Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why tobacco will neva get banned

(Orignally posted from me as a comment on the BBWI site.)


The FDA will neva ban tobacco, cause politicians depend on smokers (and dippers) to help fund SCHIP. If every person stopped smoking and using smokeless tobacco right now, where would the money for SCHIP come from? Fast food lovers? Alcoholics?

Funding for SCHIP would make betta sense if tobacco users weren’t the only ones funding the program. Of course, the money comes from tobacco sales.

I didn’t forget the MAIN reason why tobacco will neva get banned. Politicians depend on smokers to feed their pockets by buying cigs. If tobacco became illegal, where are the politicians gonna get dat extra moolah from?

I think I answered my own Q earlier in this comment by hinting increases in taxes for possibly fast food in particular. So let’s ban cigs. But make it (at the same time) too expensive to buy a Big Mac meal.

When even states get money from tobacco sales or dat money they got from the MSA, they were supposed to spend it on antismoking/smoking cessation programs.

But what did those lowlifes do with most of dat “tobacco money” they got? They built new parks and new schools among otha thangs!

Of course most states ain’t interested in paying for more quit-smoking related programs. Cause they WANT to keep stealing money from smokers with high tobacco taxes.

It sure is hypocritical to encourage people to quit smoking. But then at the same time, essentially beg smokers to keep buying cigs when smokers are poor as heck already.

This FDA regulation will make people smoke more since the nic levels in the cigs will be regulated. And more smoking on my part would mean more money for IL if I actually bought my cigs in my home state.

And BTW, a real smoking ban to me is banning smoking in public places AND ban tobacco sales. And now outdoor smoking bans are becoming more common slowly, what’s the freakin point of selling tobacco period if you can’t even eventually smoke outdoors?

If someone bans smoking in public, but not the sales of tobacco, then dat means it’s all about money, control, and greed. The money is in the tobacco sales. And I think most people reading this know where the control and greed comes from.

I ain’t apologizing for the way I write. If antismoking lurkers don’t like reading ghetto language, my feelings ain’t hurt. You just betta not run into a black person smoking outside. Cause you might get your bells rung up if you try preaching about the dangers of smoking to him/her….and dat’s putting it nicely.


Marshall said...

Love your Blog, Thanks for your comments on BTB

Jason T said...

No problem on the comment. BTB is a nice site in itself.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

What's ironic about Wisconsin is how they just raised their cigarette tax from $1.77 to $2.52 a pack, now making the state's cig tax among something like the top 5-7 state cigarette taxes in the country! Meaning that Illinois will have a rare opportunity to gain state tax revenue somehow, versus all the ridiculous ways they're encouraging it to go to Indiana, Wisconsin, Missorui, etc.

At the end of the last paragraph, I am of course alluding to Governor Quinn's new state construction program, that raised the taxes on alcohol, candy, and shampoo/beauty products! And the unnnecessary legalization of gaming machines in bars that won't do the state any good, because smokers are already crossing state borders to go to businesses in other states without state bans(especially Indiana and Missouri!).