Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wrigley ain't smoke free all the way

I guess now dat the Cubs have a new owner, the Ricketts group might think of a way to enforce no smoking at Wrigley when they start renovating dat old ballpark.

Oh, I dunno...maybe add cams in the new restrooms to catch people smoking AND violent mothas who are drunk? Maybe the new owners will pay to have off-duty smoke cops in those restrooms.

It's tough to enforce no smoking anywhere at Wrigley when you got fans and workers who use the stalls as their smoking area.

I ain't gonna imagine what the new owners have in mind for renovating Wrigley. I hope it includes adding more restrooms to cut down on long-@$$ lines in the late innings. But I don't like the idea of adding smoke security in the restrooms. Since it's evident people still smoke in those rooms.

I think a few of those chicks who go to the games smoke while waiting in those lines for the women's restrooms. If I gotta wait for 10 mins just to enter a restroom, I'd smoke in line myself.

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