Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I saw a recent petition today

I see someone within the groups is trying to get an offline petition going within her home state of Kansas. Kansas is likely entertaining the idea of their own statewide smoking ban. And this activist's argument is basically "Kansas ca't call it a smoking ban if they don't ban tobacco and ALL otha products with nic. Includng nic gum/patches."

I don't agree with the idea of banning tobacco outright as a smoker. Cause even if it was banned, people would do what it takes to get cigs anyway. Even if it meant going as far as growing their own tobacco.

HOWEVER, I DO agree a state can't call somethang a "smoking ban" if the state still allows sales of tobacco products. If you gonna ban smoking in places, what's the freakin point of selling tobacco and Nicroette?

Of course, it's all about smokers filling up the politicians' pockets with moolah via tobacco taxes. Smoking bans are supposed to stop new people (and kids) from starting smoking. Well, as long as tobacco/nic sales remain legal, there's NO WAY any anti is gonna see fewer people starting smoking. Not when kids can still buy packs. Banning sales would be a TRUE smoking ban. But serious smokers will still find way to get "illegal cigs," believe me. ;)

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