Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh I'm still around. Having a lady cuts out a lotta of my time online. But me still very interested in supporting smokers rights and smoking activists. Sh!t, I can't even see myself losing an interest in being an actual smoker at ANY point in my ife.

Maybe I'll get into the habit of doing somethang Garnet used to mainly do (aside from her posting the newslettas). She used to particularly post tobacco-related articles, and her brief comments on cited article quotes.

Anyway, here's an article on the casino industry, with a brief mention of smoking bans in the article.

Here's a quote dat caught my attention as well.

"In hopes of enticing more gamblers, New Jersey lawmakers have repealed a smoking ban, and in Illinois they are considering allowing free drinks on riverboat casinos."

NJs way of enticing more gamblers deserves a grin from me. At least dat state understands smokers are the heart and soul of the gambling industry.

IL's way of enticing more gamblers on the riverboat casinos is a Fkin sick joke to me. Free drinks??? You think I'm gonna go on a casino boat juz cause the drinks for my lady are free? Since the two of us still can't smoke on the boat, me no sees the Fkin point of being on the boat in the first place.

Now if IL wanted to repeal the smoking ban as NJ did, then me and her could talk about going on a casino boat then for a date. But I'd go onto the boat just feel the experience of smoking in a public area indoors.

Repeal the ban and keep the free drinks. And the boat would be crowded with smokers! :)

The free drinks would be a bonus for my wallet. LOL

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