Senate discussion

Dis is the closest thang I could find for an update on the PACT Act,

You'll have to read dis thread at the forum for


I ain't copying someone else's messages from the forum on here. I still know about respecting othas' writing unless I'm given permission from the person to share it on the net. Although I'm actually the cigreviews forum moderator with the most powers on dere.


Jason T said...

I notice how my blog has been receiving lots of traffic since Nov. 18th. On dat day, my blog got 100 hits in one day! Dat's obviously a record for one day on my blog. But I don't even think a smoking fetish board gets 50-100 hits in one day.

I know my blog's URL is on Facebook, and I'm sure some of my family and friends are reading dis blog emselves. Not just dose who are against the PACT Act.

BTW, a few nonsmokers hate the PACT Act too cuz dose nonsmokers hate the way the USA is now more like "We the Politicians" instead of "We the People."

Jason T said...

I stand corrected. Based on my memory of moderating smoking fetish boards in my 20's, some of dose boards averaged well over 100 hits/day. Smoking Ladies Board is one of them. Michael C. moderates dat board now.

I know today, my blog has more than 70 hits and counting.