Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ontario trucker fined or smoking in rig

WINDSOR, Ont. — Truckers from across Canada were fuming Wednesday night as word spread that Ontario police fined a driver $305 for smoking in his rig, which the law considers his workplace.

“It’s just going too far,” said Larry Jespersen, a driver from Calgary .

“I mean, where are they going to stop? It’s ridiculous. That’s his environment, that’s his home, he’s by himself . . . This has just crossed the line. There’s got to be limits.”

Me couldn’t agree more with this entire portion of the article. It shouldn’t cost 305 bucks for a trucker to smoke in his rig. Dat’s probably the equivalent of the cost for 3 cartons in Canada .

A trucker’s ring is more like HIS space, and HIS world. And if a cop has nothing betta to do but walk into his world and give him a fine for smoking, then dat IS going too far.

I wouldn’t blame a cop for attacking me afta I ring his doorbell and I “fine him” for drinking in his home and/or for making love with his lady. Sh!t, I wouldn’t even blame him for shooting me in his home. So what makes it perfectly legal for a cop to enter a trucker’s “home” and visit his ring unexpectedly?

Dat trucker oughta dispute dat fine. But good luck in finding an attorney who views smokers as first-class people who deserve certain freedoms.

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