Saturday, August 15, 2009

IL Casino revenues drop cause of smoking ban

I disagree with the few comments in this article from antis who claim "Casino revenue is down not cause of the smoking ban. But cause people aere learning to spend their money more wisely by not gambling anymore."

I'd probably laugh out loud if I heard those words by voice. If people are really "learning to spend their hard-earned moolah more wisely by no longa gambling," then casino revenues would be down nationwide! Why would ex-gamblers be limited to IL only? ROFL at antis logic!

The economy has nothang to do with the casino revenue drop in IL. IF the economy was the main reason, then casino revenues would be down nationwide based on this reasoning as well.

Missouri LOVES the smoking ban in IL. Their casinos are rockin revenue-wise. I guess smokers in IL ARE spending their moolah more going to Missouri and Indiana to gamble instead. :)

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