Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first day of not smoking afta waking up felt bad

I can say I didn't smoke a single cig before the liver ultraound. But afta I ate a lil in the hospital cafe, I found a place outside of the hospital to smoke 2 Newports where I couldn't be easily seen. All I can say is D@MN! Those 2 cigs make me feel a LOT betta!

If doctors think telling me to not smoke when I wake up is gonna make me think about quitting, they oughta think again. Daydreaming about classical Newport ads was one way to make me not think about smoking during those 3 hrs between the time I woke up, and when the ultrasound was done.

I definitely know afta I ate my first meal in 10 hrs afta the ultrasound, I told myself "I'm gonna smoke outside, and nobody's gonna stop me! These cigs are a MUST since I haven't smoked at all this morning!"

The ultrasound itself went well. Dat gel on my chest felt cold, and the sista working with me pinched me a lil bit. She apologized.

As far as the actual results go, I won't know those til my next doc appt lata this month.

I made up for all of dat smoke-free time this morining by having two chainsmoking sessions (with 8 cigs per session) when I got back to the crib.

I'd HATE to imagine myself being on a smoke-free plane for 12 Fkin hours. I'd have to smoke one cig just to avoid acting violently during all of dat time.

I am lucky I didn't reach dat level when I was looking for a place to smoke at. But I felt like a normal person all over again afta having my first meal and first 2 cigs of the day afta a long-A morning.

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