Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kinda off-topic but related with smoking bans

1998 is when the first statewide smoking ban started in this nation.

I believe since 1998, only 2 baseball teams within states with smoking bans have won a World Series. The 2002 Angels and the 2003 Marlins. I do mean teams that won the World Series in the same year while their home ballparks were under current state smoking bans.

The Cubs haven't won sh!t in the playoffs period, ever since even the Chicago smoking ban started. (Well it's the truth!)

The Yankees' last World Series title came in 2000, 3 years before the NY smoking ban started. I'm surprised the Steinbrenners don't wanna blame the NYS smoking ban for their World Series title drought.

4 Chicago sport teams have been to the playoffs since 2008 (Bulls, Hawks, White Sox, and Cubs), The only team to win a playoff series since the IL smoking ban started are the Hawks. I ain't no hockey fan. Hockey is boring to watch (even if dat sport had more bro playas, I still wouldn't watch it). And the fighting in hockey ain't the same as base-brawls for instance.

I really hope it doesn't take a revokement of an IL smoking ban before Chicago ever sees a world championship of any kind again. But I notice dat trend in baseball. When the home team can't smoke in their own ballpark, then they find it tougha to win it all in the playoffs.

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