Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on my liver ultrasound

As promised, I share the results of my liver ultrasound with the saw my normal doc today.

He basically said my ultrasound was normal. And my blood tests were OK as well. I'm sure the liver doc will say somethang similar about "Your liver is good" and sh!t when I see him next week.

The good side of me is happy to hear my liver is normal. But the bro side of me didn't like going thru dat sh!t of not smoking for 10 hrs before the ultrasound....dose 10 hrs includes the time I spent sleeping of course.

I still rememba dat feeling of not smoking for hrs. I ain't gonna deny the image of a lit port was on my mind for most of dat morning. And when the ultrasound was over, I had to eat a lil breakfast first before (finally!) smoking a port. Since I obviously didn't eat for a long time as well.

I tried my hardest to find a place outside to smoke period, cause I didn't want any motha telling me "No smoking in this area" at the hospital. I ain't gonna deny I felt irritated. And when I finally lit up, it felt like heaven.

I bet if even an actual smoker approached me and asked "Can I smoke here with you?" I still wouldn't be in a nice mood to talk to ANYONE til I had enuf cigs to smoke.

I would give a small exception if dat person was a sis who asked the Q of course. Since she could understand betta on why I felt peed off at no smoking for hrs. But good luck in finding ANY KIND of smoker on hospital grounds!

Well it's good my liver was normal. I guess I was lucky to go dat long without smoking. Since some smokers in these groups hinted "I couldn't last dat long without smoking if I was in your shoes, Jay." But I had to try my hardest to keep my cool and pretend to be a d@mn cop or security erson wouldn't approach me.

(You know, like when someone asks "Are you all right, sir?" I'd have to keep my cool and act like a nice guy in response to the Q.)

Smoking in a bathroom would've been a betta option if I could've locked the door.

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