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The Property Rights Newsletter

September 25, 2009 - Issue #541

"It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the
ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each
dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own."
- Herbert Hoover
UK NHS antismoking ads: This past week took things to a new level though as the Antismokers' highly paid PR machine produced a slick special effects video showing what fun it is to literally beat a smoker to a bloody death....
NHS Birmingham East and North is hoping the campaign will get through to "hard to reach" smokers – specifically white males aged 35-55 in the C2DE socio-economic category – living in the most deprived parts of the area.

WHILE... Anger as visitors flout St Richard's Hospital smoking ban at hospital. "It is not just the visitors, people are sat outside in wheelchairs smoking. I have complained several times to the reception staff, sitting literally two metres away from the smokers, who have informed me they are aware of the problem but there is nothing they will do about it." Smokers are standing underneath the banner which says no smoking.
From The Mailbag
NY: Mayor Doesn’t Always Live by His Health Rules. HE dumps salt on almost everything, even saltine crackers. He devours burnt bacon and peanut butter sandwiches. He has a weakness for hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken, washing them down with a glass of merlot. And his snack of choice? Cheez-Its.
NY: Anti-Smoking Groups' Scientific Arguments Don't Hold Water.
WV: Health Board says NO, Votes Down Berkeley County Smoking Ban, and Butch Pennington Smokers Rally. The board also felt that the issue was a matter of freedom of choice, and if people don’t like to be around smokers than they should stay away.
Scotland: National Association of Cig Vending Machine Operators.
South Africa: Smoking laws... the new apartheid. By David Bullard.
UK: Campaign alert with artist David Hockney and Simon Clark.
UK: Simon Eldon-Edington, California dreaming - about the ban.
USA: When you thought you'd seen it all... Jon Stewart on ACORN.
The World: The myth of the smoking ban health miracle. By Christopher Snowdon. Restrictions on smoking around the world are claimed to have had a dramatic effect on heart attack rates. It's not true. Although the story quickly went around the globe, no one seems to know where the figure came from. It’s all rather strange. Basing journalism on anonymous sources is commonplace in the world of politics, but it is surely not necessary in the realms of science.
Top Ten Reasons
Not to Raise Tobacco Taxes

John Nothdurft, The Heartland Institute.
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