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The Property Rights Newsletter

October 9, 2009 - Issue #543

"There are times when silence has the loudest voice."
- Leroy Brownlow
Total silence from the antismoking mass media droids. By Thomas Laprade. If the intention of "public health" is to inform the public about the consequences of smoking on health as it proclaims, why don’t we see "warnings" such as: "Smoking Protects against Parkinson’s Disease," or "Smoking protects against Alzheimer’s Disease," or "Smoking protects against Ulcerative Colitis" and so on, alongside with the other speculations on "tobacco-related" disease? Isn’t the function of public health to tell the citizens about ALL the effects on health of a substance? Obviously not. "Public health," today, is nothing more than a deceiving propaganda machine paid by pharmaceutical and public money to promote frauds, fears, and puritanical rhetoric dressed up in white coats.

Why Do Schizophrenics Smoke Cigarettes? By Dirk Hanson. Of particular interest is the interaction between nicotine and dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex. Several of the symptoms of schizophrenia appear to be associated with dopamine release in these brain areas. A 2005 German study concluded that nicotine improved cognitive functions related to attention and memory. “There is substantial evidence that nicotine could be used by patients with schizophrenia as a ‘self-medication’ to improve deficits in attention, cognition, and information processing and to reduce side effects of antipsychotic medication.”

Michael Siegel: Yet Another Supposed Public Health Victory from the FDA Tobacco Law Goes Down the Tubes: Ban on "Light" Cigarettes Will Have No Effect. Either way, the rest of the story is that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' and other anti-smoking groups' promises about the FDA tobacco legislation were false promises. They were pure propaganda, rather than science-based or evidence-based claims. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.
From The Mailbag
IN: Second hand medical intervention. Court: Employer must pay for weight-loss surgery. The Indiana Court of Appeals decision, coupled with a recent Oregon court ruling, could make employers think twice before hiring workers with health conditions that might cost their companies thousands of dollars at a shot down the road.
NV: From the right, a new source of news. Activist says service will be objective in how it writes, not in what it writes about. Chuck Muth, "If I write, it will be news reporting - no adjectives, adverbs or bias."
PA: Proposed Cigar Tax Burns Pennsylvania Tobacconists.
TN: Silo Cigars Celebrates First Anniversary in Farragut, TN Oct. 15.
WA: This could be the only good thing to come out of this recession, raiding the MSA funds and all the anti programs go bankrupt.
USA: The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association.
Canada: Ontario trucker fined for smoking in rig. Police fined a driver $305 for smoking in his rig, which the law considers his workplace. “I mean, where are they going to stop? It’s ridiculous. That’s his environment, that’s his home, he’s by himself . . . This has just crossed the line. There’s got to be limits.”
UK: 21st October, licensees meeting in Oxfordshire.
UK: Inez Ward to advise BII on tied pub tenant training.
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