Friday, August 7, 2009

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The Property Rights Newsletter

August 7, 2009 - Issue #534

"I have seen the future and it doesn't work."
- Robert Fulford

Duke University Sends Message that Philip Morris is Serious About Getting Smokers to Quit; Becomes Public Relations Arm for Big Tobacco. By Michael Siegel. Philip Morris has a new public relations arm and it has been brilliantly placed in as reputable an institution as the company could have dreamed about: a major research institution -- Duke University. The rest of the story is that Duke is undermining its own scientific integrity and that of academia as a whole by allowing itself to serve as a pawn in the tobacco industry's public relations and marketing strategy. A university - and especially a medical center - should not play a role in marketing the most deadly consumer product. But that is exactly what this Duke center is doing.

Karl Rove says OBAMA LIED about SCHIP TAX. 8/6/09 at 8:17 AM Central Time on Fox News. Obama lied to Meredith Viera- Karl Rove told the truth on Fox News. Readers ask: Obama lies or he doesn't consider the $6.10 tax added to smokes a tax?
From The Mailbag
OR: Attorney General moves to block 'E-cigarette' sales.
USA: Dear concerned citizen, If businesses want to ban smoking, that is their right, not the government's!
USA: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in Princeton, N.J., is offering buyouts to 40 percent of its employees as the organization grapples with a big decline in its assets.
Canada: Alberta is lowering taxes on alcohol. By M.J.McFadden.
UK: Public Health Concerns Raised Over 'Fire Safe' Cigarettes.
UK: Unhappy 2nd birthday for the smoking ban. By Pete Robinson.
UK: The CIU Club Journal, Working Men's Clubs Survey Disaster.
UK: WATCH FOREST: Amend the Smoking Ban.
UK: WATCH History of Antismoking book launch.
Big Pharmaceutical
Big Pharmaceutical: As for those guys in the white coats... way to go Bubba! Not since Hitler have we seen a bigger and more messed up attempt to change the human race.
Counterfeit Medicines still Prevalence but on Decline in Nigeria. It is well ahead of other African nations in combating the scourge of substandard drugs. Fake drugs kill over 700,000 people every year.
Nicotine Gum and Lozenges Pose Cancer Risk. Researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, found that the effects of a common gene mutation can be increased by nicotine in the levels found in nicotine gum and lozenges.
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