Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New FSC Comment

It was kinda funny to hear my lady explain to me why my Newports keep going out on their own sometimes when we talk at night. Like sometimes when I'm trying to smoke while talking to heron the phone, the cig goes out and I have to re-light it. At least Newports don't flare up on re-lights unlike Marlboros.

This neva happened to me in the past cause I'm used to smoking cigs fast. And dat's likely why I neva experienced a Newport going out on me in the past since I hold the cig longa in-between puffs while we talk every night. I'm sure it would be no different on the port going out as I smoke and talk with her on our Saturday date.

When I'm smoking alone, I smoke the cigs fasta then. I actually don't chainsmoke while talking to her for several hrs. But I still smoke enough to fill up the whole tray by the time we're done for the nite

I guess the key to make sure a FSC doesn't go out on you is to obviously smoke the cig fast.

Forgot to point out she actually likes how the cigs are now made to go out on their own to prevent fires and stuff. I don't exactly agree with dat. But I respect her opinion. Some FSC brands don't go out on their own actually.

As far as how FSCs taste in her eyes, we both agree when Newports first became FSCs, the cigs tasted like HORSE-s*** back then. But now the FSC Newports taste more like an actual menthol.

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