Saturday, August 8, 2009

How about tobacco stamps?

Too bad there's no such thang as "TOBACCO Stamps" or a Tobacco Link card. Wanna buy a carton of Marlboros or Newports? Just use your tobacco link card where you get $150 per month where you can only buy cigs with it. LOL!!!

It's common to see folks around me selling $$$ on their link cards at supermarkets for actual cash. I bet if "we" were allowed to buy Newports or otha cigs with money on those link cards, then people wouldn't be selling money on those cards then!

(These link cards are used to buy food and non-alc. drinks....if say you have 100 bucks on your card,you can buy up to 100 bucks of food, non-alc drinks, and even non-food items like toothpaste, makeup, cigs, and booze.)

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