Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Jordan fined for smoking a cigar in San Fran

My bad for the delay in seeing this (since it was posted in the Maine group). But I'd be outraged if I was in Jordan's shoes. Those antis in CA are so bad, they don't give a sh!t if you a celeb. As long as you smoking on a golf course (of all places), you going down with a fine.

Seems like it's getting tougha to enjoy a smoke even in the outdoor public. Just one good reason why I'll neva step foot in CA ever in my life. Enforing an outdoor smoking ban is a waste of time to put it nicely.

(If you think fining a celeb for smoking a cigar outdoors is bad, imagine an undercover cop approaching ME outside, thinking I was selling a single cig to someone. I told dat bro "I'm not selling packs or anythang else." If I was a drug or gun dealer, I would've seen him coming up to me then. Threatening to get me busted for selling ONE CIG to a sista is totally Fked up. There are more serious law-breakers out here to worry about.)
[mainerights] Michael Jordan threatened with fine
Friday, October 9, 2009 11:19:00 PM

http://www.examiner .com/x-14056- Milwaukee- Golf-Examiner~ y2009m10d9- Michael-Jordan- threatened- with-fine- at-Presidents- Cup-Team- US-takes- early-lead

Michael Jordan got a new nickname from a certain city of San Francisco official on Thursday. "Spare the Air Jordan" was coined as the city of San Francisco sent a formal complaint to the PGA and threatened to levy a fine against the US Team's captain's assistant Michael Jordan. Why? Jordan was smoking a cigar. The monumental fine was only a $100 total, which Jordan could pay nearly a million times over, and the spectacle was used more as a political statement, that the hippies in San Francisco will enforce their anti-tobacco smoking rules to anyone, even a celebrity. Interestingly enough, the city of San Francisco threw a fit over Jordan's cigar on a golf course (not a totally unheard of concept), yet they play home to more "medical" marijuana shops than nearly any other city in the world. Apparently, smoking tobacco is a disgusting violation of rights, but smoking pot and getting stoned are well within the rights of a San Francisco resident. The entire scenario has further enhanced the perception that certain parties in San Francisco and California are becoming more and more controlling by legislating their own liberal opinions and becoming further out of touch with reality.

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